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For sale: modern Corona del Mar beauty, featuring state-of-the art electronics, a water treatment system, three pools, two spas, eight bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. Santa Clarita fire might not be the biggest blaze to hit Southern CaliforniaMistrial declared in trial over 1988 Buena Park rape, slaying of teenCourt calls O.C. That makes Portabello, as the mansion is known, one of the three most expensive residences currently for sale in America. And so the 22,000-square-foot Brighton Road home, which went on the market last week, is tied for the second-highest asking price in the nation - and is the most expensive in California.

Orange County, like Palm Beach and the Hamptons, is "where people with money want to be." County records list the owner as Frank W.
Pritt purchased three adjacent beachfront lots in the Cameo Shores area for less than $12.5 million, consolidated them into a single tract in 1998 and launched a three-year effort to build his "soft contemporary" mansion. But because of Proposition 13, tax assessments usually are well below a home's market value. John McMonigle, the real estate agent signed to market the home, said the price tag is based on the estate's replacement cost: Around $45 million for the land and about $33 million for the home, at $1,500 per square foot.

The neighborhood is home to some of Orange County's wealthiest residents, including Broadcom Corp. Jeannette said Pritt gave the home its name because its curving white roof resembles the portobello mushroom.

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