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A waiter serves religious Jewish customers in Sheyan, a Chinese food restaurant owned by an Israeli boss in Jerusalem, on Sunday, May 5, 2013. Restaurants featuring Chinese food in foreign countries have always been judged whether their dishes keep the original Chinese style or not, but in the Jewish state of Israel, restaurant owners have another thing to consider - Kosher or not.
Coming from Hong Kong, Ma has lived in Israel and operated restaurants here for over 30 years. Many Jewish businessmen bring their Chinese partners to the restaurant and recommend the food to their friends who also do business with Chinese people, but they never come here with their families. To save her business, Ma began to contact with travel agencies like she used to do in Haifa years ago.
Sangpagk Lee, a Korean who has worked in Tel Aviv for three years, come to Ma's restaurant every two or three months. Jews have long had a special affinity for Chinese food, especially during Christmas time (as both Supreme Court Justice Elana Kagan and David Mamet so eloquently pointed out). Tablet is committed to bringing you the best, smartest, most enlightening and entertaining reporting and writing on Jewish life, all free of charge. We hope this new largely symbolic measure will help us create a more pleasant and cultivated environment for all of our readers, and, as always, we thank you deeply for your support.
Chopstix in West Orange, NJ and Teaneck, NJ is very good, but they only do take-out, so if you are looking for delivery or a place to sit and eat, you are SOL. Passing judgment on Kosher Chinese based on six restaurants, when he’s been to 6,200 in all, seems rather capricious.
The real problem is that is is becoming nearly impossible to find good (forget about great) Chinese food at all.
I’ve had good Kosher Thai and sushi, but so much Kosher Chinese reminds me of the MSG-laden goop that used to pass for Chinese food in the early 1970s.
The people who rave about Kosher Chinese remind me of those who wax poetic about French onion soup topped with non-dairy cheese. Ah, cue the terrible joke about the guy reprimanded by his rabbi for eating in a Chinese restaurant on Shabbat of all nights, only for the culprit to point out that everything he ate that night was eaten under rabbinic supervision … by the rabbi who stood watching him eat. On the other hand, what about what gets passed off as bagels these days, in bakeries often operated, if not owned, by non-Jews? You should come to Philadelphia where we have a Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant with such delicious foods like Kung Po Shrimp, Steamed Pork Dumplings. My theory as to why Jews love Chinese: They’re the only restaurants with restaurants open on Christmas Day! This is great recipe, but I don’t think I can get to buy this crunchy noodles here in Malaysia.
In Connecticut, the only restaurants open on Christmas are Chinese, and it’s a tradition among my Jewish friends to go have Chinese and take in a movie on Christmas Day! Back here in Massachusetts, New Year’s Eve is the biggest night of the year for Chinese restaurants.
After years of trying every exotic thing on a Chinese menu, I keep coming back to chow mein.

We also love Chinese food because it was usually the only restaurant open on Christmas Day! In San Francisco, Christmas is virtually a Jewish holiday in Chinatown with many events planned just for that day.
Her current restaurant "Hayam Hasini" was opened 13 years ago near the Tel Aviv beach, featuring seafood. There are several Chinese food restaurants with Jewish owners, to Ma, their food is not Chinese food at all, but they are more acceptable by locals. Currently group tourists take around 40 percent of her business, another 30 percent are Jews, and the rest are diplomats, companies and Koreans working in Tel Aviv. Lee said there's no Korean restaurant in Tel Aviv, so many Koreans choose Chinese restaurants and the food here makes them satisfied. Owned by a Jewish boss who can speak fluent mandarin Chinese, the kosher restaurant "Sheyan" is described on its website as "a captivating merge between Jerusalem's eclectic atmosphere and China's traditional cuisine". Or so says restaurant expert David Chan, who achieved internet fame when the Los Angeles Times profiled Chan, a third-generation Asian American, who has the dubious honor (and indigestion) of chronicling his experience eating in more than 6,200 Chinese restaurants in 40 years. Jews who adhere to Kashruth have a much more limited range of options when it comes to kosher Chinese. Lee author of “The Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures in the World of Chinese Food,” about kosher Chinese food, she wasn’t too shocked by Chan’s assessment. We take pride in our community of readers, and are thrilled that you choose to engage with us in a way that is both thoughtful and thought-provoking. Each week, we’ll select the best letters and publish them in a new letters to the editor feature on the Scroll. I used to eat non Kosher chinese and their food has seriously great flavor and is high quality.
Cognoscenti from the Tri-State area flock to Lin’s Kosher Chinese Kitchen in Manville, NJ. Then again, do I really want to eat chicken feet and crab and other stuff that is not only non-kosher but, IMHO, unappealing? The quality of Chinese restaurants has been declining for years as people have migrated to other ethnic fare. This Pesach just past, I made a point of checking out the (Jewish owned) What-a-Bagel down on Spadina Avenue to see what they would be selling to the locals, few of whom are Jewish only to spot a sign on the wall by the bin of bagels proclaiming them to be Passover bagels. There are a few good ones in Israel, the famous one on the water in Tiberius and a few very good places in Jerusalem are kosher and delish. If you’re kosher, you can only compare to other kosher places, although these come out pretty well, with good tasty food.
Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. My mother is a Brooklyn Jew, and every Christian holiday they went out for a huge Chinese feast There are still some kosher Chinese places in Brooklyn, definitely! For some reason, I’ve never tried Chinese at home, but I know my sons would love this Chow Mein!

But with more Jewish people traveling or doing business in China, some come to her restaurant specially to order more original Chinese food. For Chinese tourists, she always asks from which provinces they come and tells the chefs to cook according to the flavors they prefer.
The content (including but not limited to text, photo, multimedia information, etc) published in this site belongs to China Daily Information Co (CDIC). Most dishes, like General Tzo’s Chicken or Hot and Sour Soup, resemble a form of Americanized-Chinese food that developed, according to Chan, during the wave of Chinese immigration in the 1960s. But the Internet, for all of its wonders, poses challenges to civilized and constructive discussion, allowing vocal—and, often, anonymous—minorities to drag it down with invective (and worse). The food is delicious, the service is warm and friendly, and the ambience is very pleasant.
The only good kosher Chinese restaurants I have eaten in are vegetarian Chinese Restaurants which also happen to have a hecksher. I asked one of the bakers, who appeared to be south Asian how these bagels qualified for the holiday and, to no surprise, she had no idea what I was talking about. Those crunchy noodles – I buy them every Christmas to may haystacks and end up eating them straight from the can. But she admitted that Jewish people prefer the alleged Chinese food adapted to the local taste.
Although Ma doesn't want to change the original Chinese style, they have to change the flavors a little bit according to different customers. Without written authorization from CDIC, such content shall not be republished or used in any form. While, surprisingly, Chan doesn’t give off the impression of being a food snob, when The Scroll asked him about kosher Chinese restaurants he wasn’t too impressed with the cuisine.
This isn’t your restaurant style chinese with the delicious wonton noodles, its the take out type. And the last time I ate a (vegetarian) meal at a non-Kosher Chinese joint, it was flat-out disappointing.
My friends tell me the vegetarian shrimp even have the crunchy outer layer, like a true shrimp does. We do actually have a very good Chinese Market here and I go there at least once every other month to stock up. Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.

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