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A complete redesign includes the addition of a 16,100 square foot "dining and retail collection" with a variety of notable restaurants, like Pepita Cantina by Top Chef alum Mike Isabella, Fresh Brothers Pizza, and Barney's Beanery.
Here now is Eater's list of what is currently open in each terminal, with recommendations on which eatery to go to enjoy a pre-flight meal.
2) 800 Degrees: Without a doubt an easy choice for those looking for a pre-flight meal, this pizza place brings the best qualities of their original Westwood outlet and simplifies it for the airport. 3) Umami Burger: This homegrown burger shop gets a respectable kiosk at Tom Bradley, albeit a bit off to the corner.
4) Petrossian: This caviar purveyor might be one of the ritziest meals to enjoy before a flight. 6) Lemonade: Quickly expanding across SoCal, Lemonade opened early last year inside Delta's Terminal 5. 7) bld: This casual American eatery from Neal Fraser opened inside Terminal 7, offering a similar menu of sandwiches, salads, and market-driven fare that's been successful on Beverly Blvd.

Gladstone's 4 Fish: The airport version of Gladstones in the Pacific Palisades, this outpost serves seafood-centric mainstays like Fish Tacos, Fish n Chips, Crab Cakes, Grilled Swordfish.
All the food and beverages sales in Terminal 6 were stopped immediately, however there have been no reports of flight delays as a result of the water contamination, and the water in Terminal 6 will be tested before returning. After dealing with packing, traffic, and airport security lines, there's nothing worse than sitting down to a horrible airport meal. However, for now, travelers departing from Terminal 2 should be wary of the options that are pretty much limited to coffee and pie.
The result was this fast-casual sandwich shop that makes diminutive sandwiches of high quality, making it easy to sample two or more at a time. The Neopolitan crust performs nicely with a variety of ingredients, all at a reasonable price point.
The Umami burger, with a roasted tomato, parmesan crisp, and perfectly seared beef patty, is the best thing to order.

Grill: This Farmers Market staple has not only spread throughout LA, but through LAX as well. This pared down version of the quick-casual gourmet salad spot offers sandwiches, soups and breakfast. Travelers and employees are being warned not to drink or wash their hands with any tap water, an airport official said. Most notably, the new Tom Bradley International Terminal has some opened pretty stellar options, but the most interesting update is the construction that is taking place in Terminal 2. Try a pork butt banh mi or "Jose Andres," or godfather sandwich - essentially an Italian deli sandwich made with Spanish meats.

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