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To get best possible experience using our website we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version or other web browser. A farmer plows the field in Saulawa village, on the outskirts of Nigeria's north-central state of Kaduna, May 2013 file photo. The international aid group ActionAid said a key approach in addressing global food insecurity is to focus on making food more accessible. Hertzler proposed increased public investment in agriculture to strengthen the productivity of smallholder farmers. The ActionAid official said only a few countries have actually achieved the goal set in 2004 to increase their agricultural investment by up to ten percent.
Hertzler noted that smallholder farmers can generally feed themselves without outside aid, but that their agricultural production gets disrupted when faced with crises such as war, drought, extreme weather conditions, or an unexpected financial emergency. Another important factor that should be considered in food security, Hertzler noted, was that often native crops are hardier in climate change than crops spread elsewhere that require specific amounts of fertilizer and water. In a small Lebanese coastal town, one family is preserving a craft that stretches back millennia. The state of emergency that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared is giving him even more power to expand a purge that has seen an estimated 60,000 people either arrested or suspended from their jobs.
The United States is redoubling diplomatic efforts and looking to upcoming regional meetings to calm the waters after an international tribunal invalidated the legal basis of Beijing's extensive claims in the South China Sea. The Republican Party’s presidential nominee, Donald Trump, gained the support of many voters by saying he would build a wall to keep undocumented immigrants and drugs from coming across the border from Mexico. As the global fight against AIDS intensifies, activists have placed increasing importance on getting people to know their HIV status.

Around the world, independent artists and musicians wrestle with a common problem: where to exhibit or perform?
After Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, Scotland’s government wants to break away from the United Kingdom – fearing the nation’s exports are at risk. The Emerald City offers a vast selection of food delivery options, with unique cuisines and tastes to pleasure your palate.
Combine egg yolks, sweetened condensed milk, lime juice and food coloring, if desired, in medium bowl. He said making sure smallholder farmers have the ability to sustain their crops will allow them to be more resilient whenever a crisis occurs. But Britain’s vote to leave the European Union – so-called ‘Brexit’ – means the city could lose its right to sell services tariff-free across the bloc, risking its position as Europe’s financial headquarters.
The art of glass blowing was developed by Phoenicians in the region, and the Khalifehs say they are the only ones keeping the skill alive in Lebanon. Polls show a large percentage of Americans support better control of the nation's southwestern border, but as VOA’s Greg Flakus reports from the border town of Nogales in the Mexican state of Sonora, the situation faced by people trying to cross the border is already daunting. Unlike gas-powered mowing equipment, goats remove invasive weeds quietly and without adding more pollution to the air. Causes of what's known as colony collapse disorder range from pesticides and loss of habitat to infections.
Critics have called his idea impractical and offensive to Mexico, while supporters say such a bold approach is needed to control the border. Some companies are developing new HIV testing methods designed to be quick, easy and accurate.

But many youths say their experience with the virus is unique and needs to be addressed differently than the adult epidemic. Traditional spaces such as museums and galleries are reserved for bigger names, and renting a space is not feasible for many.
As Faiza Elmasry tells us, this is a pilot program and if it proves to be successful, the goat gardener program will be extended to other areas of New York. Thuso Khumalo looks at the latest methods, presented at the International AIDS conference in Durban, South Africa.
Henry Ridgwell reports on a time of turmoil for those involved in the ancient art of distilling Scotland’s most famous product. I did, however, used considerably more than just a drop of green food coloring, 'cause I wanted the bars to be GREEN!
Whether it’s a living room, restaurant, office or even a boat, pop-up events are bringing music and art to unexpected places. Also, I realized way too late than when [in step #6] is says to "Press lightly" the crust mixture into the bottom of the pan, PRESS LIGHTLY & ONLY LIGHTLY!

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