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At the Machaneh Yehuda shuk in Jerusalem, the day before Rosh HaShana is cacophonous experience as the market is abuzz with people making their last minute holiday shopping. Though it has been a while, after almost six days of chanukah we realized that there was a great need not to mention requests for a video explaining simply how to make proper classic potato latkes.
Just throw any leftover scraps or pieces that fall apart into a bowl for an instant sushi salad.
We all love those frozen pretzels that you throw in microwave then eat with a healthy dose of mustard – but what about real soft pretzels made fresh? Every week, Brachie’s Baked Goods sells hundreds of cookies and cakes by the Mir Yeshiva in Yerushalayim.
Walking down Bar Ilan Street in Yerushalayim hours before Shabbos, one can smell the fresh popcorn in the air as vendors market their wares from storefronts that spill over the already crowded sidewalks as people wait for the last buses to their destination.
But you see, dear reader, I have been around as a rabbi for quite a long time, and I know the community pretty well, and I have a fair understanding of people. The reasons for kashrut are usually quite clearly imprinted on the minds and hearts of those for whom keeping kosher is axiomatic.
And don’t all your special hobbies and interests cost you extra, but you know you wouldn’t enjoy them as much if they went el-cheapo? True, there are such things as big issues and small issues, and a religion that concerns itself with the small issues (though be honest, and admit how much of Judaism deals with the cosmic and the universal too) may appear strange. What goes into your mouth helps to shape your ethical, spiritual and emotional self as well as your physical person.
You know, the Jewish way was never to say that opinions or beliefs were static and immutable. More thinking, more study, more arguing with the rabbi – all can reveal new meaning in concepts and commitments that so far lacked conviction in your life. OzTorah is a weekly email service and website exploring the timeless teachings of Jewish tradition from a contemporary Australian and global perspective.
The content on this site may be distributed and reprinted, as long as acknowledgement is given to Rabbi Raymond Apple and the URL is included intact. Jews make up just one sixth of inmates who eat kosher food in American prisons, costing U.S. The tiny population of religious Jews in prison has plenty of company when it comes to keeping kosher behind bars. Jews, according to one estimate, make up just one-sixth — or about 4,000 — of the 24,000 inmates who eat kosher food in American prisons. The popularity of kosher food among non-Jewish inmates is one reason that many prisons around the country are seeking to curtail or change their Jewish dietary programs. For instance, at California Men’s Colony, a medium and minimum security facility in San Luis Obispo, Calif., prisoners who keep kosher receive three daily meals in a sack that they bring back to their cells.
Kosher meals in prison are provided because prisoners in the United States are guaranteed religious freedoms under the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000. The law “leaves room for individuals to disagree about what religions require,” said Luke Goodrich, deputy general counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.
The situation is made more complicated by the fact that most American prisons are run on the state level. In the federal corrections system, there are some 4,127 individuals receiving a so-called Certified Religious Diet out of a total of 217,000 inmates, or about 2% of the population. In California, for instance, Jewish chaplains oversee kosher programs at the state’s prisons, feeding kosher meals to about 800 people out of about 140,000 — or about 0.6% of — inmates.
Recently, a messianic Jew named Margarito Jesus Garcia challenged the California system, claiming that a Jewish chaplain violated his religious rights by denying him kosher food. According to California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation spokesman Bill Sessa, the department is considering shifting away from providing kosher meals for Jews alone and toward creating a common fare diet to accommodate all religious groups. The cost of kosher and halal foods led prison officials in the Indiana Department of Correction to drop their religious dietary programs altogether in 2009, serving those inmates a vegan diet instead. In 2010, an Indiana court mandated the DOC to reinstate its religious food program when a Jewish inmate sued. There have also been debates about whether the kosher meals served to prisoners meet religious standards for kosher food.
In Nevada last June, a Jewish inmate named Howard Ackerman sued the Nevada Department of Corrections in a class-action lawsuit, contending that the DOC’s new “common fare” menu was not actually kosher.
Nevada DOC officials have said they will make sure that the common fare diet meets kosher standards. Smoothies are ideal for a nutritious and filling breakfast, a healthy snack or pre-meal drink.
Breakfast sausage may be off the menu for kosher meal but not when you make it yourself, substituting the pork for turkey meat. Pork can also be substituted with vegetables if you are looking for a little less meat in your diet. After the ingredients are blended together, the mixture is spread across both sides of chicken breasts and grilled for just five to seven minutes on either side.
