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New Zealand food safety has become a central player in the future of food safety of not only their country but also ours!
The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) hopes to work closely with Burwater Pacific Group to improve the food safety and quality services.
Technical Consulting – Services for new product launches including product development, label review, food control plans and HACCP development, micro and chemical sampling, internal auditing, training and product development.
Auditing services – Franchise compliance and operational standards review and audits as well as global standards and third-party regulatory audits including high risk food categories.
Training and development – Consultation, coaching and formal training in all areas from basic food handling to food safety program development and allergen management.
Smart Fog, a leader in the industrial humidification field, announces its new food safety disinfection product. Smart Fog announces the release of its new technology, which provides food safety disinfection. Having a uniform 4.2 micron droplet that will fill every corner or space, penetrating everywhere. The Smart Fog food safety disinfection technology system is ideal for food process plants, post harvest wash and treatment, gyms, hospitals, universities, animal shelters, and more. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Wellington, Nov 1 : The food safety regulatory agencies of China and New Zealand Friday signed an agreement to strengthen cooperation in food safety and quality.
The Food Safety Cooperation Arrangement between New Zealand's Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) was signed in Wellington by CFDA vice minister Liu Peizhi and MPI deputy director general Carol Barnao, reported Xinhua. The agreement will see the establishment of a Joint Food Safety Commission, which would allow MPI and the CFDA to meet annually to help build a better understanding of how each other's food safety systems worked.
New Zealand Food Safety Minister Nikki Kaye said the agreement would encourage cooperation and the sharing of knowledge in the fields of food safety, risk management, food standards and regulations.

The agreement would further build on the strong relationship between the two countries, particularly in the agricultural and food sectors.
I’ve cut back on reporting about food safety issues because there are just so many and not all of them really affect us. Canadian officials are warning the public not to eat a seasoned pork loin imported from Italy. An Oregon mug bean sprout farm has been put out of business by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA is asking a court to shut down a Minnesota seafood company for putting public health at risk by selling fish improperly handled.
A Northern Illinois cheese company is recalling its mozzarella products because of possible contamination of antibiotics.
The National Sanitation Foundation (founded in the United States) recently took over the Burwater Pacific Group, a leading food safety training, auditing and consulting business based in New Zealand. By using the 100 year old experience at Burwater, NSF will use that experience to lead food safety operations throughout New Zealand and Australia with assistance from technical experts around the globe.
Can you utilise this new partnership and help your company develop a stronger food safety system? Over time we hope to make it a great source for resources, news, information and occasionally a good chuckle. The product offers a non-wetting, uniform distribution method for disinfecting and microbiological control through a fogging solution.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year around the nation 1 out of every 6 people end up getting sick due to eating food that has been contaminated with germs. But like it or not, food safety has become an important issue, not just for home cooks, but for anyone who eats. The USDA is conducting studies and may make changes in their food safety program, but it is unclear if they will make testing and other programs mandatory.

The product from Irish Hills Meat Company was shipped to restaurants in Southern parts of the state.
The company made what officials say were unproven and illegal health claims about the juice.
The Walnut Cheese Company, doing business as Avanti Foods, says a load of raw milk was not properly tested. The Smart Fog system can help companies avoid these problems, as it provides an effective and simple route to eliminating the germs.
Smart Fog’s unique technology provides precise humidity enforcement, light speed uniform coverage and intelligent non-fluctuating humidity control. Remember when we were all told that pork had to be cooked to well done, otherwise we might get sick? However, the university report says the strains of the bacteria it found were mostly non-lethal. Well, today’s pork is leaner and no longer is raised in the out-of-doors, so they are exposed to fewer possible contaminants. It uses low pressure compressed air, along with any water pressure, in order to provide the disinfectant. This new strain of e.coli seems to be centered around fresh vegetables grown using a liquid manure fertilizer.
The USDA also recommends all meat be allowed to stand off the heat untouched for at least three minutes before cutting or serving.

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