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One of the major questions I keep getting asked is where to find kosher options at NYC’s airports. Dani has an MBA in Marketing and works in the Social Media Marketing field for a large media agency.
EWR also has Fresko sandwiches in Terminal A (and possibly B, but I haven’t checked).
What is Big Apple Curry?Big Apple Curry shares my attempts to teach Indian Cooking to my husband Sean in our small Harlem kitchen! As some of our regular readers may have noticed, we haven’t posted anything on Big Apple Curry in a couple of weeks because…we took our first family vacation! As we slowly began to relax, and the daily grind of our hectic Manhattan life melted away, I relished the chance to simply sit and listen to the ocean and point out different birds to Liam in the coconut trees.
Jamaican curry powder n the shelf at my local grocery store in Harlem, New York — the influence of Indian spices and herbs are everywhere! Lo and behold, with Liam down for his afternoon nap the next day, Sean and I sauntered over to the grill hut and were treated to fresh potato and vegetable samosas, complete with homemade tamarind chutney. Latoya handing me a fresh mango daiquiri with just a splash of Jamaican rum — what better pairing for an afternoon samosa? The staff at Crystal View Apartments are by far the definition of what it means to stand out in terms of performance.
We wish we had had more opportunity to make you more at home while you were with us, and we're sorry to hear that you left with any negative feelings. A couple weeks ago I asked for your Vancouver tips and got lots of them, so first of all thanks for your help!  The suggestions were great and anyone going to Vancouver should definitely look through them. We used Fairmont free nights and a suite upgrade from my favorite deal that I’ve ever done, the Living Social lifetime Platinum special.
Overall this is a gem of a hotel with incredible service and I heartily recommend staying there. The world’s first steam powered clock is worth checking out in Gastown, it whistles the time every 15 minutes.
Does this mean that I had a separate credit inquiry for the SP, & a separate 1 for the Freedom in the original 2BM? I just came back from vancouver and everything you wrote about was great except Zaatar was so bad and so over rated its nice and clean but you pay $9 for a plate of falafal and you get nothing on the plate and there is nothing else to order! I just spoke to the people at the Fairmont Pacific Rim and they told that there are sensors in the rooms that control ac and lighting. Dan, you won’t believe this but all 3 Fairmont hotels in Vancouver do not have guest access to the stairwells (unless there is a fire, of course) So far, I have spoken to the Westin Bayshore and was informed that there is access and the light are always on.
I guess the hotel is not avail so please suggest a great hotel as yours using SPG or other points. There is a new dairy cholov yisroel cafe in Chabad’s headquarters on oak and 41st called cafe forty one.
Not only are JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark airports major domestic & international hubs for dozens of airlines, but hundreds of thousands of kosher keeping Jews use these airports each year.
Travelers can find a huge variety of sandwiches, salads, and wraps – all under the kosher supervision of the Star-K.
Also worth noting that JFK and EWR (and I imagine LGA too) have restaurants that are nearby and will deliver to the airports. If you love Indian food and want to make authentic Indian dishes at home, you've come to the right place! With one year under our belts as first-time parents, we survived nursing, diapers, daycare, crawling, solid foods, teething, the works.
In the early 1800s during Britain’s colonial rule of India and Jamaica, many Indian immigrants became indentured servants and brought their spices to Jamaica with them. Da come riferisce vino24, si potranno degustare 400 etichette pregiate a bicchiere (è vietato acquistare la bottiglia) e 50 etichette di birra. JB (the Manager) always has a lot to do when I come in but, she sets her work aside to handle whatever I need. It's always wonderful to hear that our residents are enjoying their homes and the community.
While other airlines would have no problem heating up your own food (and a double wrapped shnitzel sandwich or some chinese food that is warmed up will beat airline food any day), Cathay is quite strict. Cathay passengers do not get free massages like BA passengers do but you can take a shower and enjoy the snack and drink selection (single malt scotch on hand is Glenlivet 15). Amazing that they can operate great lounges in Hong Kong yet are incapable of doing the same elsewhere.

