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LIST of Natural Food Additives, View Natural Food Additives, BAINAFO Product Details from Zhengzhou Bainafo Bioengineering Co., Ltd. The USDA just announced the replacement of the Food pyramid we’ve all come to know and love for so many years. And here’s the original food pyramid introduced in 1992 by the USDA, and replaced last week. Phytonutrients (aka phytochemicals) are natural compounds or chemicals found in vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, grains, tea and other plant foods.
Phytonutrients are thought to have powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cellular repair, detox and cleansing, and other health-promoting and disease-preventing properties.

Although it is estimated that there are 25,000 to 40,000 phytonutrients, scientists have only recently started to study them. Many phytochemicals are concentrated in the pigment of fruits, vegetables and other plants and are what gives these foods their fabulous color.
Although the USDA now recommends that half (or 50%) of the new "Chose My Plate" should consist of fruits and vegetables, studies show that only a small percentage of Americans eat the daily recommended amount of plant-based foods and, hence, are not getting the valuable health benefits of phytonutrients nor essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.
How to Cleanse the Body Naturally [Infographic] by Lauren Coutts Our bodies become toxic for many reasons.
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Michelle Obama is a huge supporter for healthier eating habits for Americans and was there to push the new FOOD PLATE (MyPlate) on America this week. Above is my cartoon version of the cartoon Myplate , and below is the real new myplate food pyramid replacement.

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