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To make selection easier we've put some great kits together that represent our biggest selling and most loved poducts. Everybody loves the patio above, it belongs to the mother of one of our employees (the image is popular too, with many companies around the world copying it!). The kit is available in all red, all blue, all green, or as shown on the left, a mixture of colours.
A Kit of three premium quality LED RGB Spotlights with power supply and wireless controller. Probably one of the best engineered garden lights available, the Cromatix GS75 couples class-leading Epistar LEDs and precision optics into a highly weatherproof enclosure. The 9W RGB LED array gives strong, vibrant colours that work equally well in traditional or contemporary gardens. Built-in protection circuit protects the LEDs against thermal overload in warm environments.
A combination of a really innovative controller, four excellently engineered RGB spotlights and some great serial-peripheral interface (SPI) technology leads to this unique garden lighting kit. It's the first garden lighting kit to offer colour sweeps and colour fades, from the first light to the last. The NS1000 has a built-in DMX decoder for direct connection to any DMX controller, or can be set to a range of colours (or colour change) for standalone operation.
The form factors and system controls that LEDs are capable of allows for applications that were previously prohibitively expensive or just impossible. While safety and function may be the primary application of LED lighting in outdoor spaces this funky rooftop patio shows that it doesn’t have to be boring. The latest advances in the color applications of LEDs can match the warm tones of incandescent lighting, overcoming the cold, blue-white light of the past.  Additionally, coloring can be tuned to custom colors, and come in standard ranges throughout the color spectrum. For more information and design inspiration for using LEDs as part of your outdoor lighting solution, contact INARAY for a free consultation and site assessment.

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Tucked away in the prestigious neighborhood of Kinloch, Lancaster Custom Builders have teamed up with some of Richmond’s finest to create the Home of Distinction.
Disclaimer: Please note that some images used on our website are property of their respected owners. Even a plain garden can be transformed into a stunning, elegant night-time space with the aid of LED lighting.
RGB lights comprise red, green and blue LEDs and, much like a pixel on a TV screen, mix the primary colours to make the final colour.
Most domestic gardens will be amply served by lights of less than 10W, whereas large gardens or tall trees will require something substantially more powerful. Only 8cm long, these lights throw out bright, vivid colours that will bring any garden to life. This allows control over all three lights simultaneously, and allows 8 colours to be custom programmed, with colour change options. When active DMX is detected the controller decodes it and sends it to the lights, automatically. The sequencing controller outputs data to support 30 lights, but the power supply in the kit will only support six lights in total.
At only 8cm wide they are easily concealed behind walls, garages and sheds to create a large area of colour. From water features to skyscrapers, LEDs continue to push boundaries and blur the edges between lighting and art. LED strips under the furniture and walls and LED uplights on the metal sculpture are synchronized to create themed settings for entertaining and electrifying lights changes for those late night dance parties.
Our technicians climb up into trees and install these fixtures so that the light spills downward onto your backyard, patio or outdoor lighting scene.

A few weekends ago, this home was open for an exclusive tour through the $1.3 million dollar home. We have placed source to each and every image so that you can know where image came from originaly.
Whether it's a simple, single LED spot light to a full computerised system with ethernet connectivity and mobile apps we have the solution for you. RGB lights require some form of controller to set the colour, whereas monochrome lights can be used standalone if required. If you don't want control, you need to stick with monochrome fittings or lights with internal controllers. Please contact us at sales with a description of your project and we will put a kit together for you. As large gardens often have limited possibilities for cabling we have shown the NS1000 1m batten with a wireless DMX receiver (optional). If you prefer the controller to be in the house and wiring is difficult you can use a wireless DMX link.
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There is also the option of an ethernet add-on, although please make sure your wi-fi signal is strong enough in the garden - a common blunder!

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