The in-flight entertainment system has tons of viewing options, though you have to use their mediocre headphones as they use a non-standard adapter. This hotel was just built a couple of years ago for the Olympics and it’s one of 4 Fairmont hotels in the city. The suite we were booked into was excellent and had an awesome view of the city and harbor. The climate of Sydney it is not, though many people swear by the Pacific Northwest temperate climate.  A little too cloudy for my taste though. There are lots of paid activities to do within the park, but we enjoyed just walking along the seawall and walking into the interior along paths and past waterfalls.
We also got cereal like Quaker Oatmeal Squares (Original and Maple Sugar) and Cinnamon Corn Pops along with some Granola Bar flavors that they don’t sell in the states. We didn’t have time during our 69 hours in Vancouver to make it all the way, but the scenery is very nice along the highway. The place is clean, food tastes fresh, and most importantly their felafel is outstanding, the best I’ve had in North America.
I did convince the flight attendant to warm up a burger from Maple Grill for me, but after warming it up she told me that she should not have done that as it’s against Cathay policy and that in the future I should not expect that again. He was therefore able to sign up for numerous accounts for members of his family (which he controls)at little or no cost.
I like that you left the full article off the homepage since these travel posts are really long.
Was worth it just to be able to take the return flight on Cathay Pacific in business class.
This couldn’t be more true for Jamaica, which has a cuisine that reflects different cultural influences over thousands of years, between its indigenous folk, Spanish explorers, African slaves, British colonists, and Chinese and Indian indentured servants. At the helm of the resort’s main grill was Baushka, a welcoming, sunny guy who served up our beef patties and jerk chicken each day. Cathay First passengers can access the dining room area, but they can’t get kosher meals there. What a great car, fun to drive and tons of space for all the stuff you need when traveling with kids. You can request anything you can possibly need for your room, from towels to shampoo to toothpaste. Vancouver locals will brag about their nice beaches, but let’s face it, they aren’t Sydney nice! Luckily for us Rafi slept on the flight to Vancouver and fell back asleep once we arrived in the hotel, so he quickly switched to Pacific time.
There are lanes for bikes everywhere in the outdoorsy city and in the park was no exception. Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden, but there is a free public chinese garden literally next door that was just as nice, I’d recommend skipping the paid one. It’s not something you can do while holding a baby, even taking pictures while on the bridge is scary. While in Sydney we took ferries around the harbor that are also affordably priced, but on the Sydney ferries you can actually sit outside and enjoy the harbor while in Vancouver you are stuck inside of what’s practically a floating bus. I don’t get worked up over things I miss in a city though, gotta leave some new stuff for the next time!
Service was very speedy and attentive on one occasion while excruciatingly slow and poor on another. Just remember no one city can have everything, and Sydney most definitely does not have world class skiing half the year. Don’t forget to join FPC to get driven in a 7 series for free to zaatar and for free internet and spa access. I couldn’t wait to get there, especially after  an unusually hard winter here in New York City.
Imagine our surprise when we learned he had trained at an Indian restaurant in Jamaica, and our delight at his excitement to prepare some dishes for us. Essendo un posto strategico e veloce, senza rinunciare alla qualità, sono serviti pasti ultrarapidi, pagabili con carta di credito e che costano tra i 7 e gli 8 dollari. Not only is it not an easy job  being an apartment manager, assistant manager, leasing consultant or maintenance worker from my knowledge but, you could also only imagine what they have to deal with on a daily basis outside of the paperwork, sales, cleaning, resident care and everything else in the mix. If you can get a restaurant to double-wrap and seal the food with their own label then you may stand a small chance, but otherwise it will be difficult. There is a first class section of the lounge, though the offerings were identical to the business section.

