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There's nothing better than fresh air and dirt to help create childhood memories.Why not get outside for some kid-friendly gardening projects? The best way to teach your kids about the practicality and enjoyment of gardening is to show them how it's done. If you've tried gardening at all, you know the importance of choosing the right plants for your climate. More than anything, gardening with your kids is about spending thoughtful, productive time with your family.
Growing a kid-friendly garden can be a great activity to both entertain and educate your children this summer. If you prefer to plant flowers in your junior garden, you will find quite a few suitable choices.
Whether you’re starting from scratch, re-landscaping or just looking to make a few kid-friendly changes, planning for the evolving needs of your family will allow your garden to grow and change with you. With some forward thinking, you can develop a long-term design with landscape features and plantings that can easily be changed to suit your needs as your kids grow, and as time and money become available. This deck space is still enjoyed by our daughter and her friends who spend lots of time in her playhouse and outdoor kitchen.
Next, since we live on a busy street, we decided our children needed a place to push and pull outdoor toys and ride tricycles. We used stamped, colored concrete and for added interest, pressed in leaves, dinosaur bones fossils (from a 3-D wooden puzzle) and dino tracks (made from a clay mold). When our kids were old enough for a play structure, we removed some of the plants from inside our Trike-Track and added a simple structure with swings, a fort, a slide and monkey bars. Our future plan for this spot is to transform it into a family entertainment area with; built- in barbecue, bar seating and a fireplace.
The next kid-friendly addition, when they were old enough to be trusted in the front yard, was our pond and waterfall.
You’ll definitely get your kids outside more often if you include a play structure in your yard. Outdoor spots equipment and toys will get your kids outside too, but containing the clutter can be a challenge. It can be fashionable and kid-friendly, providing an environment that’s stimulating to children and enjoyable for adults. Steve and Cathy Lambert have created distinctively dramatic, custom gardens since 1989, through their award-winning Garden Lights Landscape & Pool Development in Orinda, CA. I wanted to let you know I’ve got a message in with Steve and Cathy to answer your question. Keep up with the latest Challenges news, and creative design & decorating inspiration when you Subscribe to Homeworkshop's Design Junkies Journal.
With a packet of seeds, you and the kids can give birth to a whole range of interesting flowers and veggies. Beans: These fast growers can climb ladders, poles, or just about anything else in your garden.

Almost as much fun as planting a seed and watching it grow is collecting seeds at the end of the season. Teach those kiddos to appreciate where their veggies come from (maybe it will help them it them more too) with this Kid Size Veggie Garden made my Kate from Mom and Her Drill. If you are teaching your kids all about senses- check out this Vegetable Garden Sensory Box from Modern Parents Messy Kids.
Two Reviews Garden kids out-of-doors iii Y climber resort area habitus & Design Natural kid diddle world Wrights Ltd More. Her writing has appeared in magazines such as Alive!, Occupational Health and Safety, Restaurants and Institutions, Tampa Bay and Arizona Woman.
These easy projects will engage rookie and experienced gardeners alike, and inspire everyone to get outside and get their hands dirty for a purpose.
Growums is a company dedicated to promoting healthy eating habits with kid-friendly gardening and fun, colorful characters. Whether you chat while planting seeds and pulling weeds or simply focus together on the task at hand, you're growing memories every moment.
While you may consider several different types of garden options, smaller is better for children. This size allows for three or four separate growing areas for flowers, fruits, vegetables and even herbs.
Growing alyssum, cosmos, marigolds, morning glories and even sunflowers are great options for kids. Strawberries are colorful, tasty, easy to grow and they produce fruit throughout the summer.
Laureen, the owner, has been fabulous to work with and she trains her staff well and treats them right. Even a water faucet placed near a lawn can create hours of fun when attached to water-play toys.
We’ve built sand boxes into garden borders with rock or concrete edging and large climbing boulders. His writer-wife Cathy wordsmiths Steve’s technical advice into something easy to understand and fun to read for the everyday DIY gardener. Why not have the kids join in this year and give them their own Kid Friendly Garden to be proud of? In that respect are lots of ways to practice eco friendly gardening even Hoosier State a small Floral & intrepid offer wonderful tiddler well-disposed garden de. Even certain types of plants are better than others because of their varying maturity time and low maintenance requirements. In the beginning, start out with fewer rather than more plants, to demonstrate how different plants grow and to allow kids to see the results of each one.
Most of these grow quickly, and some, like marigolds, provide a natural pesticide than can help protect the fruit and vegetable areas of the planter. Radishes are great because they mature quickly and kids will probably get a kick out of pulling them out of the earth. Contact the experts at Millcreek Gardens in Salt Lake City for all your planting needs and for help with starting your very own kid-friendly garden.

I can’t wait for you to read the fabulous ideas and advice Steve and Cathy have planned for you and your outdoor spaces. Take them to a nursery to choose plants in their favorite color or named for their favorite animal, such as elephant ear plant or bunny tail grass. The Garden Buildersbeautiful garden designchild friendly gardensafe gardenchildren's gardengarden bridgerocks in gardenssensory garden. Peno is featured on their taco garden package, which includes seeds to grow Jalapeno peppers, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and cilantro. Miracle-Gro Kids growing kits for kids help ease children into the gardening world by giving them a project they can handle -- and show all their friends. After a trip to the garden center, you and your kids will be ready to dig in and start planting. Teaching kids how to garden is a great way to keep them engaged during their vacation, but also to educate them about how to be good stewards of the land. Cosmos, with their wide color variety, add pop to the garden and will definitely increase its visual appeal. I am stoked to have moved closer to them and am using them to make my yard in Murray more magical. Kinsperson Garden Ideabooks9 X rules to maximise the garden design ideas child friendly space Indiana modest family gardens. If shade is plentiful in your yard, make sure to choose shade-loving plants for optimal growth.
Get wind how to design amp garden place that suits the whole family line with this pass from HGTV Gardens. When the plants are two to three inches tall, plant the entire box in the garden." You can do the same thing with egg cartons. When preparing the beds for planting, teach kids how to adopt environmentally conscious gardening habits.
The key is to balance fast-growing with slow-growing plants to provide results quick enough for kids to maintain interest while looking forward to the maturity of the slower-growing options. You can even give your children their own mini compost pile to use in future gardening projects. BoomSummer to moi is countless hours spent outside gardening, splashing in the kiddie pool, spraying the kids with the hose, dive into the sand box, rush over to the fountain, then back to the pool to start the summer-play-keeping cool cycle all over again. So here is my inspiration for a few kid friendly garden projects I plan on attempting this summer.
DIY obstacle courseVia Happy Whimsical HeartsVia Under the Sycamore (Ashley Ann Photography) One of my fav blogs :)7. I know it's not water efficient here in SoCal, but I'm not looking for a whole football field. Via The Little Picnicvia The Kennedy AdventuresHope these ideas help you add a little bit more whimsy and fun to your kid friendly garden.

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