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This huge genus offers a wide range of interesting foliage, does well indoors and is easy to grow, says Miranda Kimberley. Not content with raising turnover to ?5m, Planters Garden Centre owner Gerald Ingram has set a ?10m target, Matthew Appleby reports. The latest pest and disease alerts, how to treat them, plus EAMU updates, sent direct to your inbox. Do you know someone whose garden could benefit from a makeover from the Love Your Garden team? ITV’s Love Your Garden is on the lookout for special people deserving of a full garden makeover by Alan Titchmarsh and the Love Your Garden team. Former Ground Force host Alan will makeover an entire garden for people who deserve a helping hand outdoors. An ITV1 spokeswoman said: “It could be someone who has dedicated their lives to their families, their community or their country. The deadline for applications in 30th November 2014 with auditions taking place in Dec 2014 and Jan 2015. Would love some help with out garden – we moved into our home 4 years ago and the house has taken priority. We moved into our house just over a year ago we are trying to make it our home but we though if the garden is sorted out everything might follow. My Name is Doreen Ann, From Canada I wish to share my testimonies with the general public about what this man called GREAT MUTABA has just done for me , this man has just brought back my lost Ex husband to me with his great spell within 24 hours. After being in relationship with my husband for nine years,he broke up with me, I did everything possible to bring him back but all was in vain, I wanted him back so much because of the love I have for him, I begged him with everything, I made promises but he refused. Hi I’m a mum of 4 year old twins who were born extremely perm at 24 weeks, after a very long 6 months in hospital they came home. It is extremely difficult for us to go out to the park like other children, but our garden is so uneven and not safe or suitable for out girls. We spent all our savings on making the house suitable for them that we now can’t afford to do the garden. Hey iv move it to my house last year and the garden was a right mess, me and my family have spent time tidy it all up as it was really bad when I moved in, and I have three children that want a gardon to be able to play and for it to be nice for family to come together, its just to much to do and its upsetting to see my kids cry because they want to be able to go outside and to be able to play in there garden its really depressing that I cant do it for them, the people how lived here befor just left it I dont know what to.
These little balls turn into a plated cone, like a pine tree and sends seeds into the air for sprouting new trees.
We so much need your help ,the person i wish to nominate is blind and recently had her legs removed ,even though she has the use of a wheelchair but she is trapped in room as the chair has not enough access to get out her out to the garden ,her quality of life is pretty poor ,but she enjoys the smell of cut flowers but alas they do not last long and she would prefer to smell flowers growing ,flat areas where she can be pushed in her wheelchair and shaded area because she has kidney failure and dehydrates very quickly in the sun,plants raised on a higher level would help as she can still feel with her hands but,, nothing sharp or prickly ,,,i know this is rather a tricky one dealing with so many disabilities ,but we are at a wits end !
We have a hugh garden and since we moved in 3 years ago we just havent had the money to sort it out. I have several conifers in my back garden I have notice tiny tiny balls on the end of the branches on two particular conifers can you advise as to what they are ? Hiya, we moved into our house in September and have spent that time doing it up while I was pregnant ! My partner works so doing it on my own is very difficult juggling it around my daughters needs. We have a garden which hasn’t been anything, My husband built our own house 3 years ago and during the last 18 months we have had a little boy who was diagnosed with downs an hour before leaving the ward for home. Hi, back in 1987 my father suffered from a brain hemorrage which was so deep it was inoperable, he was in a coma for 13 days. Hi wehave been watching love your garden and wondered about a special edition love your garden- the big project.
We have an allotment garden that sits beyond our back garden & alongside the wildlife reserve.

