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Comments (0) ‹ prevnext ›1 of 11 Annabel Karmel Welsh "Rabbits"Welsh rarebit is a slightly enriched version of cheese toast—children will probably enjoy this version of "rabbit."View the recipe Annabel Karmel Prosciutto and Taleggio PaniniHot dog buns are just right for baby panini, and the deliciously creamy Taleggio cheese in this filling melts beautifully. The nice Honey Maid people sent me some new back-to-school snacks to try…these Grahamfuls which have peanut butter, chocolate, or banana creme filling.
I started thinking of some other Kid Friendly food ideas for breakfast, snacks, and dinner. I ALMOST picked up some of those Grahamful thingys but hadn’t heard anyone say whether or not they liked them. I have the palate of a four year old (sadly I’m not exaggerating) and so I LOVE this post!
Be careful with popcorn and very small children because it can be a choking hazard.  When children are old enough to handle popcorn, they quickly fall in love with the snack.
These peas are another great activity food.  You can eat the peas and the pod together or just the peas. Did you know Second Harvest Food Bank serves nearly 100,000 children in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties? This summer with our Share Your Lunch campaign, the Food Bank is increasing the amount of snacks and kid-friendly meals we provide for these 100,000 children through programs like Kids NOW (Nutrition on Weekends) and Family Harvest, which provides monthly groceries for families with kids.
There are several healthy snack options we provide for children within our local communities.
Our nutritionist Janet Hung explains, “Snacking is really important for kids because it replenishes the energy they need and can provide nutrients sometimes missed in a meal.
Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties is the trusted leader dedicated to ending local hunger. Since its inception in 1974, Second Harvest has become one of the largest food banks in the nation, providing food to nearly a quarter of a million people each month. Stay tuned here for the latest news — efforts to end local hunger, stories from the front lines, advocacy alerts, and promotions benefiting the Food Bank. She ScribesNew York Blogger, Influential Mom Blogger, PR Friendly and Brand Ambassador with a focus on Entertainment, Reviews, Giveaways, Parenting, Technology, Recipes, Pets, Health and Lifestyle. As a mom I try to do what I can to make sure my family eats healthy and has plenty of good food choices available to them at all time.
It’s important to offer your children (and all family members) foods that are high in fiber so that you can reach your daily requirements each and every day. Did you know that 9 out of 10 children do not get enough fiber in their diet, and this could lead to kids becoming occasionally constipated?
Occasional constipation is reportedly the cause for almost 5 percent of all pediatric outpatient visits. Whole-wheat English muffins are enjoyable to eat (especially if you make an egg white breakfast sandwich). 2)Place the white chocolate in a bowl and melt it in the microwave according to the package instructions. About the Contributor: Kristen Smith is a graphic designer and illustrator residing in Augusta, GA with her fiance Jon-Michael and two fur babies, Desmond and Penelope. Today we have a special treat for you — a video of the Live Portfolio Review, hosted by Dan Brouillette, and 2014 Photographer of the Year Jennifer Kapala,  from the NAPCP Retreat.
We like to make it over the stove, old school style!  My children like to listen in anticipation for the first piece of popcorn to pop. The first time I serve sugar snap peas I show the kids how they can peel the pod open to find the hidden peas sleeping inside. It helps answer the question “How do I start a daycare?” It also guides new caregivers through the first year of growing pains, and supports the experienced caregiver with fresh ideas and inspiration. However, instead of celebrating the final school bell, many children are worried about being able to eat now that they will lose access to nutritionally rich school meals.
We understand that having access to healthy foods is vital to a child’s growth and development. Some examples include: fruit cups, graham crackers, whole grain crackers, low sugar cereals, pretzels and high fiber cereal bars.
The Food Bank mobilizes individuals, companies, and community partners to connect people to the nutritious food they need. The information provided is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. I honestly can’t give any suggestions on how to get kids to eat these beans, except maybe in a dip, soup or chili. While kids nutritional needs vary based on their stage of growth, level of activity and state of health, Kids protein needs are usually higher than those of adults.
Below are just a few yummy favorites that would be perfect for a cookout, or maybe an afternoon snack for the kids.
It makes a great treat for a little girl’s princess themed birthday celebration, or a backyard tea party. Stir in red food coloring until the chocolate is tinted pink (we used 5 drops for 1 cup of chocolate). Holding each berry by the stem, dunk it into the chocolate, then roll it immediately in the sugar. She knew from a very young age that she wanted to do something creative and began taking design classes in high school. I love this bag because it comes with a bazillion inserts and lots of Velcro so I can continually customize it how I need. The National Association of Professional Child Photographers is an association whose mission is to promote and support the artistry and integrity of professional child photographers. It is also a valuable resource for parents who are looking for a professional child photographer in their area, and want to be inspired and educated about our specialized industry.
