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Steven opened his eyes, rubbing his head in a mixture of pain and lack of awakeness as he sat in his chair, still secured to it as he was heard grumbling softly to himself before hearing a voice boom from above.
The stewardess was walking along the aisle, noticing that Steven had just hit his head hard in the chair in front of him when the turbulance hit. Steven chuckled a little while still trying to awaken, moving his hand away to see that a little bit of blood had trickled into his hands but it was hardly anything to be worried about as he rested it back into his lap.
Steven Thornridge: I could imagine, flying up to the roof when the plane decides to free fall for ten thousand feet before regaining it's composure. Steven pulled out the sticky note from his front pocket as the stewardess nodded quickly, gently brushing some errant dust from her blue blouse.
The stewardess looked confused, almost bewildered as she stuttered a little while Steven looked over at her. Steven Thornridge: This is her typical calling card, leaving sticky notes everywhere for me to find. The stewardess blushed a little, proving him correct as he slid the note back into his suit pocket, looking forward to the front of the plane.
Steven was quite relaxed as he made his way into the Oracle Arena in California, still rubbing his head after his turbulent trip from Dubai and subsequent training sessions. Steven began to think a little as he saw the names beside his, his opponents for the night.
He began to walk around and after a couple of minutes of walking aimlessly, he found the men's toilets, shrugging a little and looking at it with a little bit of disdain before walking inside with bag in tow. It took him a while to get changed, his suit now stuffed into his bag as he walked around in a white singlet and black tights with black wrestling boots, dubstep blaring through his headphones as he walked back to the entrance way with his bag over his shoulder. Steven Thornridge: No wonder 'Winnebago' was placed on the board then instead of my real name.
Steven looked down in thought before looking back at Claire with almost a hurt look in his eyes, picking up a container of frozen yoghurt from the stall and a plastic spoon. Steven Thornridge: The same sort of thing that is going to make me heartless whenever I step into a hardcore-style match. Steven looked bewildered for a moment as he looked into Claire's eyes, taking a few deep breaths as he looked down, almost in guilt before looking back into Claire's eyes. Steven turned away, Claire shaking her head as Steven walked back out with yoghurt in hand, taking a few scoops and eating it up rather quickly. Anna knew Knight could be a bit of a loose cannon sometimes, and hated the fact that he had to come to therapy, but he always inevitably showed up, to every appointment.
Anna: I really think you can afford to take a few moments of your time to come and talk to him.
Brandon Knight was sitting in the locker room at the gym, cooling down after an intense pre-Supercycle workout.
Invidus: Besides, do you really think that, if we really meant business, that we'd show up in this form? As Wevv closed his eyes, Brandon Knight went outside his locker room, and grabbed a dented steel chair.
Marcus thrusts his hands upon his iron blade, as the crimson mask of blood starts to trickle down his face. Marcus: This is a really bad time, if we don't get the shot we need, City Hall might legitimately burn to the ground. Monroe: Look man, now that we're a team your promos are going to have to actually deal with wrestling.
Marcus: Like If they get beat up, isn't that technically still something that could be prophesied. Monroe: It doesn't take Nostradamus to realize it might not have been the best choice for a name.
Marcus: I heard he got them to work on a project with him, making them the Prophecy of Rocket Science. A little later, our handsome, and well narrated heroes are in their hotel room, Monroe is on his laptop surfing the internet, as Marcus is reading. The Monarchy was a professional wrestling tag team active from 1960 to 1962, during which time they were Studio Sports Wrestling Tag Team Champions.
Marcus opens up a new link on the computer, this one for The Wrestling Hall of Fame, based out of Piedmont, California.
Marcus: Plus if they still have those butterfly outfits, our gimmick will really be complete.
Marcus and Monroe arrive early the next morning in Piedmont, at the Wrestling Hall of Fame. Outside the grounds, a man dressed in a preacher outfit stands atop a box with a megaphone, and what appears to be a bible in his hand. The Monarchy walk inside the doors of the Wrestling Hall of Fame, to meet one half of the tag team they inadvertently ripped off. Bruno: Young man, there is NOTHING, and I repeat NOTHING stupid about the majestic monarch butterfly. Bruno: They were trying to do a shot for shot remake of Weekend at Bernies, and needed some star power. With Bruno's permission established, and the sweaty, unwashed ring gear of two former wrestling legends safely tucked away in a garbage can by the side of the road somewhere in California, the Monarchy (New and Improved 2014 edition, with 6 fans on Facebook) drives down the road to Oakland, ready for any challenge laid before them. Kane stumbles through the curtain separating the ring from the backstage area, his right eye swelling and his nose gushing blood. He’s barely inside the backstage area when the head medic rushes over to him, his white coat flailing behind him.

