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If the view from your kitchen window is getting you down – and your garden is letting you down – we’re here to help. If you know how you want your garden to look, but don’t have the time or resources to get it done – we can bring your dream and vision to life. Or, if you don’t know where to start, we can give you ideas and guidance on how to transform your garden – within the budget you have.
Landscaping – whether you need part, or the whole of your garden cleared, rotivated, levelled, stepped down, or redesigned in any way – we can help. Unlike many garden landscaping companies we have our own digger, dumper and tractor so we can transform your garden much quicker than you ever thought possible. Retaining Walls and Rockeries – sloping garden plots are common place in our area and we are creative at making the very best of them. Railway Sleepers – a very popular and attractive way to step sloping gardens, create raised beds, or even as a border between lawn and planted areas. Jet Washing – if you have existing stone or paved areas which don’t need replacing, we can clean them up and add that final finishing touch to complete your stunning garden transformation. Born and bred in Barkisland, I started my business in 2004 after 10 years experience in groundworks and landscaping with a large professional company. When the sun is shining, and you just don't fancy staying at home, why not take a trip to visit a local National Trust property?
Description: Full landscape with water feature, hardwood decking, new lawn and raised planters. Measure the dimensions of your home and existing hardscape (permanent) features such as walkways, driveways, decks, porches, patios, swimming pools and retaining walls. We at Landscaping and Gardening Little Chalfont are professional Landscapers and gardeners based in South Buckinghamshire. If you are looking for a bright well maintained garden that your neighbours will envy, Landscaping and gardening Little Chalfont are the company for you. Landscaping and Gardening  Little Chalfont will ensure that your garden will  always look superb and will be a garden envied by your neighbours.
Landscape and gardening Little Chalfont are dedicated gardeners who are enthusiastic to convert your garden to a show piece. We appointed Gx Gardening Services to maintain our garden and it is just a delight to go out and admire the great work they have done. Want to spice up your garden so you can make it the perfect place for entertaining visitors?
Japanese-inspired gardens are the top choice for people who want to enjoy peaceful and uninterrupted conversations.
If you are planning to have a barbecue party during weekends or holidays, your backyard will become the right place to do so! Improving your backyard to make it more interesting is an easy task as long you have you have an idea on how to do it. John Miller is an exterior design expert and loves sharing his insights in various sites like Green Werk blog.

Retaining walls can be in dry stone, wet walling (in stone or brick) or reinforced concrete.
Natural stone including York stone and Indian flags are our speciality, but we can also source manufactured stone too. Over the last 7 years I have built my business and reputation on delivering a high quality service and finish at a very competitive price. Garden landscaping design begins with choosing the garden location and plants that will complement your home. Transfer these measurements to the graph paper using a scale such as one block on the paper equals 1 foot in reality. Some options include decorating an existing hardscape feature, creating a privacy hedge and enhancing the look of home elements such as the front porch, walkway or entryway.
These focal point plantings should be repeated three to five times in a moderate-sized garden to create a theme for the plot. Color is a powerful tool for landscaping that can both emphasize and smother the most beautiful plantings.
If the garden backs up to a fence or house, place taller plants at the back and work down in height as you move forward. Heron is an avid gardener with over three years of experience in online writing and a working background in aviation and earth and ocean sciences. Our work is A1 quality and we give the best ongoing maintenance service at a price that will beat most of our competitors in the area.
We have years of experience in gardening in the Buckinghamshire area and have transformed many gardens from ordinary looking to stunning. What you get is a friendly and reliable service, with the added benefit of years of experience n the Landscaping and Gardening field. If you have ran out of ideas or simply don’t have a clue, here are three landscape designs that you can choose from. This particular landscape design brings elements of Zen in your backyard which makes it ideal for doing business transactions. You will also have a perfect spot for some light entertainment in the middle of the garden with a small platform for the performers. This is also the ideal spot of your house to have a reunion with your long-lost high school or college friends and relive good and happy memories over some beer or wine.
These three magnificent landscape designs will surely make your friends visit you again and again. His quote was very competitive and he was very accommodating with the tight time scale we had for completing the work.I wholeheartedly recommend him as he was professional, hard working, friendly and efficient. One of the ways we do this is by sourcing materials close to home and supporting local suppliers. Change it until you're happy with the design, and add the garden shape to your landscape diagram. Partial sun has four to six hours of sun each day, and full shade receives no direct sunlight.

Soil quality functions as an integral part of deciding which plants will thrive in the garden location and also as an important consideration for your landscaping budget. She is published on various websites and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism from the University of Maryland.
As a family owned business we are dedicated to providing affordable landscaping and gardening to everyone looking for that garden that you can  look at and admire.
We at Landscaping and Gardening Little Chalfont can work within your budget and can make recommendations to save you money!
You’ve seen a lot of Japanese movies and you think that the spacious and nature-friendly landscape is best for you when accommodating guests.
By bringing your visitors in this part of your home, you will surely have memorable and profitable discussions over a cup of coffee or tea. If you are thinking about entertaining a small group of people during holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and New Year, this is definitely where you can accommodate them!
Planning the design of your garden together with a professional can assure you of the beauty and quality of this part of your home.
A Japanese style garden will transport your guests into a different country with a different aura. If you are planning to build a ramada or other structure in your backyard, placing arches in your landscape design as a way to honor the historical Mediterranean landscape styles will certainly create a grand effect. Besides, you see this kind of landscape almost everywhere in modern United States every day. Remember, the entertainer in you must always have a great place ready for guests anytime you need it. Your choice of plants, focal point, edging and blending with the existing landscape indicates how much emphasis you want on that particular garden. Your guests will certainly have a good time in your backyard at any given day because this landscape style is warm and accommodating. They will wonder at the beauty of the Cherry Blossom tree and the exquisiteness of your bonsai. During night time, your visitors will take pleasure on the structures such as fountain and other elements in your garden if you illuminate it properly. Modern style landscape design is perfect for entertaining your friends and other invited guests to a night party. Surely, they would want to visit your home more often with the cool and calming atmosphere that you have in your backyard. The spaces between one point to another are evenly distributed therefore movement becomes smooth.
Aside from that, the pathway can easily direct your guests to their chosen destination without disturbing other important elements in your landscape.

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