We have partnered with our friends at Artifact Uprising so that you can use these templates to make unique, customized, and memorable marketing pieces to remind your clients to book for spring and summer!
This video has wonderful tips for submitting your images in the January 2016 International Image Competition (open now!, and ending February 18th). I enjoy your recipes as occasional treats, but doubt they should be in exclusive rotation for school lunches. See part 1 of Kid Friendly Food -Healthy High Protein Snacks for the first five delicious snack ideas.

The peas taste sweet and are fun for tiny fingers to pluck out of the pod. Pod and peas are delicious and crunchy on their own or you can dunk them into your favourite vegetable dip. The USDA encourages whole grains consumption not only to decrease risk of chronic diseases but to increase one’s dietary fiber and help with digestion. From crockpot sweet potato lentils to baby cereal pancakes; these foods will surely please even the pickiest of babies.
For more information on what foods are high in iron be sure to checkout Foods Highest in Iron.
Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns regarding your child’s condition.
Often kids want the skin removed before they eat it (such as an apple) or prefer to drink fruit juice. For example Kellogg’s® offers more ready-to-eat cereals that are a good source of fiber (3-6 grams) than any other U.S. When she is not working or blogging, Kimberly enjoys taking photos of nature and hanging out with family and friends.
High-protein food for children enables a positive protein balance in which more protein is drawn in than excreted, permitting tissue growth to happen.
After receiving a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Georgia, she worked hard to establish a freelance career and officially launched her own company in 2011. Favorite Book: I really enjoy reading autobiographies and biographies, but with three little ones at home it doesn’t happen too often.
It has an interior side pocket that can hold my 17in laptop – which is hard to find in a camera bag these days!
To accomplish this mission, NAPCP provides the most comprehensive resources for its members, bringing together a community of passionate artists committed to growth in their skills, their artistry, and their businesses. I’m in my 5th year as a full-time newborn photographer and, like many of you, I discovered my love of photographing newborns and children when my oldest daughter was born.
I make all their lunches the night before because if I did it in the morning the chance that they would end up with toothpaste in their lunch boxes instead of sandwiches woudl be really high. Add some nutritional yeast from the health food store and it provides a salty cheesy taste that is high in protein. Second Harvest also plays a leading role in promoting federal nutrition programs and educating families on how to make healthier food choices. I just get so busy sometimes that I forget to eat, or don’t have time to prepare a decent meal (referring more so to breakfast and lunch). He even ended up in the emergency in the middle of the night when he was about 3 years old due to constipation. Sometimes the air bubbles in the tortilla puff up a bit as the pizza bakes—but they deflate as soon as it comes out of the oven, so don't panic! Eating fruits on a regular basis may protect children against future obesity, heart disease and cancers.
Some of their cereals, such as Kellogg’s Froot Loops, Apple Jacks and Mini-Wheats have between 3-6 grams of fiber per serving, making them a good to excellent source of fiber that kids love.
For many kids, this means eating a well-balanced diet consisting of all of the basic food groups.
After downloading, make sure to purchase the correct corresponding Avery templates that we used here! You can use your favorite tomato sauce recipe or store-bought sauce.View the recipe Annabel Karmel Italian-Style Mini MeatballsThese are perfect for small mouths. They are low in calories and rich with vitamins such as potassium or Vitamin C, which can help grow and repair body tissue. Your support helps local children receive the meals they need each month to thrive and enjoy a carefree summer. For a fun and flavorful twist, try our cute clusters with yogurt-covered cereal and dried strawberries.Easy-to-Pack Snacks for DaycareWin Baby Gear! You could substitute ground chicken for either the veal or pork, or use just one type of ground meat.View the recipe Annabel Karmel Yogurt, Orange and Lemon Mini CupcakesThese cute cupcakes are manageable mini mouthfuls for little ones.
These kid-friendly snacks are supplements to the perishable items Second Harvest also provides to our partner agencies such as fresh fruit and vegetables, milk, bread and turkey lunch meat. 2 of 24 2 of 24 Facebook PinterestPaula Hible CheeseThe protein in this kid-friendly snack keeps energy levels high until dinnertime. She has been an avid animal rights supporter for many years and presently works with a local rescue organization fostering and rehabilitating cats. Adding some yogurt and citrus fruit keeps them lovely and moist and gives them a deliciously refreshing flavor. We like to stick salt-free pretzel sticks into cubes of low-fat cheese to make "satellite snacks," but you can also make cheese more interesting to kids by cutting it into fun shapes with a cookie cutter and making kabobs with your favorite fruit.Cheesy Puff Pastry BitesWin Baby Gear!
