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But you see, dear reader, I have been around as a rabbi for quite a long time, and I know the community pretty well, and I have a fair understanding of people. The reasons for kashrut are usually quite clearly imprinted on the minds and hearts of those for whom keeping kosher is axiomatic. And don’t all your special hobbies and interests cost you extra, but you know you wouldn’t enjoy them as much if they went el-cheapo? True, there are such things as big issues and small issues, and a religion that concerns itself with the small issues (though be honest, and admit how much of Judaism deals with the cosmic and the universal too) may appear strange. What goes into your mouth helps to shape your ethical, spiritual and emotional self as well as your physical person. You know, the Jewish way was never to say that opinions or beliefs were static and immutable.
More thinking, more study, more arguing with the rabbi – all can reveal new meaning in concepts and commitments that so far lacked conviction in your life. OzTorah is a weekly email service and website exploring the timeless teachings of Jewish tradition from a contemporary Australian and global perspective. The content on this site may be distributed and reprinted, as long as acknowledgement is given to Rabbi Raymond Apple and the URL is included intact. Jewish learning organization Limmud NY recently held their annual retreat, full of workshops, classes, and panel discussions. With the recent resurgence in the Jewish food scene (not to mention a few millennia of Jewish culture emphasizing food), the retreat naturally confronted one of the biggest debates in Jewish food and identity today: can non-kosher food be called Jewish?
At an event entitled “The Food Panel: Fusion Foodies Talk,” three diverse Jewish food experts addressed the controversial subject, prompted by celebrity chef Ilan Hall’s bacon-wrapped matzo balls at his restaurant The Gorbals in LA. Interestingly, all three panelists agreed that Jews should avoid defining foods as more or less “authentic,” reflecting both historical diversity and changing demographics.

Many contemporary chefs are taking on dishes that could be considered inherently Jewish: generally traditional Ashkenazi dishes or Middle Eastern cuisine. Some question the connection between kashrut and Jewish identity, as a minority of American Jews keep kosher.
PeoplePower: Good for him, obama is nothing but a treasonous muslim brotherhood and terrorist loyalists. And those who don’t keep kosher are also generally quite clear about their particular position, and as far as I can see they mean every word. I’m going to tell you, of course, and if I miss out one or two I am sure people will write in and tell me. It’s a small market and a specialised product and there are extra costs of production and supervision.
How you discipline your eating, and this is the most frequent personal challenge any of us faces, trains you in self-mastery and helps to fit you for life in family, community and society. If only they would bother a little more, they would find it absorbing, exhilarating, and more than satisfying for the body and soul! The site includes insights into the parashah, an Ask the Rabbi forum, and articles on various Jewish and interfaith issues. The hot spot has revived traditional Jewish dishes, putting a modern spin on pastrami (it technically serves Montreal-style smoked meat), chopped liver, and tongue. But many of these new producers of pastrami, brisket, lox, gefilte fish, hummus, falafel, and schnitzel do not want to incur the additional costs of keeping kosher, or want to use treif ingredients. Even landmark restaurants like Katz’s Deli, Sammy’s Roumanian, and Russ and Daughters are not actually kosher, but kosher-style. While most restaurants are up north in Rogers Park and Skokie, almost all supermarkets in the Downtown area carry a full line of raw Kosher foods.

Don’t automatically blame the people who run the kosher shops: there’s no evidence of any big rip-off. Hallow every moment of every day, every tiny attitude and action (that’s what Judaism says), and out of the small acorns do the giant oaks grow. But a bit of planning can help, and most people have freezers, and the kosher butchers do deliver, and more and more supermarkets and delis supply kosher foods. Indeed just in case I had forgotten one or two, people are good enough to keep on reminding me.
And don’t mutter about the Beth Din and the Kashrut Authority: the few cents extra that cover kosher supervision make nobody a profit, but just cover the overheads.
How come that Jewish food styles (which obviously came out of kitchens where they always kept kosher) seem to be rediscovered all the time, with appreciation, by those for whom taste means so much? It gave them identity, security, reassurance, inspiration, fascination, colour, richness, poetry, philosophy, community, destiny.
You are making it possible for any fellow Jew to feel at home at your table without embarrassment or compromise of conscience.
How come that when you can’t cook properly, any food tastes poor – and when you can cook you can produce culinary delights even from kosher ingredients?

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