Jewish learning organization Limmud NY recently held their annual retreat, full of workshops, classes, and panel discussions. With the recent resurgence in the Jewish food scene (not to mention a few millennia of Jewish culture emphasizing food), the retreat naturally confronted one of the biggest debates in Jewish food and identity today: can non-kosher food be called Jewish?
At an event entitled “The Food Panel: Fusion Foodies Talk,” three diverse Jewish food experts addressed the controversial subject, prompted by celebrity chef Ilan Hall’s bacon-wrapped matzo balls at his restaurant The Gorbals in LA. Interestingly, all three panelists agreed that Jews should avoid defining foods as more or less “authentic,” reflecting both historical diversity and changing demographics.
Many contemporary chefs are taking on dishes that could be considered inherently Jewish: generally traditional Ashkenazi dishes or Middle Eastern cuisine. Some question the connection between kashrut and Jewish identity, as a minority of American Jews keep kosher. Pareve foods may lose their pareve status if processed on dairy equipment or when additives are used. The festival of Passover (Pesach in Hebrew) is celebrated each year by the Jewish people for 8 days commemorating the Exodus out of Egypt 3000 years ago. In order to make sure that the Jews may not come to eat any grain products by accident, any seed that looks like grain is also not allowed to be eaten. However in Middle Eastern communities, corn, soy, rapeseed, peanuts and beans are allowed for Passover and they are called Kosher for Passover Kitniyot.
Whereas eating pork involves a single transgression, eating a fly, worm or other kind of creepy-crawly involves several.
11, 2001 terrorist attacks, events that prompted many Americans to explore faith or military service. Whatever it is, there's always a moment in people's lives when they have to decide, 'am I going to be the best guest possible and honor this person's effort and just eat it?
The particular version I found in my bowl on a warm summer evening in the summer of 2005 was an easy call.

We were two of the dozen or so people who had gathered at the center of Unicorn Hill Village #3a€”a tiny hamlet of perhaps thirty single-story houses constructed of cinder block and wooda€”to celebrate my visit and the arrival of the Peace Corps.
This year we focused on how the fish vendors prep and clean their kosher fish heads that are in popular demand for the High Holidays.
All you need is some sugar cookie dough, a rolling pin, baking paper, assorted preserves (not jelly) or other filling of your choice, some flour, and an oven.
So, despite having only one more day to get it right, enjoy the yummy frying of potatoes for zos chanukah! Shana’s Sushi is popular among those who frequent her home and have tasted her amazing homemade sushi rolls that she makes in honor of Shabbos.
Consumed by bachurim and avreichim alike, we were able to observe the making of peanut chews, complete with the recipe below. Mehadrin (in this case Eidah HaCharedis) hechsherim require that the kernels are stored in sealed marked containers until they are popped and then stipulate that the fresh popcorn be bagged and sealed.
And those who don’t keep kosher are also generally quite clear about their particular position, and as far as I can see they mean every word.
I’m going to tell you, of course, and if I miss out one or two I am sure people will write in and tell me.
It’s a small market and a specialised product and there are extra costs of production and supervision. How you discipline your eating, and this is the most frequent personal challenge any of us faces, trains you in self-mastery and helps to fit you for life in family, community and society. If only they would bother a little more, they would find it absorbing, exhilarating, and more than satisfying for the body and soul!
The site includes insights into the parashah, an Ask the Rabbi forum, and articles on various Jewish and interfaith issues. A number of secular Jews, messianic Jews, Black Hebrew Israelites and, in many cases, people with no Jewish background at all eat a traditional Jewish diet. And since kosher food can cost more than twice as much as regular fare, it’s costing taxpayers millions to feed all those who want to avoid treyf. But advocates for Jewish inmates say that prisons could easily solve this problem by limiting kosher food to Jews. Some prisoners simply think it tastes better; many others believe it is safer than standard-issue prison fare, according to prison chaplains and advocates. The meals consist of factory-sealed cut vegetables, frozen or non-perishable dishes like lasagna, and whole fruits and vegetables. If, according to case law, an inmate shows a “sincerely held” religious belief, then he or she is entitled to religious services, such as kosher or halal food. Last year, there were more than 60 suits filed around the country by inmates claiming they were unfairly barred from following a kosher diet in prison, according to the Religion Clause blog, which tracks freedom of religion cases in prisons.
The Becket Fund is currently appealing a Texas judge’s decision to bar an Iranian-Jewish inmate from receiving kosher food. That means there are 50-plus departments of corrections around the country housing some 1.4 million people, according to a 2010 estimate, each of which has a unique interpretation of the rules about religious practice and diet.
