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Connie and I are hanging out in Whistler for a few days, desperately trying to sneak in a few more rounds of snowboarding before the season if officially over. Connie is a Level 2 CASI snowboarding instructor so she’s pretty crazy about this sport. Even when I wasn’t snowboarding, I was constantly checking my work emails to see if I had to deal with any issues that arose during weekends. It does take a lot of discipline, but I’m a bit crazy when it comes to holding us accountable for this work-life split. So a few Korean snowboarding friends came up with us to Whistler, but they’ll be heading down the mountain at the end of today (Sunday). Our Korean friends are ridiculous awesome cooks and so we went over to their townhouse for dinner last night. These 2 guys polished off an entire bottle of Johnnie Walker (1 liter) over dinner, and probably had around 8 cans of beer at the same time. This densely packed metropolis boasts a thriving expatriate community, so we tracked down a few to share their favorite spots in the city. Regardless of how much one enjoys Korean food, there are times when Western-style comfort food is a must. If you want to work off the calories, Namsan (Nam Mountain) is a 30-40 minute walk away (or a 10-minute bus ride). At San Ma-eul Boribap, visitors can find authentic rustic Korean food in a folk village setting at the foot of Gwanak Mountain. Small, sparse and often packed, Mapo Jeong Daepo is a no-frills, blue-collar restaurant that serves some of the best grilled pork in town. If you’re a fan of bibimbap (rice topped with vegetables, egg, meat, and chili pepper paste) check out Cafe Sobahn, which serves modern interpretations of this classic dish, such as green sprout salad bibimbap and teriyaki bibimbap.
One of my favorite spots is Berlin Cafe & Lounge, an East-meets-West dining experience that provides a loungy and relaxing feel in contrast to the busy Seoul lifestyle. Being an expat in Seoul means that once in a while, you need to be in familiar surroundings. For more great places to go, check out our Off the Brochure Travel Guide: Seoul, South Korea. Surprisingly, the War Museum is a great place to take in a few personal moments.  The outside has a small reflecting pool as well as old tanks, planes, and monuments of various wars. Queen in Itaewon is one of the best places to let loose and dance the night away.  Request your favorite song or let the DJ do his thing. Although there is great shopping throughout Seoul, the Yongsan Shinsegae Department Store is a favorite because the building houses both a department store and an electronics mart. For those of you who like to try different cuisines while traveling, there is good news: Korean food is awesome, cheap (mostly), and plentiful. Here are five things you should definitely try if you find yourself in South Korea anytime soon. Kimbap is usually made with rice, radish, many vegetables, a strip of ham, and your chosen extra (in this case, tuna) wrapped around in a seaweed leaf.

Kimbap comes in many forms including: vegetable, tuna, cheese, kimchi, and many others that are more unusual . This is another one of those meals that taste amazing if done right, or average at best if done wrong. Dak Galbi is marinated chicken mixed with a bunch of vegetables in a large pot in front of you. Kamjatang and ppyeohaejangguk are soups with the main ingredient being the backbone of a pig. About Latest Posts Follow MeJulio MorenoJulio is a California native who has lived abroad since 2009 as an expat in South Korea and New Zealand.
Hello, my name is Julio and I am here to give you the real scoop on UNESCO World Heritage Sites, top ten styled travel list, and the travel economics tips you need to make your travel plans a reality. Whether you walk or ride to get there, Namsan is a great place for a leisurely stroll or power-walk. The mountain is located in southern Seoul, where in-the-know locals gather for the beautiful setting and flavorful country cuisine (including smoked chicken that tastes like bacon). Wolfhound Pub is a traditional Irish pub located in the center of Itaewon where teachers and expats frequently meet for drinks, goodbye parties and more. It’s easy to find a quiet space here to reflect or watch children interact with the museum pieces. On the weekends, the music is always upbeat, the crowd is always alive, and the dancers are phenomenal.
In this list, I have only included main dishes, but will make another list about snacks or side dishes soon. If I know some good places, I also suggested them after each entry, and put the name (often just a description) in English, Romanized Korean (how it sounds), and Korean characters (for you to point at when ordering) at the top of each entry. Jeyukdeopbap is a thin sliced pork marinated in a red or orange sauce with onions and a few other vegetables. The server usually comes around your table every few minutes to stir up the meat and make sure your chicken doesn’t get burned. They are served in a very salty broth with potatoes, sesame leaves, onions, and other vegetables. It is just perfect for any situation, but winter time is when more kamjatang restaurants are bursting with people. He is especially passionate about experiencing other cultures and visiting as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as possible. This is one of the few restaurants in Seoul where you can get bacon and eggs made to order, omelets, whole-wheat toast, and free coffee refills. People come here in the early morning or evening to walk their dogs, while couples, young and old, head here for a romantic or healthy walk. On RAS trips you’ll meet everyone including expat residents, diplomats, foreign students, and workers, as well as visitors.
One roll is usually enough to fill you up as it has a lot of rice, but get two if you are really hungry, no one will think less of you.
It usually comes as a set of meat in its juices on one side, and a slab of rice on the other.

Noodles and cheese are also fantastic extras (order separately) that you can order to make the meal more hefty.
Because of this, many meals are designed for two or more people, which is kind of inconvenient if you are traveling alone.
I have fortunately never had to buy galbi jjim in a restaurant as wedding invitations (galbi jjim is common in wedding buffets) and my job’s semi-annual meetings have all you can eat galbi jjim (something to look forward to!) However, despite the price, it is totally worth to try at least once. Like most Korean meals, rice is the main side dish which you can mix with your soup to dilute the salt.
The biggest difference is that kamjatang is usually a communal style soup for more than one person while ppyeohaejangguk is an individual serving meal. If there is just one Korean meal that you eat on your visit to Korea, make it this one and you won’t regret it. Health buffs take the steeper trails or exercise in the small outdoor fitness “parks” that are located all over the mountain.
You usually also have a bowl of rice in front of you (order separately), and a few other sides to go with your meal.
While individual servings of dak galbi do exist, they are rare and never compare to the real deal. The ribs usually come off the bone effortlessly and hold some of the most tender meat I have ever tasted. Because of the size difference of the bowl, ppyeohaejangguk usually doesn’t come with potatoes. Koreans love to hike and there are a number of trails of varying degrees of difficulty within minutes of the downtown core, accessible by public transit.
While it is not spicy, the sauce can be very flavorful and salty to give the whole meal a richer taste.
My favorite Kamjatang places are based on the quality of the meat, but they are also coincidentally cheaper than usual (always a plus). It is usually around 5000 Won ( $4.50 USD) at most restaurants and will definitely fill you up.
A good kamjatang place has very meaty bones while average places have very bony bones (if that makes sense). While Chuncheon is on the Seoul subway network, it is one of the most remote stops (far east) and takes 2 hours from central Seoul. However, this is not the case as both the original kamjatang (from Jeolla province) and some modern restaurants don’t serve kamjatang with potatoes at all.
At less than 3,000 Won (under $2.80 USD), it is worth trying again and again until you get a good one.

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