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Kew Gardens, formally called the Royal Botanical Gardens, is a 300 acre garden in Richmond Upon Thames in the southwest of London.
The Gardens are, among other things, a testimony to the great wealth of the United Kingdom that began just before the Victorian era. The true story of Kew gardens began in the 17th century with Sir Richard Bennett, who owned the Kew Park Estate.
This tiny, half-timbered cottage was a wedding present to Queen Charlotte when she married George III. Temperate House is even bigger than Palm House and, as its name implies, the building houses plants from temperate zones. This charming glass greenhouse looks cool and airy from the outside, but it is hot and humid inside.
Other must-sees at Kew Gardens are the cacti near the Princess of Wales Conservatory and the fascinating carnivorous plants and beautiful orchids, which can be found in the conservatory itself. If we are what we eat, then Kew Gardens summer festival gives us plenty of food for thought.
The wonderful thing about 'IncrEdibles' is that even if you're a regular visitor to Kew, you'll discover things you've never seen before. On the other side of the Palm House, in the Rose Garden, there's a tea party to which everyone is invited.
Close to the tea party, inside the Waterlily House, Flavour Fiesta is another exhibit that's great fun. Nearby, on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the summer and again for a small fee, youngsters can really get their hands dirty by sowing a seed at the Vegetable Plots. The kitchens also have sheets explaining how to entertain royalty, various larders to explore and a gorgeous garden growing produce that the staff would have used to prepare the King's meals. If after all this food related activity you're feeling hungry yourself, the new Picnic Garden is a lovely place to rest and refuel.
Next to these, a Global Kitchen Garden features over ninety edible plants from all over the globe.
WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. If you are looking for interesting and exciting destinations to take the family this Summer, their are some wonderful gardens we have available to us.
In the North West, The National Wildflower Centre can be found which features various habitats to show the range of places and surfaces where wildflowers will thrive.  A wildlife pond filled with rainwater from the roof is present, containing wildlife such as dragonflies and newts.
Officially opened in April 2002, Alnwick Gardens main feature is the Grand Cascade, a magnificent tumbling mass of water ending in an eruption of fountains sending 350 litres of water into the air every second. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged days out, eden project, family days out, kew gardens, Uncategorized on August 22, 2011 by Phil Aston.

Can the mother move child out of state without father's permission if unmarried in the state of NY? The Victorians were fascinated by the exotic plants that began to come back from their colonies in Africa, the Far East and India. The estate was passed down to his daughter Dorothy, who married Sir Henry Capel who was a passionate gardener. This 4,499 square meter greenhouse is a modern, more angular update of the Palm and the Temperate Houses. This is because its interior is dominated by a great pool full of beautiful water lilies, including the huge Victoria Amazonica.
This is a delight; a long wooden table is covered with a variety of edible plants that are all 'served' in their own bespoke china. Thirty species of chillies are planted alongside other edibles, and there are easy spicy recipes on display for you to make a note of and try at home. This is a huge hit with children and makes them temporarily think they're in a land of giants. This small but pretty display explains how important cereals are to people all over the world.
As part of 'IncrEdibles', on select weekends throughout the festival, Georgian cookery demonstrations will be held inside.
Amongst the benches and umbrellas are large pots where you can learn about which plants are needed to make drinks like Pimm's and lemonade and berry cordial.
It's been really well thought out and I defy you not to learn something new about the food you eat.
A visit to one of the most famous gardens worldwide should never be passed up and Kew Gardens is perhaps one of the most famous. You will find lots of interesting ideas on how you can welcome wildflowers into your own garden.  A very interesting day out for both young and old. An Ornamental Garden is also well featured together with a formal walled garden with water pools and a Rose Garden.  Prepare yourself for a full day out taking in all there is to see here at this North East garden treasure.
The botanical garden boasts over 30,000 varieties of plants and a library that contains close to a million books. They needed to build structures that would duplicate the plants’ native habitats as much as possible. Kew Park Estate at last fell into the hands of Princess Augusta, the widow of Frederick, Prince of Wales. Since the building is administered by Historic Royal Palaces, a tourist needs to pay extra to visit it. Though the Palm House took about four years to build, Temperate House took ten times longer.

There’s also an Aquatic Garden with even more plants that grow in and on the edges of bodies of water, including phragmites and bulrushes.
Made out of flexible metal, it sways when it is windy, something that no doubt thrills and scares some visitors.
Granted, Kew is not London's cheapest activity, but get there early to make the most of the gardens and the festival, and you'll certainly get a full days' entertainment for all the family. Brightly coloured signs draw your attention to sixty tropical, edible plants, highlighting how many of our everyday foods have their roots in the tropics. Dotted amongst the chillies are little facts, detailing which are the hottest and various world record attempts involving this small but fiery fruit. But at weekends they're open for people to visit and get inspiration for their own gardens.
As the cooks prepare food for King George III, who lived at Kew Palace, you're invited to drop in to see what he dined on. The opening of this area is a great addition to Kew Gardens in general and really interesting. It's worth checking before you visit when the activities are on so you're not disappointed.
Wherever you are in the country you can guarantee there are some dramatic and beautiful gardens to be visited to take in the beauty and even draw some inspiration from.
Therefore, architects and designers began to build greenhouses that were large enough to house palm trees. Interactive barrels that are dotted around the plants give bite-sized information and invite you to use your senses to learn more. As part of a special art installation, they've been fitted with sensors, so when you touch the leaves, you can hear the sensory effect you're having. Students are also on hand to offer advice about growing techniques and answer any questions.
But Kew Gardens has done a fantastic job with this Summer Festival and I highly recommend a visit. Many of the buildings that are still found at Kew were begun under the stewardship of Princess Augusta. More hands on sessions are available at the Munch Box, which is near the main children's play area. Decimus Burton and Richard Turner’s Palm House and Temperate House are famous examples of this.

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