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Believe it or not, vegetables may be just as important as protein for overall health and muscle building. It's no surprise, then, that most of us see eating vegetables as an inconvenience and disdainful chore.
Dark green vegetables include broccoli, collard greens, leafy lettuce, kale, spinach, watercress and other green and leafy plants. Orange vegetables include sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkins and a number of different species of squash.
Dry beans and peas include black beans, kidney beans, soy beans, split peas and tofu, and other types of beans and pea species. Other vegetables that are hybrids of two vegetables listed above or that do not belong to the other listed categories include such vegetables as asparagus, beets, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, onions, tomatoes, celery and cucumbers.
Each class of vegetables have different characteristics, different nutritional profiles and offer different health benefits.
Unfortunately, many of the vitamins, minerals and pigments in vegetables are water-soluble and are not stored by the body, so you must eat vegetables several times daily to get the most benefit.
We now know that aging - growing old - is caused, at least in part, by free radical damage.1 Free radicals are highly reactive oxidants that damage your muscles, cells, organs and DNA.
Vegetables are rich in antioxidants that scavenge your body for free radicals and eliminate them - preventing them from damaging your muscles, cells, organs and DNA. As a result, it can correctly be said that eating vegetables can reverse ageing and make you younger!
Eating vegetables is known to help reduce the risk of chronic disease conditions and cardiovascular diseases. In addition to giving you the nutrients that you need for overall health, vegetables give you the antioxidants that you need to protect your brain today and to help prevent age-associated mental decline. One study aimed to assess the long-term effects of vegetable consumption on mental functioning and mental ability in later life.
The study lasted for a total of six years and examined 3700 adult participants aged 65 years or older.
At the end of the study research study, researchers found that the participants in the study who ate approximately three servings of vegetables per day had a 40% slower rate of cognitive decline than participants of the same age who ate only one serving of vegetables daily. 3 The best vegetables for protecting the brain and slowing cognitive decline were green leafy vegetables.
Eating high fiber vegetables promotes feelings of fullness and helps to normalize blood sugar levels. At the same time, vegetables improve your energy efficiency and overall energy levels by boosting energy usage inside of muscle cells, so you'll burn fat and have more energy naturally. Hypertension (high blood pressure) is the silent killer that affects over 600 million people Worldwide. The way that you prepare your vegetables prior to eating them dramatically affects their nutritional value and the benefits that they may provide. Eating your vegetables raw or steaming them will prevent the breakdown of the vegetables cellulose structures and will help retain maximum nutrients and pigments.
Many factors including your sex, your age and your physical activity level work together to determine your daily vegetable requirement. Generally, men have a higher vegetable intake requirement than do women, simply because men tend to hold a greater percentage of their body mass as muscle tissue and are usually more physically active than their female counterparts. However, for men and women 18 years of age and older, a vegetable intake of two to three cups daily is recommended. We see that you have personalized your site experience by adding your child's date of birth and gender on site. Easy EMI EMI available on ICICI, AXIS, HSBC, KOTAK, SBI & IndusInd Bank Cards with options to pay in 3,6,9 or 12 month plans. To edit, navigate to any product page on site and update pincode in the delivery information section. Just ensure you order within the time frame mentioned on the product page and the product will be delivered to you the Same Day.

