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From treetop walkways to exotic palms and giant lily pads, Kew Gardens is a paradise for nature lovers - but it needs your help to survive, says Monty Don. Within yards of the White House was the Dutch House - now Kew palace - where his sisters lived.Although this all seems very cosy, the Prince of Wales was barely on speaking terms with his parents, who had taken a dislike to him from birth, referring to him as 'the foundling'.
In 1844, work began on the Palm House, designed by Decimus Burton and constructed like the upturned hull of a boat by Richard Turner, an Irish boatbuilder.By 1848 it was completed and it remains, after much restoration 20 years ago, one of the glories of modern Kew.
Kew Gardens Palm House HD Wallpapers is available for free download for the following screen resolutions. Kew Gardens is hosting an 'Intoxication Season' where visitors are urged to explore the world of mind-altering plants and fungi ad sample 'unusual plants'.
The Royal Botanic Gardens will host a number of activities, workshops, tours and talks to highlight just how powerful plant substances can be. Each week will feature a different chemical including alcohol,cannabis, coffee and magic mushrooms.

Bompas and Parr will also be hosting a 'Plant Connoisseurs’ Club', looking at "unfamiliar, yet culturally significant plants" which guests will be invited to try. Guest speakers will include Professor David Nutt, the former government drug advisor who was dismissed in 2009 over his liberal comments on drugs. Frederick's son, the future George III, was brought up at the White House and lived there until 1802, when he purchased Kew Palace and demolished the White House. In 1760, George III came to the throne and, in 1765, Capability Brown began landscaping the gardens, erasing much of what went before, but planting many of the trees we still see today.One of my forebears, James Wyatt, built a palace at Kew for the vast sum of A?500,000 (about A?500 million today), which proceeded to fall down as quickly as it was built, and it was demolished in 1827. In 1860, work began on the enormous Temperate House, although it wasn't finished until 1898 due to lack of money.In this century there have been a number of new glass houses, the largest of which is the Princess of Wales conservatory, and the latest, the hi-tech Alpine House, opened in 2006 - the plants are protected by a great clam of clear glass and cooled by a vast concrete labyrinth beneath it.
Their Poison Garden is specially licensed by the government to grow a variety of poisonous and intoxicating plants. Throughout this period, Frederick, the Prince of Wales, leased a house in the middle of what are now the botanic gardens, and had it transformed into a mansion known as White House.

His son, George IV, was born at Kew Palace and it was there that the king retreated during his famous periods of 'madness'.I popped into the building the other day, and it has been restored as it was in 1804.
Entry to Kew is A?13 for adults, though accompanied children under 17 get in for free, as do members, and a A?39 season ticket makes good sense for frequent visitors. It is surprisingly simple and modest, and completely-without the pomp and circumstance that you might expect from a royal palace. But there is also another side of Kew that is just as important, which most of us neither see nor know anything about. As early as 1750 the grounds of the White House were being improved, including the addition of 'many curious and forain trees and exotics', in the words of one observer, as well as buildings that are still an important part of the garden.The Prince of Wales died in 1751, nine years before his father, and for the next decade his wife, Princess Augusta, made many additions and improvements.

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