The doc and the officials escort (or drag) Malcolm around the corner and disappear from sight.
The man shifts uneasily and then continues, “You are thinking along the lines of the WWE. Kane sits in his car, which is parked outside a single story, modest dwelling that is simply known as home. In a presentation given on Monday to shareholders and investors, Olive Garden announced a so-called brand renaissance, which replaces its old, cheerfully incompetent logo with one that looks as if it were stolen from the header of a vegetarian's Wordpress blog. At least with the old logo you knew what it meant: bad food served in a depressing mass-produced setting. Step2 Big Splash Waterpark Only $29.99 (reg $47) Shipped!Step2 Big Splash Waterpark Only $29.99 (reg $47) Shipped! And fitting - I've come to inform you that this cycle, the LPW SuperCycle is also a formal analysis of our current General Manager position. And as of now, it’s a bit of a logjam to see who is going to shine, and who will crash and burn. The victors will face off at a future show - the last man standing will see himself win a very precious prize.
She sat down in the chair beside him, looking over to him as she spoke up while leaning across. He looked over to the stewardess as she sat down beside him, securing the seat belt around her waist while he looked up into her eyes. He rested his sore head back against the leather wall, closing his eyes once more as he attempted to get himself some more sleep before landing. He walked in wearing a tailor made suit, looking rather professional while carrying his black gear bag over his shoulder. He took pride in scouting his opponents as he knew that he couldn't be surprised if he scouted them properly.
He found himself a bathroom stall before walking inside shutting and locking the door behind him as he began to change into his ring gear. To destroy and mangle those who attempt to harm me and purify those who believe that being hardcore is right!! He rested his bag beside the entrance way, beginning to stretch and warm up even though his match was still an hour away, his eyes focused at the end of the tunnel as he spoke softly to himself. I try to make a defining style, something that makes me recognized, something that people can look and say, yeah, this is Brandon Knight. Some very overt (if at least a few people don't get the MM reference, I will be sorely disappointed,) some covert.
She still loved him, unconditionally, but felt powerless to help her husband, as he was in the waking world, and she was in the realm of dreams. All he wanted to do was live a normal life and wrestle, and seek for new love, whilst remembering his love for Jess, but he couldn't. This was meant to be the time of Darren's appointment with the man she was dating, Brandon Knight, but he had not shown up yet.
He's gone out on a few dates with her, talked her up, and then just decided she wasn't for him. If you're not interested enough in me to put aside your training, then maybe we shouldn't be dating! I'm starting to think the Chief and Executives set me up with you so I'd be distracted from my training, and I wouldn't be able to make the impact that I could in the company. He really felt bad for the young rookie - and felt partially responsible for the slide he was on.
Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater, you cheated at Body Count and I bet that the Chief told you to knock me down a few pegs. I just thought I'd come over and ask you how you were going in your preparations for the Young Lions tournament? His head started to feel ridiculously heavy, and Knight felt like there was a force pushing him to the ground.
A harrowing structure surrounded him, a three tiered cage structure, with steel chain surrounding him. They were tiny, no more than a few inches tall, and hovered just in front of Knight's nose. I mean, it's one thing implanting all of these feelings in his mind, but it's another thing knocking him out. You know, we've heard through the grapevine, that a few people are trying to tell you that we're, well, bad guys. It's getting to the point that I'm really afraid to go into the ring, because I know that somehow, someway, I won't be coming out of it as a winner.
He slammed the belt repeatedly into Wevv's face as Wevv crumbled to the floor, busted open. His body is battered and the difficulty he has breathing leads Kane to consider he might have a broken or severely bruised ribs. He ushers Kane over to a nearby stool and forces him to sit as he starts shining a flashlight in his eye. Kane clears his throat, which sounds like a truck with a bad clutch driving up hill, and then spits a wad of phlegm and blood on the floor. The LPW is more competitive based wrestling institution than the more sugar coated, child friendly entertainment created by our competitor. With nothing better to do at the moment besides bleed, he figured what the hell—what did he really have to lose?
Not the most pleasant experience but it's something I'm going to need to get used to I think.
He walked over to the entrance way, stopping to look over at the match board for the night. He looked over to who was tending to the catering area, his eyes closed while he shook his head at the person tending to the catering, slipping his headphones off to let them hang around his neck. It'll be rough, it'll be raw, but, in the next 4 days before the 27th of March, it'll be ready.