They would be great for birthday parties.View the recipe Annabel Karmel Grilled Vegetable SkewersMarinating the vegetables in a balsamic vinaigrette helps to accentuate their natural sweetness and can make them more appealing to kids. 3 of 24 3 of 24 Facebook Pinterest SmoothiesKids go crazy over these delicious sippable treats, and they're packed with nutrients. You may also place a serving of pinto or black beans inside a quesadilla for a quick, high-protein snack or dinner. The vegetables are delicious warm, and leftovers are yummy added to tomato pasta sauces or to salads.View the recipe Annabel Karmel Krispie Fish "Fingers" with Lemon Mayo DipRice Krispies make a tasty coating for fish, and these finger-sized snacks cook quickly and can be easily cooked from frozen. Use nonfat vanilla yogurt, 100 percent orange juice, and a banana as the smoothie's base, then experiment with a combination of cut-up fresh or frozen fruit. It's a great way to sneak two or three servings of fruit and fiber into your child's diet.Healthy Snacks That Even Moms LoveCollect Cute Cups for Your Little OneWin Baby Gear!
4 of 24 4 of 24 Facebook PinterestPaula Hible StrawberriesIf you feel like all your kids eat are bananas and apples, try introducing vitamin C-packed fresh strawberries to their diet. Hummus, created using pureed chickpeas, is a healthy, low-fat and high-protein snack that can function as a tasty dip that children may use to top pita bread slices or whole-wheat crackers.EggsEggs really are a great source of complete protein, they contain all nine essential proteins, and they are easily digested. For a perfect snack when you're short on time, try this vitamin- and protein-rich snack with only three ingredients. To add an extra-healthy option, choose whole wheat crepes.Pack These No-Stress School SnacksWin Baby Gear! If your little one is not a fan of the classic peanut butter and jelly, consider using a different sandwich such as peanut butter, banana and honey or peanut butter and nutella.ShrimpShrimp is really a great source of complete protein and contains other essential nutrients like omega-3 and vitamins B3 and B12.

5 of 24 5 of 24 Facebook Pinterest Healthier Baked GoodsYour child will never guess you're sneaking fruits or vegetables into her diet when you bake them into yummy muffins or breads. Our tasty Yam and Jam Muffins contain beta-carotene and potassium from the sweet potatoes, but only you will know.Super Tasty Trail Mix MuffinsFind the Perfect Bakeware and MoreWin Baby Gear! Protein Foods For KidsFishGood for you personally if your children eat fish, another high protein food.
6 of 24 6 of 24 Facebook PinterestPaula Hible YogurtLow-fat yogurt is an excellent source of calcium, and children love it dressed up.
To add taste and nutritional value, whip up a yogurt parfait with berries and granola or make a homemade fruity yogurt pop that beats sugary store-bought frozen treats any day.Super Delicious Yogurt RecipesWin Baby Gear! 7 of 24 7 of 24 Facebook PinterestYunhee Kim QuesadillasYou can mix anything with a calcium-rich cheese quesadilla: chopped vegetables, leftover cooked chicken, or even shrimp.
You will get your child to eat lentils without complaint by them into common meals where they’ll be practically invisible. Don't forget to buy a chunky veggie salsa -- with the folate in the corn, the lycopene in the tomatoes, and the fiber in the beans, this snack packs a nutritional punch.10 Satisfying Snacks to Serve After PlaydatesWin Baby Gear! 8 of 24 8 of 24 Facebook Pinterest Sweet PotatoesSweet spuds are some of the most nutritious vegetables around: They're packed with vitamin A and are good sources of B6, C, and folate. These simple, delicious chips are great alternatives to the greasy, store-bought variety.Power Snacks to Give Kids EnergyWin Baby Gear! 10 of 24 10 of 24 Facebook PinterestEmily Brooke Sandor Peanut ButterThis versatile childhood favorite has plenty of protein and fiber.
For a change, try making silly PB&J sandwiches with toasted mini waffles or rice cakes instead of bread, or try it with yogurt and raspberries in a yummy frozen treat that's super fun to eat.Win Baby Gear!
11 of 24 11 of 24 Facebook PinterestAlexandra Grablewski EggsOne egg provides a 4-year-old with almost one-third of her protein requirements for the day. Keep a bunch of hard-boiled eggs in the fridge (they last for seven days), or scramble an egg and roll it up in a flour tortilla.