You can have your car pulled up, schedule spa appointments, or pull up city maps and attractions. On the way home he lost sleep due to the loss of 3 hours, but slept a lot once we got home and was back on his regular schedule within a day! Then she came by and commented how good the burger looked… The onboard food was nothing like the top-notch Hermolis kosher meals that Cathay serves for flights from Hong Kong.
As we jetted off from JFK and landed in Montego Bay, I pictured the warm water, the warm sand, the warm air — anything warm, honestly. India is renown for its historical position at the center of the global spice trade, as the influence of Indian spices, herbs, and preparations spread near and far from Japan to Jamaica.
Bauskha showed me his small tandoor oven inside the small grill hut — I had been standing there for days and hadn’t realized it was a tandoor! We flew back on the red-eye to JFK Thursday night and had to switch airports to fly from LGA back to Cleveland on Friday morning. The seat itself is significantly wider and longer and you have a lot more personal space then in business.
They had a crib waiting for us in the room with a kids kit, diapers, an infant bath, a diaper trash can, and an adorable infant robe.
There are separate changing rooms with steam saunas that lead outdoors to a lounge area and a couple of hot tubs with TVs and an infrared sauna.
Now it’s not Sydney beautiful, but it can give most North American cities a run for their money for its looks. At any rate the Golden Tomato Roast Garlic soup is outstanding, one of the best soups I’ve ever had. Don’t miss their caramelized onions or their bourekas as well and bear in mind that with every 2 items you order you get a free drink!
In first class the flight attendants will make your seat into a full bed with sheets, comforter, and a great pillow, in business there’s just a thinner blanket and lower quality pillow. We used our Platinum willow stream spa certificates for free hot stone massages and still had extra certs to buy some shoes and other sundries from the spa store. Throughout the trip I did find myself continually comparing Vancouver to Sydney, two cities very much in touch with their harbors and the water. The Beef Sliders are excellent and the Pulled Chicken Spring Rolls, the Maple Glazed Salmon, the Maple BBQ Chipotle Burger, and the Onion Rings are all very good.
Ya mon!” The next afternoon he proudly pulled this red hot skewer of chicken from his Indian clay oven, and turned it into a tomatoey butter chicken. The drink selection is much better, again even for kosher folk who can’t imbibe in the on-board champagne. I was ready to go though by the time other people showed up and decided to jump on top of the bridge, which sends anyone at the valley of the bridge flying upward.
The rib-eye steak though was underwhelming, as were the short ribs and the sweet potato fries.
Having never been to Jamaica before, but growing up with Jamaicans in Canada and being avid fans of Bob Marley, Harry Belafonte, and Jamaican beef patties, Sean and I were looking forward to experiencing Jamaica firsthand, especially authentic Jamaican cuisine.
As a matter of fact, contrary to what I have seen in other reviews about this apartment community, its completely opposite of any negativity. After we inhaled it with naan and mango rice, I sat and chatted with Baushka about how much tomato he uses (there is a trick to getting butter chicken right, which involves sometimes a combination of fresh tomatoes and tomato paste to get the blend of sweet and sour just right).
The hot chocolate cake with ice cream, lemon tarts, and chocolate cappuccino mousse desserts are all well worth the calories. Between the ripe mango and smooth local coffee at breakfast,  thick, richly-spiced beef patties and glistening, sticky jerk chicken at lunch, and freshly-picked raw coconut water in the hot afternoons, we were hooked — and literally ate the same thing every single day. I dealt with the infant seat issues we had in a previous post, but in first you would be able to bring a forward facing carseat onboard, while in business this isn’t possible due to the airbag seat belts used there. In first you are given a set of great Shanghai Tang pajamas (top and bottom) along with slippers, an eye mask, and a Zegna amenity kit.
I would love for my two kids to grow up in this area because this is actually a very friendly community.Lets move on to the maintenance workers. I know this is probably the best review you have read in your life and I deserve an award for how I write it LOL but, I love it here and I won't be moving anytime soon.

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