I won't spoil them, but to the diehards out there reading this, I think they'll appreciate the subtle (or, in some cases, not so subtle,) references to certain themes, as Knight struggles with himself. And then, when you finally reach your goals, I guess you can turn around and ask yourself if it was all worth it! If it was possible, he looked even more disheveled, with massive, dark rings around his eyes.
I reckon Master Chief making me do all of these signings is a conspiracy, he doesn't want me to have any time to train, just in case I win his little Young Lions tournament, and then Mount Vesuvius and the World Title! He came back to the LPW to help the young generation out - but he can't help them if they don't want to help themselves. But you couldn't do it legitimately, so you became a cheating cheater and cheated your way to a win. I honestly was trying to teach you a lesson - never take your eye off an opponent, and if you find an advantage - take it, especially in a hardcore match.
There's a big prize in store for you if you win it, a HUGE one, and I personally have you penned down as one of the favourites. Considering I basically beat you, and none of the other rookies have come CLOSE to doing what I've done.
And I personally think you need to leave your obsessions with me behind, and focus on what a huge oppourtunity you have in this match.
Cautiously, Knight approached the side of the first cage, and put one foot in the chain link, and then started climbing.
This new intruder picked Wevv up and threw him INTO A LOCKER, as the chair flew out of Wevv's hands and landed near Knight's feet. The big man was up again now, and placed his boot directly on Wevv's trachea, choking the life out of him, as crimson blood poured from the wound on Wevv's face. He’s just about to ask him what he wants, an autograph is his first guess, but the man offers him his business card. After a fight as brutal as this all he wants is a bit of solitude and a bottle of whiskey, not to shoot the shit with this tutti-frutti. The gray evokes the ashen complexion of someone who has just discovered that he will be having dinner at an Olive Garden, while the green resembles the complexion of that same patron as he nauseously walks out of the restaurant, his meal completed.
It told anyone who saw it, at a glance, that whatever cuisine this Olive Garden served, it would be artificial, inedible, and served to you by corporate cretins.
We can teach you how to be savvy by working your MoJo and saving up to 50% of your budget whether you need to, or want to.
So, Gentleman, i’d like to announce to you the reincarnation of the LPW Young Lions Tournament.
I know this may be a strange question, but do you have any idea who stuck this to the safety card? He was rather surprised see his high school nickname written there instead of his real name, drawing a small chuckle to his lips. He looked across the hall as he saw three doors in front of him, one labelled 'Insanity', one labelled 'Pyromania' and the other one labelled 'Death Sentence'.
He hadn't slept for almost a week actually, since he had lost to Wevv Mang under dubious circumstances at Body Count. That is, of course, why she pleaded with the Dream King's emissaries to allow herself to help Knight through his ordeal. His face was covered in bruises, highlighted by a massive bruise on his forehead, courtesy of Wevv Mang at Body Count.
I'm starting to think this is all a conspiracy, that Master Chief and the executives have implanted a mind control device in me to make me see things from my past, to distract me so I lose! You're nothing but a memory lingering in my mind, something that should have died a long time ago! He was signing things without looking at the fans, or even looking up - only occasionally looking up scan the room like he was looking for someone. Knight was confused, and disoriented, and sat on the mat, waiting for his fate to befall him. I suppose you're going to tell me that you're the last two Sha I have to fight, and that you have magical powers, and you're going to shock me, and burn me, and freeze me, and all of that SHIT! Higher and higher he went, each step invigorating him, giving him more energy, until he finally reached the top of the third cage, and stood beside the torch. Laughing, Knight grabbed the now completely destroyed chair, and looked at the blood caking it. He takes it and reads: LPW Talent Scout scrawled across the top and his personal details below.
As the Consumerist notes, it looks like it was just ripped from a generic package of veggie burgers.
Other than that, though, this new logo references barely any of the gastronomic horrors or culinary disappointments that await you. He walked over to the board, erasing 'Winnebago' out and replacing it with 'Steven Thornridge' with some neat handwriting. He brought a hand to his head as he shook it a little, knowing he hadn't received a contract from either brand as of yet as he was still under a developmental contract. Begrudgingly, the King offered his blessing, on the proviso that no direct interference could be made.
Look, sometimes I wonder if I'm crazy, or insane, and this sort of shit ALWAYS provides the positive argument for that stance.
He kept on losing, under dubious circumstances, and while Wevv did what he did at Body Count to try and teach Knight a lesson, it seemed to only make things worse. And he certainly wasn't going to try and cheat death by changing in the Tag Team Champions' locker room.

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