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This project explores new culinary experiences potentially through developments in synthetic biology. Main objective of this project was to explore how food could evolve in the future from developments in emerging technologies. In this respect I propose a future dining experience where food takes a life-form for aesthetic gastronomy. Uncooked foods have all the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phyto-nutrients that cooking destroys or alters.
On the other hand, dead foods also known a “processed” or “cooked foods” have manmade chemicals added to them to extend their shelf life. There are so many people who have left behind these diseases as a result of consuming life-giving foods. Note that proper nutrition labeling is vital so you can know what you are eating and then see how your food choices stack up when it comes to the amount of energy, saturated fats, sugars and salt. Always remember, regular consumption of organically grown foods will likely heal you because it is the most natural food and remain on course by adequately targeting the intake of specific anti-oxidant, vitamins and minerals. Of all the many thousands of species on Earth, only humans cook and process foods, and only humans are so penalised with such poor health and rapid ageing.
Raw and living plant foods are what our bodies were designed for and what we have evolved with over eons of time! The cooking of food and the utilisation of foodstuffs that we are not fully biologically adapted to is a relatively recent phenomenon largely brought about by repeated ecological catastrophe and our consequent need to adapt and survive in hostile environments. Among the many health problems resulting from this mismatch between our genetically determined nutritional requirements and our current diet is the increase in the net systemic acid load imposed by a diet deficient in potassium alkali salts (abundant in plant foods) and high in sodium chloride.
Food in its raw state has a crystalline structure which carries order and information to the body and brain. Lov’n It Live in East Point serves organic living foods, prepared by an experienced raw foods chef. You really make it appear really easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really one thing which I feel I’d by no means understand. We all want to maintain a youthful appearance, and often buy cosmetic preparations and creams that do not help, just to keep the skin healthy and young. Half a cup of boiled broccoli contains more than two-thirds of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C, a strong antioxidant that protects the immune system.
It is well known that orange contains high levels of vitamin C, which accelerates metabolic processes and promotes vitality. Eat fish at least twice a week, since it has large amounts of protein as much as 20%  and omega 3 fatty acids which have a positive impact on blood cholesterol levels and  are excellent for prevention of heart disease and blood vessels. Spinach contains around 15 different flavonoid compounds that acts as antioxidants and is successful in the fight against cancer. Sweet potato has the large amount of vitamins and minerals, and with that said, this ingredients should become indispensable in your kitchen.
Pulses are cheap vegetables that are rich in antioxidants, bulking agents, phenols and flavonoids.
Chicken is the most popular food in the world, and  is a good source of vitamin B complex that maintain metabolism of obtaining energy. Consume the green tea in the morning, afternoon or evening, because its properties are commendable. This entry was tagged broccoli, chicken, fish, flax seeds, Green tea, hot cocoa, orange, pulses, spinach, sweet potato. With this project I proposed a future where food shifts towards being a channel of aesthetic experiences: What if food were consumed alive, as a fictional character?

In a material way, I experimented which kinds of impressions could be designed into life-like food and how it would shape our dining experience. Tongue has the most sensitive tactile fibers at the tip and front of it - positions 1 and 2. Therefore, consuming foods that would heal the body, not just because they look good and attractive, remains the key to good health. They are life givers.They sharpen the mind, energise the body and serve as curative measures for various disease conditions.
These foods are healthy and protect the body against communicable and non- communicable diseases. Fruits and vegetables contain phytonutrients, anti-oxidant properties, vitamins and minerals which prevent diseases and increase longevity. It is not difficult to understand that we should be far better adapted physiologically to the diet our ancestors were exposed to during millions of years of hominid evolution than to the a€?modern daya€™ diet that we have been eating since the agricultural revolution a mere 10,000 years ago, since the industrial revolution only 200 years ago, and since the beginning of the a€?junk fooda€™ era of very recent times. This is a serious step down nutritionally which, quite apart from contributing substantially to the wide range of disease conditions that we see all around us, insidiously degrades our perception of who we truly are; a veil of a€?foga€™ is lifted which can bring a remarkable new sense of balance and clarity into the persons life.
New research is showing that contemporary net acid-forming diets do produce a low-grade systemic metabolic acidosis and that the degree of acidosis increases with age, in relation to the typically occurring age-related decline in renal functional capacity. Lov’n It Live operates Lov’n It Live Hue’niversity where you can learn how to make living food yourself.
Perhaps the secret of youthful appearance hides in the nutrition, and not in chemical products.
Broccoli, that is considered to be a queen of vegetables, contain sulforaphane, which is used for detoxification of the body and the flavonoid kaempferol, which has anti-inflammatory properties. The fact is that these foods contain a high proportion of plant chemical called flavanols, that doubles circulating angiogenic cells in the blood. Strong antioxidant reduces aging, disease and various inflammations and increases the production of collagen, making your look younger and healthier, so consume this juicy food every day.
One cup of spinach contains almost twice as much amount of vitamin C than the recommended daily intake which is important for health of bones.
The sweet potato is rich in vitamins B, C and E, potassium and folic acid, and is an excellent source of energy for our body. It contains niacin, which helps the body convert protein, fats and carbohydrates into usable energy. It contains six basic polyphenols, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and speeds the metabolism.
For the big picture, I open the discussion up onto how we would build up a definition of this ingestible life-form, helping us to question our perception of food and its potential uses.
Roof of the mouth shows the most intensive reaction at the centre of it – positions 10 and 11, with it gradually reducing to outside showing an oval-shaped pattern. Whole grains products such as whole-grain cereals like brown rice (e.g ofada rice), wheat bread, millet bread, etc. When these foods are consumed, diseases starts forming and the colon becomes clogged and cells become deprived of oxygen and other nutrients and the blood’s PH balance becomes acidic.
This type of foods contribute not just to your overall state of health but also to your longevity.
If we represented these changes on a clock face with the movement of the minute hand over one hour representing the span of human evolution then all of these changes would occur within the last minute! Many researchers are now beginning to realise that contemporary humans are suffering a wide range of adverse health effects as a direct consequence of chronic, diet-induced low-grade systemic metabolic acidosis! There are several options in town for people who like or want to try living food or raw food cuisine.

