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Let us serve you our authentic Thai dishes made to order for your party, meeting, or conference. Soi 33 Mookata (Holland Village) offers delicious Thai-style BBQ and steamboat at a super affordable price! In a quest to provide great Thai food to more people, Pornsak is now looking for franchisees to expand his restaurant chain, both locally and overseas! Pornsak has managed to capture the essence of authentic Thai food while catering to the tastebuds of Singaporeans. 15 Awesome Restaurants and Cafes in Singapore that are also Hotspots for Pokemon Go Gyms and PokeStops! I haven’t had great success with Thai food so far in my neck of the woods, and was surprised and happy that I stumbled upon this last weekend. I decided to get the Pad Thai with prawns, the general way to gauge a restaurant’s culinary ability. The flavors were vivid and bold, everything was expertly prepared and served in perfect proportions of chewy, crisp, crunchy and slurpiness. I am really looking forward to trying the other dishes after this very promising first visit. Yes at last boo_licious, although I’d give anything to have the array of asian foods you have available!
Pla ra, pla som, and pla daek, types of fermented fish are considered the signature elements of Isan food.
Isan people have a reputation for eating practically anything for protein including frogs, birds, snakes, and even insects!
The Northeast or Isaan region of Thailand is a wide plateau with the Mekong River forming the border with Laos to the north and Cambodia to the south.

Most of the rivers that cross the Isaan plateau flow into the Mekong rather than towards Central Thailand. The food of Isaan is very hot and flavored with pungent herbs and seasonings, with some of Thailand's spiciest salads. Fresh herbs like dill, basil, and mint make a bracing balance to the heat, usually from dried chilies.
Soups and curries are simple concoctions of boiled preserved fish and forest vegetables, with grilled shallots, chillies and coconut milk often added to the curries. Perhaps the most unusual feature of Isan food is their taste for water buffalo (less appreciated elsewhere in Thailand) and jungle creatures like rice-field beetles, geckos, lizards, frogs and sour red-ant eggs.
Check out this article to find out why Porn’s is probably the best Thai restaurant in Singapore for its price range! Dip the chicken in the egg that you already beat (Use spoon to beat it and make it less bubbles as possible0. There is no right portion to prepare the tempura flour as all purpose flour would give the best result itself.
In a different bowl, add fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, roasted and crushed uncooked rice and chilli powder.
In the West, most Thai restaurants serve Bangkok-style cuisine, so traveling in Thailand is a culinary adventure of discovery. As this complicates water travel into Central Thailand, the Isaan region shares a lot culturally, linguistically and culinary with its neighboring countries, with many Lao and Khmer-speaking people residing in Isaan today. The intense flavors of Isaan food is one way of managing an insecure food supply – very hot, flavorful dishes encourage diners to diffuse the flavors with a lot of sticky rice. Mineral salts and a thicker, rustic fish sauce called pla ra – give a distinctive salty flavor.

For this reason, Isan cuisine includes a large range of pickled and cured foods and when food can be eaten raw, it often is.
In the southern part of the Isaan region, the food more closely resembles the Thai food of the Central Plains with coconuts and long-grain jasmine rice being more prevalent then sticky rice. Convenient shopping for Thai food - shop for 100's of exotic ingredients like curry, tamarind paste, coconut milk, and fish sauce.
You will only need to mix the flour with white pepper powder, add more or less in the way to like it. The food of Isaan is famous for being very spicy and pungent, seasoned with fresh herbs and fermented fish (plah rah), featuring some of Thailand's spiciest salads.
Raw vegetables are served alongside spicy dips and fresh, spicy salads like somtam, with two main types - Thai-style somtam adds dried shrimp, peanuts, tomatoes and fish sauce while Lao-style somtam is pounded with fermented crab and pla ra. Grilled or roasted chicken, pork, and beef are often served alongside sauces or mixed with roasted, ground rice in laap. When the pan and vegetable oil is really really hot, drop the chicken in and lower the stove down to minimum heat. The cuisine has more in common with that of Laos then the rest of Thailand, as Isan people historically have been influenced by their neighboring county's culture and speak a dialect that is closely related to Laos.

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