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Other items of interest on the menu that are popular are the Persian inspired wraps and salads.
Abbot Kinney First FridaysHope you all had a great #weekend in #venice from the #akff team! Each Kreation has its own unique design elements, but I was really impressed with the open, almost wood cabin look of the Venice shop. During a recent visit for Sunday brunch at the Abbot Kinney location in Venice Beach, I found a bevy of healthy and tasty options offering rustic Persian cuisine and modern healthy classics (think organic pancakes with almond milk latte). Equally tasty is the Protein Power cold pressed juice made with vanilla, dates, and raw almond. More complicated juices include the Unity 12 cold pressed juice with parsley, spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, apple, lemon, carrot, beet, cayenne, and ginger. Now, if you really want to go with a bold brunch, get the Braised Beef Short Rib Sandwich served on a baguette with house dressing, roasted tomato, spinach and red onions.
Not really in the mood for dessert, I opted for the sweet and sensational Caffe Shakerato with espresso, milk, ice, slightly sweetened with dark chocolate, and served  shaken.
You can’t really beat weekend brunch along Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice Beach, but the setting inside the woodsy Kreation cabin just helps make it better.
The reason for the two stars is that for the prices at this place you would just expect more. Crazy claims - is this place a DIY pharmacy?I guess we can now pay $15 for a juice that promises to take away stress and give serenity, but really doesn't.

Most of the juices were fruit based, with names such as “Modify” which has pear, strawberry and apple. Valet Parking on Electric at Milwood (behind Abbot Kinney to the east at the Electric Lodge).
A practice ball players and athletes would do in order to get an unfair advantage against their competition. They flood the body’s cells with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that cleanse, heal, and nourish. Designed by Modman Enterprises, Inc., an award-winning company making a huge splash in the food service retail industry in Los Angeles (also responsible for the design and opening of Go Greek Yogurt in Beverly Hills), the firm is responsible for brokering franchise licensing deals, scouting ideal neighborhoods and storefront locations, taking care of city permits and licenses, and pushing these franchises into fruition with unique, consumer-driven campaigns for its clients. As servers walked by offering complimentary shots of different juices and smoothies, I had to sample the Balance, which is found on the Premium Detox menu, made with almond, vanilla, dates, and flax seed plant protein.
The food was just shy of being ok, I had the tacos which were cold and flavorless (including the hot sauce). Simply put, the juices are delicious, and they  are more nutritious and healthier than traditional juicing methods. This is the only place on the boulevard with traditional Persian food and a welcome addition!This was a very positive dining experience with the combination of  casual atmosphere, delicious, healthy Persian food with good service with an ideal location and it’s easy on the pocketbook too! Now juicing is all the rage for people trying to be healthier and get a better advantage for themselves health-wise.
Another potent potion is Marjan’s Favorite made with pineapple, aloe vera, cucumber, romaine, parsley, spinach, turmeric, and Chia seeds.

There was a side of black beans that perked the dish up but otherwise it was two cold street tacos that wouldn't even be acceptable if they were sold at $2 a piece somewhere.
Whether you’re here for a coffee, smoothie or full meal, it’s worth checking out.  PS It’s open late on First Fridays!
The dish also comes with sautéed spinach, two poached eggs, and homemade Hollandaise served on baguette, with a side salad. My husband had a meatless pasta which I tasted, it was hot and did have some flavor in the meatballs but not memorable dish by any stretch of the imagination.
All over town, Kreation Kafe is on a mission to provide healthy and delicious drinks and dishes designed to invigorate the body and mind. It just seems like there could have been some efficiencies that made it an experience more worth the prices. Bottom line: The decor is cute and the people were kind but not enough to make up for mediocre food. The ground beef was surprisingly tasty for someone that’s not big on ground beef in general, and the beef tenderloin was very good too.
The tapas place was good too (again, add a squeeze of lemon juice to it all)  and very filling.

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