Simply put, when you eat fruits, vegetables, and fresh, unprocessed nuts and seeds, you are probably eating living foods.
For entrees, you might wish to sample the Nubian salad, slice of pizza (prepared with a kamut breat crust) or the mock chicken strips prepared from mushrooms and topped with a special pine nut crust. You can also learn all about living food and how to prepare it from the Living Foods experts at Sprout Raw Food. Nutrition experts say it is so, and these are the foods that are recommended for youthful appearance. The pulses seem to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood is collected and toxins in the gastrointestinal tract. Chicken meat is good source of selenium, which is important for hormone metabolism and immune function that slow aging.
Synthetic biotech has already started to create artificial life in organic forms, breathing life into artificial digestible forms no longer resides as a mere fantasy 1)2). When you consume foods that deliver the nutrients your body needs in an easyto- digest form that your body can efficiently uti- l i z e , your health will thrive. The alkaline minerals of raw plant foods support the optimum alkaline pH of the blood and lymph; they are the richest source of the minerals needed by the body to maintain homeostasis.
Here are a couple of living food venues in Atlanta and surrounding areas that you might want to try. Sprout Raw Food has recipe books, too, and great information on the benefits of drinking fresh juices created from whole fruits and vegetables.
Essentially, that is what raw-foods are – light-filled.A true raw foodist will tell you that they don’t eat anything cooked over 115 degrees because that would kill the important enzymes and phytonutrients which are within all plants, be they vegetable fruit, seed, nut or herb. Also, healthy fats such as those found in sea foods like sardine, crabs, crayfish and crustaceans.
This is true, but according to the yogic and Ayurvedic traditions, food is also a source of energy.
Not just the energy which we gain from digesting food and breaking down the molecular structure so that our cells can absorb the vitamins and minerals, but also a more subtle energy called prana which is contained in the light-filled flesh of living sun-machines – plants that have processed sunlight via photosynthesis in order to sustain their own growth.When we eat a plant that hasn’t been cooked to death or chemically altered, we also imbibe its life-force or prana.
Monounsaturated fats are found in oils like extra-virgin olive –oil, coconuts, avocados, nuts and seeds such as cashew, peanuts, almonds and walnuts. Some of the food is dehydrated in a low-temperature dehydrator, so you can have living breads and crackers, too. Meat, and other processed foods are completely devoid of this pranic energy, and so when we eat them, we are, essentially consuming death. It is vital to note that the body needs healthy fats and these healthy fats heal, nourish and strengthen the cell membranes.
It isn’t a metaphor and we can observe the results of eating non-light-filled foods very easily. They live longer than meat eaters, as evidenced in recent research from Frank Hu, senior advisor on a study conducted and then published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, which proves that eating red meat means you will likely die young. Processed meats like hotdogs or bacon meant an increase of 20% that you will die even sooner. Defense Physicist Admits There are Alien Structures on the Moon Tests Show 93% Of Americans Have This Deadly Monsanto Chemical in Their Urine! Paid advertising on Conscious Life News may not represent the views and opinions of this website and its contributors.

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