Prison officials, he said, are “rightly hesitant to set themselves up to say who is Jewish and who is not.” They often leave the decision in the hands of chaplains, Jewish or otherwise.
California has a strict policy against allowing non-Jewish prisoners to access kosher food, which costs about $8 a day as opposed to $3 a day for the regular diet. Sessa said that inmates who keep kosher sometimes “manipulate the system,” asking to switch to non-kosher meals if the food is more desirable.
With budgets tight and the money spent on kosher and halal meals doubling every month, an official said the state had little choice. But last year, the American Civil Liberties Union said that the DOC was in contempt of court because it administered a kosher diet to only half of those inmates who identified as Jews, a charge that the DOC denied. The suit claimed, among other things, that the food was prepared on surfaces where milk and meat were mixed, and that the trays on which the food was served previously held non-kosher food.
This is a very simple dish to make as all it involves is combining a number of herbs and spices.
For chocolate lovers, an easy, non-bake recipe involves cookie crumbs, melted butter, sugar and peanut butter. Not to cut things short but I’ve got start prepping some Turkey Breakfast Sausage for tomorrow.
The hot spot has revived traditional Jewish dishes, putting a modern spin on pastrami (it technically serves Montreal-style smoked meat), chopped liver, and tongue.
But many of these new producers of pastrami, brisket, lox, gefilte fish, hummus, falafel, and schnitzel do not want to incur the additional costs of keeping kosher, or want to use treif ingredients.
Even landmark restaurants like Katz’s Deli, Sammy’s Roumanian, and Russ and Daughters are not actually kosher, but kosher-style. The word Kitniyot means legumes which differentiate it from the normal Kosher for Passover which contain no legumes at all.
Insects are banned, so fruit and vegetables liable to insect infestation have to be thoroughly scrutinised and cleansed. Lilac and Creeme provided the dozens of amazing cheesecakes which were decorated by each lady.
Roll out the dough into thick patties, use a glass to cut out circles, then place the filling in the middle, after which you can space them out on a cookie sheet and bake them until they are light brown. After much cajoling, we received permission to document the making of these special rolls that are made by someone with no professional sushi utensils or training; she makes sushi because she loves sharing one of her favorite foods with her family.
The trick in this case is making the pretzel part fast – sort of like the way that those people fold t-shirts in two seconds flat. While the added stringency might add a shekel or so to the cost compared to the non-mehadrin, even if one is not stringent, there is that good feeling that the chances of having a bug in your popcorn are extremely slim. Don’t automatically blame the people who run the kosher shops: there’s no evidence of any big rip-off. Hallow every moment of every day, every tiny attitude and action (that’s what Judaism says), and out of the small acorns do the giant oaks grow.
But a bit of planning can help, and most people have freezers, and the kosher butchers do deliver, and more and more supermarkets and delis supply kosher foods.
Inmates frequently trade kosher food for prison-issued paper money, which can be used to buy items in the facility’s canteen. In order for a prisoner to access the diet, he must make a request in writing and then be interviewed by a chaplain. In February, a federal judge issued an injunction in the case to stop the department from serving the new food to inmates. Ground turkey meat is blended with herbs and spices and left in the refrigerator overnight to allow the flavors to be absorbed by the meat. This means that they contain no meat or dairy derivatives, and have not been cooked or mixed with any meat or dairy foods. Chocolate, cookies and other snacks should not be used with meat or meaty foods unless they are certified pareve.

In Kosher certification of products therefore the terms used are Kosher for Passover and Kosher for Passover Kitniyot. They had however many legs it takes to make something "milli" as well as angry-looking pincers from both the front and back. Besides for some classic rolls such as spicy tuna, there were a few other mouth-watering homegrown varieties that we sampled that had no official names – for the simple reason that they did not need any. So of course we filmed it with a high-frame-rate camera so that we could slow it down and share with you all how it is done! Indeed just in case I had forgotten one or two, people are good enough to keep on reminding me. And don’t mutter about the Beth Din and the Kashrut Authority: the few cents extra that cover kosher supervision make nobody a profit, but just cover the overheads. How come that Jewish food styles (which obviously came out of kitchens where they always kept kosher) seem to be rediscovered all the time, with appreciation, by those for whom taste means so much?
It gave them identity, security, reassurance, inspiration, fascination, colour, richness, poetry, philosophy, community, destiny. Friedman, of Jewish Prisoner Services International, has himself been sued by inmates who claim they were denied kosher food by his organization, which formerly contracted with the Washington State Department of Corrections to provide religious services to inmates.