12 of 24 12 of 24 Facebook PinterestMonica Buck HummusMade from pureed chickpeas, hummus is an excellent dip for kids. It has an appealing nutty flavor, is thick enough not to be messy, and contains folate, vitamin B6, and iron. Serve hummus with cut-up vegetables or salt-free crackers for dipping, or use it to make a pita bread sandwich.Serve With Sesame Herb CrackersWin Baby Gear! 13 of 24 13 of 24 Facebook PinterestPaula Hible NoodlesPasta is a fabulous source of complex carbohydrates.
At snacktime, microwave a half-cup serving tossed with veggies or cooked chicken and jarred tomato sauce. Our easy protein- and fiber-rich penne has only four ingredients and is done in 20 minutes.Stock Up on Dishes and UtensilsWin Baby Gear!
14 of 24 14 of 24 Facebook PinterestJim Franco PearsRich in fiber and available year-round, pears come in many delicious varieties. Serve up equally nutritious canned pears with a small bowl of low-fat cottage cheese or pack a juicy whole pear in your child's lunch box. For an after-school snack, our Pear Pinwheels are perfect picks with three easy ingredients.12+ Dairy-Free DessertsWin Baby Gear!
15 of 24Indy 500 Fruit Racers 15 of 24 Facebook PinterestThese snacks are turbo-charged with vitamins! 16 of 24 16 of 24 Facebook PinterestBlaine Moats Snack MixToss together a healthy combo of nuts, pretzels, whole grain cereal, banana chips, and popcorn for a handy, portable snack. Try our kid-friendly Nutty Popcorn and Fruit Mix, or make up one of your own yummy combinations!Bake Popcorn and Raisinet CookiesWin Baby Gear! 17 of 24 17 of 24 Facebook PinterestMonica Buck Low-Fat HamIt tastes just as good as regular ham, but the low-fat version is much healthier and a great way to boost your child's protein intake. Roll up a slice on its own or with a piece of cheese, make mini crustless ham sandwiches, or try our Ham and Cheese Crepes with diced ham, melty cheese, and tomatoes baked inside.Tempting Lunch Box SnacksWin Baby Gear! 18 of 24 18 of 24 Facebook Pinterest RaisinsRaisins have a lot of good things going for them such as fiber, potassium, and vitamins. Even if your picky eaters aren't going for a handful of raisins out of the box, we have a super yummy raisin snack they won't be able to pass up. Kids will love to dip and swirl apple wedges or carrot sticks for a healthy and delicious scoop of creamy covered raisins.Super Smart Snacks With Extra VitaminsWin Baby Gear!
19 of 24 19 of 24 Facebook Pinterest ApplesApples are the go-to healthy fruit, but if you're feeling the boring apple blues and want to switch up your applesauce routine, try this delicious Instant Apple Crisp to get the vitamin C and fiber you've come to count on from apples.
For an added treat, sprinkle with fresh blueberries and a dollop of low-fat vanilla yogurt.Sweet and Savory Apple Pie PretzelsFind Pretty (and Durable) Kids PlatesWin Baby Gear!
20 of 24 20 of 24 Facebook PinterestPaula Hible Whole Grain WafflesFor a fun alternative to peanut butter and jelly, try whole grain waffles for a boost of iron and vitamins B6, B12, and A.
These cool, kid-approved waffle sticks topped with reduced-fat cream cheese and a fruit jelly are a refreshing change for snacktime.Fun Foods Served on a StickWin Baby Gear! 21 of 24 21 of 24 Facebook PinterestBlaine Moats OatmealWhat kid doesn't love cookies for snacktime?
Instead of buying the high-sugar, high-fat varieties from the store, bake up a batch of our low-fat Oatmeal Cookies and feel better about serving cookies and milk. The best part is you can add in whatever you want -- try raisins, cranberries, dried apricots, or nuts to boost the nutritional value and taste.Pair These Classic Cookies With MilkWin Baby Gear!
22 of 24 22 of 24 Facebook PinterestKim Cornelison TomatoesYour kids will love this fruity combination of tomatoes, cantaloupe, apples, and a hint of lime. Packed with lycopene from the tomato, vitamins A and C from the melon, and fiber from the apple, this healthy and delicious snack is a big winner.Originally published in the March 2002 issue of Parents magazine, Updated 2010.Cucumber Roll-Ups and Other Fast SnacksWin Baby Gear! 23 of 24Fruit Nachos 23 of 24 Facebook PinterestYou won't believe how these sweet "nachos" come together with layers of fruit, yogurt, honey, and other toppings.Win Baby Gear!

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