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Painting of The Pagoda at Kew A pastel painting of Kew Gardens in Richmond upon Thames, SW London. Tactic for securing fresh garlic knots: Observe crowded baseball fields of neighborhood youth league, calculate time until "good game, good game" handslaps, subtract a half-hour or so. Halva is the name of a "hugely varied range of confections," states the The Oxford Companion to Food, "derived from the Arabic root 'hulw', sweet." In the United States, halvas made from sesame seeds, especially by Brooklyn-based Joyva, are the best-known. What the photo doesn't reveal is the lush, exotic aroma that greeted me when I opened the bag.
Following a wedding ceremony in The Nash, guests enjoyed a sparkling wine reception on the lawn, before moving to the Princess of Wales Conservatory to continue the celebrations with fresh oysters from Oyster Meister.
The wedding breakfast began with canapes of pulled pork croquette with smoked salad cream and watercress, lemon thyme chicken kiev with pea and whipped pecorino with baby watercress, blackened Atlantic cod with miso mushrooms a la grecque, lemon gel, twice-baked crab souffle with sauce vierge and basil cress and stuffed gnocchi with goat’s cheese, caramelised onion, walnut granola. Dinner was served in the stunning Orangery; guests enjoyed a two course banquet, served family style.

For dessert, guests enjoyed a traditional sticky toffee pudding, with rich toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream, as well as tea, coffee and petit fours. If you’re planning an upcoming wedding and looking for some inspiring wedding catering, please get in touch with our wedding creators. The classsic potato knick ($3.99) is similar to a kugel, but much more like a yeast bread than a baked pudding.
I haven't found citations of this style that long predate Mark Bittman's recipe, which seems to have been first published in 2006. Chopped lamb is the customary filling; a savory version featuring pumpkin is a welcome alternative. The baker had sent word that a complimentary bag of biscotti would be sent from her home kitchen to my mailbox; she hoped they wouldn't crumble. Considering that the baker first passed along word to Eating In Translation readers, years ago, of the summertime Indonesian bazaars behind Masjid al-Hikmah, perhaps her choice of flavors is not so surprising.

Shredded lamb was served on wooden boards, with an eclectic selection of rustic and white bowls for accompaniments and sides. Later in the evening, guests were served wedding cake, and a cheese course, displayed amongst wine boxes, with Kilner jars of quince and wicker baskets filled with crackers. Onion and black pepper (this one needed more) are other principal ingredients; butter and slices of apple are felicitous accompaniments. It's sweeter than the sesame-based stuff (how could it not be?) and to my taste more tempting.
The rustic boards were garnished with sprigs of fresh herbs, char-grilled onions and roasted garlic.

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