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Whether you call it pak choi, pac choi, or bok choy, this vegetable is an easy to grow and versatile member of the cabbage family. I’ve certainly not grown all of the varieties, but I’ve grown most of the different general types. I’m a little more partial myself to the green stem types, like the open pollinated Shanghai.
In general, the various Pak Chois usually prefer cooler growing conditions, though some varieties have been adapted to hotter weather.
Individual leaves of Pak Choi may be harvested as needed, or the whole plant may be harvested.
This entry was posted in Gardening and tagged Asian greens, Growing Asian Vegetables, pak choi. We hunkered down in the basement for a bit when the tornado sirens went off, but there’s no damage here at HA.
Thanks for these tutorials, I ordered a catalog from the Kitazawa Seed Company to doe some reading and learn more. First, I am getting more enthusiastic about pak choi since I find it handles heat and cold better than say western cabbage…and this year all my brassicas were hit relentlessly by cabbage worms, but they hardly touched the pak choi. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Although our April in Vermont has been kind of back and forth, (ice out at Joe's Pond was the earliest ever) overall it appears that Spring has arrived.
I'm learning the lessons that Vermont has to teach: self-reliance, patience, and flexibility.
Technique for splitting a turkey to roast white meat and dark meat separately for optimal results, then reassemble for the table. Individual loaves with sharp, clothbound cheddar in every bite!  Quick enough for a weeknight dinner, and right for any occasion. Usually, the vegetables in question were boiled, colorless, lifeless and tasteless vegetables like lima beans - or even worse - brussel sprouts. But, there is good news: vegetables can look good, can taste good and can dramatically improve your health and your results in the gym. While almost everyone knows that they should eat vegetables because they are good for us, it's not often that bodybuilders really stop to think about the specific benefits that vegetables provide. Vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals (vitamins C, B, D and A) and are highly concentrated with pigments like chlorophyll (found in green vegetables), caretenoids (found in yellow and orange vegetables) and anthocyanins (found in red and blue vegetables). To assess the effects of vegetables on mental functioning and the rate of age-related mental decline, researchers had the participants complete a mental functioning test and a dietary intake document that recorded their food intake.
The research also shows that eating vegetables helps protect your brain by reducing your risk of stroke. This results in a dramatic reduction in the overall number of calories that you eat, a reduction in body fat storage, protection against diabetes onset, and the reduction or elimination of hormonally-triggered food cravings. Together, the vitamins and minerals in vegetables are critical for proper and efficient muscle contractions, red blood cell production, inflammation control, cortisol response mediation, oxidative stress response, cholesterol synthesis and more.
And, if you're going to eat vegetables, it makes sense to prepare them so as to maximize their nutritional value and benefit. If you exercise several days per week, your vegetable intake requirements are higher and you should aim to consume approximately five cups of vegetables every day.
Take advantage of the benefits that vegetables can produce by eating a wide variety of vegetables of every kind. BRCA1 and BRCA2 as molecular targets for phytochemicals indole-3-carbinol and genistein in breast and prostate cancer cells. The company has achieved a reputed brand name in domestic as well as overseas market only on behalf of the above said qualities.

Known to have been cultivated in China since ancient times, its popularity has now spread throughout Asia and on to Europe and the Western world. Kitazawa Seeds, who specializes in Asian vegetable seeds, has fifteen different varieties listed this year. Mei Qing was one of the first hybrids of this type and was bred for both cold and heat tolerance as well as resistance to bolting. Shanghai and Mei Qing do well in our hot summers here in zone 6, while Hanakan and San Fan are reported to tolerate hot conditions but not the cold. One strategy is to sow seeds thickly, with some plants harvested at the baby stage and others left to mature.
We only tried it cause my daughter learned about it on a kids program, Kai Lan and wanted some. I had a crop in spring, used them all before it became too hot and planted another lot in fall.
Unmold the quenelles onto a lightly buttered warm plate, cover loosely and hold until all are done.
It all comes down to being creative and changing your perspective because, believe it or not, vegetables may be just as important as protein for overall health and muscle building.
But, their value isn't limited strictly to muscle building and fat burning - vegetables are good for you generally, and the great news is that they can look good and taste good, you just need to be creative.
In America, the white stemmed varieties are often seen in groceries and supermarkets, while Asian markets are also likely to have green stemmed and baby varieties available.
Their sizes range from the 18” tall Joi Choi, to the miniature 5” tall Toy Choy, both of which are hybrids.
Varieties like Purple Choi Hybrid, Violetta, and Red Choi add a touch of purplish-red to salad mixes when harvested at the baby leaf stage.
And when the plant bolts to flower, the leaves remain edible, while the flowers and shoots are tasty as well.
Many of the varieties do have good frost tolerance, and smaller plants frequently survive temperatures down to 20F here when protected. As with Chinese Cabbage, it is thought that exposure to temperatures below 50F may bring on flowering in some varieties, while other varieties may flower in response to the lengthening daylight. Like lettuce, Pak Choi has a fairly shallow root system, and appreciates a fertile soil with good moisture retention. Even the more generalized seed purveyors like Johnny’s Selected Seeds and Nichols Garden Nursery each have five different varieties listed. Many of the open-pollinated varieties have names like “Medium Pak Choi” or “Extra Dwarf” that indicate the size of the mature plant. Brisk Green and Black Summer hybrids are similar to Mei Qing, with slightly different heights and coloration. The purple leaf varieties have been touted as being more nutritional, but be aware the color does fade when they are cooked. It does pay to read the catalog descriptions with all Pak Choi varieties, since some do better under specific growing conditions. It does well with dense plantings, which also serve to conserve moisture by shading the soil and reducing weed competition. The green stalks  tend to have more flavor than the white ones, and the leaves of all varieties have more flavor than the stalks. The best defense is to plant bolt-resistant varieties, and keep the plants growing well and without being stressed.
As to how to cook them, yes I mostly use them in stir-fries but they’re also fine in soups. As with chard, I rip the leaves off the stalks, chop both and cook the stalks a few more minutes than the leaves.

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