It would be an eye opener and a dream come true if you could plan and create the garden of my dreams.
Former Ground Force host Alan said he hoped the new show would inspire people to “discover the delights of gardening”. The 12-part series of 30-minute programmes starts at 8pm on Friday 10 June on ITV1 – half an hour before the 8.30pm slot for Gardeners’ World on BBC2. Alan said that filming would begin in May: “We are going to be looking at small gardens that are inspirational and show plants that are grown well,” he said. Alan said he hoped that Love Your Garden will inspire people to go to garden centres and nurseries at weekends. ITV has not yet revealed the identity of Alan’s co-presenters, or details about the format. I had the garden landscaped last summer but is now in desperate need of plants and I have no clue where to start , what palnt to choose and where to begin from ! In the top right-hand corner of an individual comment, you will see 'flag as inappropriate'. Applications will only be considered when supported with photographs of the family and their garden in it’s present state. We’e cleared the jungle of brambles, weed trees and overgrown shrubs but it ti such an awkward shape on many different undefined levels that we cannot get any idea of how to develop it into both a producing and a restful area.
I explained my problem to someone online and she suggested that I should rather contact a spell caster that could help me cast a spell to bring him back but I am the type that never believed in spell, I had no choice than to try it, I mailed the spell caster, and he told me there was no problem that everything will be okay before three days, that my ex will return to me before three days, he cast the spell and surprisingly in the second day, it was around 4pm. But as a results of this they both have cerebral palsy along with other medical conditions, one of my girls can walk but is very unsteady the other cannot walk without the aid if a fully supportive walker.
We are both retired and unable to manage the garden, its pretty much a blank canvas and we would love to be able to sit out when the weather is nice and enjoy it. The last people who lived here just left the garden in such a bad way we just cant seem to get it to look decent.
Iv tryed my hardest to tidy things up and make a start but no matter where I start it doesn’t make a difference.
And the garden has alot of pertenchal and my mum is crying all the time and is very depressed because of the state of the garden. I had a serious car accident about 4 years ago and am now wheelchair bound and find it difficult to get about especially in the garden. We dont need help at the allotment we are learning as we go along with the help from other people who have thier own plots and we are greatful for there help. My husband is trying to put every effort into completing the garden, but we have only a time with making most of time to give our children, it’s taken a while to over come the news but we would only like some ideas from you if you can please help us with just a design and layout for us to work to, my husband is very proud and hardworking can you help him achieve it for us and the children. If that wasn’t bad enough in 1989 he then suffered another which left him struggling with his balance and vision, which then left him with double vision. Since last September (2011) she’s had eye problems with the result that she now has virtually no sight in one eye – pretty tough for a 27-year old to come to terms with! She has a reasonable size garden that her dad loved and cherished but is now unable to maintain. They have just had cowboys in, spent ?5,500 and all they got was some pressed down sand and clay for a patio and path. My ex called me, I was so surprised, I answered the call and all he said was that he was so sorry for everything that happened, that he wanted me to return to him, that he loves me so much. I do potter about with it when I can but I simply don’t have the time that I need to get stuck in ! I have a lovely Georgian house but would love a garden to go with it – and very wheelchair friendly.

His strength and determination enabled him to return to his career as a Police officer with the Greater Manchester police. My garden is really small but Im unable to do it or keep it neat due to being disabled I cant bend to get down to the plants. The garden has been put into sections with railway sleepers however it Is just too big for my imagination and scares me how much it will all cost ?? please help!!!
Can you please help us as it would benifit all at the allotment and it would be away of saying thank you for thier help. One side of his body has always been weaker than the other however, you’d have never guessed. She’d always planned to grow her own vegetables but the small higgledy-piggledy plots make it difficult for her. I am on maternity leave and would love to be able to play with my 5 year old girl and baby boy during the summer holidays.
We fell in love the allotment garden that sits behind our house & alongside the wildlife reserve. She would love someone to help and advise her what to do with it to make it easy on the eye, a place to enjoy and look after. I am forever grateful for your help in re-uniting me with my old lover,my name is Carol Andersen my lover left me but dr ogogodu help me to get back my lover i am give my own testimony contact him for help and get your testimony too. Since then, I have made promise that anybody I know that have a relationship problem, I would be of help to such person by referring him or her to the only real and powerful spell caster who helped me with my own problem and who is different from all the fake ones out there.
If this wasn’t enough for my Dad to go through on New Years Eve this year he then suffered from a stroke, which left his left side just as weak as his right.
We have 5 grnadchildren who are here regularly as their dads are in the Army and they come here to stay with their mums and they cant go in the garden as its such a mess. I try to help clearing but I have knee problems so I can’t do much before I have to stop. Recovering well my Dad also had a scare in late feburary however touch wood all is well now. Please, can you help us to create a garden my daughter can enjoy, even if she can’t always see it! Where not sure what to plant & how to create a plan with a budget that we can follow through. I couldn’t tell you one person I know who is as strong as my Dad and been through what he has and yet still stands as a loving husband, father and grandfather. My Dad is one person who always puts others before himself yet will never dwell on his past and moan yet always looks towards the future.
A hands on man himself our massive garden is his pride and joy, yet due to all the knock backs he has suffered he has to admit himself that he can’t keep on top of it like he used to.
My amazing mother works full time and me and my brother try to help as much as we can but with two twin children himself and me going to University in September I just hoped this could be done for him, a little something for us all to put my Dad first for once and show our appreciation. If something as meaningful to him, such as our garden could put a smile on my Dads then I don’t think I could ask for much more not just for him, but for my mum too, something they can look out too and be proud of, just like me and my brother are of them.

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