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Located in historic Canterbury, New Hampshire, Granite Ledge Coffee specializes in producing deliciously fresh roasted specialty grade coffees, at affordable prices, to restaurants, cafes, grocers, wholesale buyers, individuals and Non-Profit organizations who use our custom private labeling services to fuel their fund-raising efforts.
Concord's premier location for local fresh foods including the exclusive retail, grocery store location for all Granite Ledge Coffees in Concord, NH!
Fresh produce - every day I went in there it looked fresh and much of it was local.Good cheeses from which to choose.

Also, their deli is prompt and friendly and their meat looked REALLY damned fresh.Dairy section was well stocked with plenty of local, grass-fed choices.Staff is very friendly and helpful! On average the Littleton Food Co-op has almost 5,000 customers a week and many of them want organic or locally produced food, says Ed King, the general manager. I suppose that is the price you pay to be in the middle of kinda, sorta nowhere, but STILL.

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