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Sizzle Stix – Kosher food truck, setting up a pop up outdoor restaurant in Fallsburg (see map below for exact location). Dani has an MBA in Marketing and works in the Social Media Marketing field for a large media agency. I am trying to imagine my grandmother (who once had a small hotel in the Catskills) waiting on line to get food truck food! When he immigrated to America in 1988, hummus and other delicacies popular in Israel had not spread to the mainstream American diet.
Awad is the founder of Yosi Kitchen and Yosi Kosher Catering, a Windsor-based catering and prepared-food producer. Popular prepared dishes include the tabbouleh salad, hummus, falafel wraps, sesame noodles and squash kugel. Awad started his catering in the early 2000s along with partner Dafna Cramer, who specializes in pastries and baking. Though Awad had no formal training as a chef, he learned from his mother growing up and his culinary creations are powered by generations of enthusiasm for the food he is making.
As the company has expanded, it’s never wandered from its fresh-first culinary roots. And Awad is still hands on with quality control, tasting each batch and comparing it to the ingrained memory he has of the flavors of Israel.
Middle Eastern food is more common than it was in the ’80s, but Awad would like to see it continue to grow in popularity.
Map: Presidential Campaign Stops in Ohioideastream is tracking presidential campaign stops in Ohio following the major party conventions.
Amid Rifts, Ohio Delegation Urged Toward Unity At DNCOhio delegates at the DNC heard a message of coming together at their required meeting this morning.
Watch: 13-Year-Old Cleveland Reporter Works from RNC13-year-old Maple Buescher is a middle schooler who’s spent the year as a reporter for Time for Kids. Akron Schools at Risk of ClosingFunding for a massive school re-building program in Akron is affected by the student population numbers. Currently we know of sixteen  (16) Kosher restaurants in the area of Philadelphia including the Northeast and Northwest and all other areas that are within 20 miles from the city of Philadelphia. Where and How to Find the Kosher restaurants in Philadelphia Kosher restaurants in Philadelphia Have you eaten from kosher restaurants so delicious that you, after eating the food, can’t focus on what you’re doing due to its unequivocally remarkable taste?
Kosher restaurants in Philadelphia I often visit Philadelphia for business and even to visit some old friends, and often wondered if the are any Kosher restaurants in Philadelphia… Being that I only eat at Kosher restaurants I often found it difficult to locate a Kosher restaurant in Philadelphia. Kosher restaurants Philadelphia Kosher restaurants Philadelphia was created to provide all Kosher eaters a detailed list of all Kosher Restaurants in Philadelphia. Nadav Abargel closed his restaurant in Elkins Park and is now opening Japanika, a kosher restaurant that will serve American and Asian food, in the Northeast. Nava Danielli has been waiting for a kosher sushi restaurant to open in her Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood since she moved to the area from New York three years ago, said her husband, Yoni.

She’ll soon get her wish, with the imminent arrival of Japanika, a kosher restaurant that serves sushi, Chinese and American food.
Japanika will join at least four other kosher restaurants in the Northeast, including Judah Mediterranean Grille, Holy Land Grill, Holy Land Pizza, Palace Royal, and Espresso Cafe and Sushi Bar.
Over the course of 2 weekends the past year and a half, both Dani and I, and separately – his brother, spent time visiting the Philly area. The following restaurants are located throughout the Philly region: downtown, Bala Cynwyd, Elkins Park, and Northeast Philadelphia.
Holy Land Grill – Our original plan was to check out Espresso Cafe and Sushi bar, as it came highly recommended, but they were having a sheva brachot and the restaurant was closed. Shalom Pizza – We got to meet Shalom, the owner of Shalom Pizza, over shabbat as he was a guest by our host, and also the cook. The Franklin Institute – A large science museum enjoyed by kids and adults (if you are into the science thing).
Please Touch Museum – If you are coming with the little ones, this is somewhere the kids can have fun for hours!
The Liberty Bell Center – Take yourself and your kids to see this amazing piece of American History.
Being That Philadelphia is such an old city there’s a lot of great history there including Jewish History.
Rodeph Shalom – Started in 1795, this is the oldest Ashkenazic Reform minyan in the Western Hemisphere. National Museum of American Jewish Heritage – A fascinating Museum detailing Jewish life in America from 1654 to present day. Just over the Ben Franklin Bridge in Cherry Hill, NJ are 2 very good restaurants-The Cherry Grill, a meat restaurant with a varied menu, and Esties Besties, a vegetarian & pizza restaurant. Additionally, they will be bringing a second gourmet food truck to the mountains this summer to be serving meals in bungalow colonies and camps in the area. The company manufactures 5,000-6,000 pounds of Middle Eastern fare weekly and its products are carried in 38 Whole Foods stores and 60 Big Ys. Community Driven Organizations Receive State Funding to Reduce Infant Morality RateCuyahoga Co.
Why Some Police Shootings Get Little Media AttentionSome police shooting victims like Alton Sterling and Philando Castile become national symbols.
All restaurants in this list carry a Kosher certification (Hashgacha) but please make sure prior to your arrival that the certification is valid and covers your needs. After searching for a Kosher Restaurant in Philadelphia, I finally found something centrally located perfect for me and my family. After a quick search, I found a lot of restaurants in Philadelphia that have a Kosher supervision and meet the requests of Jews mainly but even non Jews that eat Kosher food. But those are all about a 10-minute drive from Beth Solomon and Danielli, whereas Japanika is in the immediate neighborhood.

That restaurant had opened in 2012 in the space that had been occupied for five years by another kosher eatery, Max & David’s. The 24-seat restaurant will serve a range of items, including sushi, shawarma and schnitzel. We had done a lot of research and made sure to hit a bunch of the kosher restaurants during our visit.
The restaurant had not yet opened when we were last there, but we will attempt to review it shortly. Great to see on a sunny summer day  as it is situated in the middle of Constitutional Mall. Unfortunately for us, being that it was a holiday weekend, the Mint was not up and running, although was still open for public viewing. At home, his parents raised him on the rich scents, flavors and spices of neighboring Yemen, where Awad’s family was originally from.
In 2014, the company received the Whole Foods Special Recognition Award and Prepared Foods Partnership Award at the annual Whole Foods North Atlantic Supplier Appreciation Luncheon. Conservative movement Rabbi Andrew Sacks says the kosher inspection system has become corrupt."There are many restaurants and institutions where the inspector comes in once a month simply to collect a check and does not appear the rest of the month," Sacks says. I often visit Philadelphia and find myself eating way to many boiled eggs or store bought salads laden with mayonnaise and who knows what. Being one of the oldest cities in America, there’s a lot of history here and is definitely worth visiting, especially during the warmer months. It was a simple Israeli grill, nothing fancy but the food was good and not particularly expensive. Started by Spanish and Portugese jews in 1740 the first synagogue building was built in1782. So there can be no objectivity."But Rabbi Eliyahu Schlesinger of the Jerusalem Religious Council says any restaurant that calls itself kosher without a certificate is breaking the law. They have additional options such as an IMAX theatre, and a featured exhibit (changes per season – the mummy exhibit is running currently).
Also, there was plenty of parking on the street in front so no need to pay the $8 to park in the lot. This is a great place to check out and explore for a wonderful primer on American Jewish History. The result will be anarchy."For centuries before the modern state of Israel was established in 1948, there was no central authority over kosher inspections. But Jerusalem City Council member Rachel Azaria says that the two sides are just trying to find ways to live together and improve the city."For 15 years, the ultra-Orthodox were taking over, and the regular Orthodox and the liberal and the secular were leaving the city," Azaria says.

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