At California Men’s Colony, inmates must fill out forms detailing their familial and religious backgrounds in order to be admitted into the program. According to Ackerman’s lawyer, Jacob Hafter, the case included about 40 to 50 Orthodox Jews, but also more than 200 other people who wanted the kosher diet.
Everything is placed in the blender until smooth for this quick, easy and cheap kosher snack. The sausage is ready for you in the morning to be molded into patties and cooked until pale. Eggs, fish, fruit, vegetables, grains, and juices in their natural, unprocessed state are common pareve foods. For most companies, producing a pareve product is the ideal port of entry into the kosher market, and potentially the largest sales prospect.
The main custom of Passover is that the Jewish people are not allowed to eat anything leaven made from the 5 grains- wheat, barley, oat, spelt and rye.
The group stared on in silence as the village leader looked from me to the millipedes and back to me.
You are making it possible for any fellow Jew to feel at home at your table without embarrassment or compromise of conscience. How come that when you can’t cook properly, any food tastes poor – and when you can cook you can produce culinary delights even from kosher ingredients?
Moskowitz said he asks non-Jewish prisoners who want to eat kosher to try practicing Judaism for six months before they can qualify for the special diet.
The patties are ready as soon as the meat turns from pink to white; cooking any longer risks the meat drying out (You can also find kosher sausage at your local market, if you prefer). After cooking until soft, the eggplant is thinly sliced and combined with the other ingredients. You should leave the dessert in the refrigerator until the mixture is set but has not yet become too hard to cut. Other pareve foods include pasta, soft drinks, coffee and tea, and many types of candy and snacks. Jews will not be able to use any pots or pans or any utensils that have had been used for grains. Just as a healthy diet is good for the body, so Jews keep kosher because it is good for the soul. To ensure this separation the kosher kitchen contains separate sets of dishes, utensils and cookware, and separate preparation areas for meat and dairy. And I gotta tell you this a€” it was delicious!" A Spiritual Void However, many of the Chinese people whom Levy encountered seemed to be left unsatisfied when it comes to spirituality. The millipedes that stuck would get sucked off the stick in what I had been assured was a delicious combination of sweet and sour. The third category, pareve, is comprised of foods which are neither meat nor dairy and may therefore be eaten with either. Levy recounts that in the 1960s, communist leader Chairman Mao did everything he could to tear down the "spiritual nervous system." Mao had Buddhist monks physically beaten, temples demolished and sutras burned. How much would that change our understanding of economics?" Levy says keeping that perspective helps him understand why the average Chinese person puts such a high value on stability. His wife had made the millipede dish according to what my guide told me was "a very special recipe of the Bouyei people." The Bouyei were a tiny, impoverished ethnic group concentrated in the mountains of central China.
These were some of the very people the Peace Corps had sent me to live with, learn from, anda€”in theorya€”teach. We are losing all of our Chinese days, like Mid-Autumn Festival and Grave Sweeping Day." Levy says the Chinese government's big challenge now is to rebuild some sort of spiritual tradition.
Most of Levy's Guizhou University students were first-generation college students from farming families who had dreams of leaving the province for the economically booming coast. And he says they consider the 1989 massacre of protesters in Tiananmen Square as ancient history.
And hadn't Chairman Mao condemned religion as one of the "Four Olds," a remnant (along with old culture, old habits, and old ideas) of the feudal past the Communist Party sought to destroy? I wondered if the arrest and deportation of a Peace Corps volunteer would make the evening news back home in Philadelphia. I had, after all, already undergone months of Peace Corps training, sweating through seemingly endless hours of language classes, daily safety-and-security lectures, and occasional lessons in cross-cultural sensitivity.
All of this, however, had taken place in Chengdu, the wealthy, relatively Americanized capital city of Sichuan Province, which was now a sixteen-hour train ride to the north. I was now in Guizhou Province, the desperately poor, rural province in the dead center of China that would be my home for the next two years.
I was feeling like an authentic, trailblazing Peace Corps volunteer on an Indiana Jones adventure. Her cry was followed by smiles from others in the group, pats on my back, and even some applause. I wasn't sure I had heard him correctly, but the raised eyebrow from my guide let me know I had, officially, just been accused of being a spy. I dug right into the mystery meat, and the men around the table quickly began eating their food as well. There was a toast to my health, then another to my success as a teacher, then another to American-Chinese friendship.

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