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RCMP from Kelowna and Lake Country are looking to you to help stock the shelves at the Lake Country Food Bank. Everyone who contributes with a donation of any size will be given the opportunity to enter their name into a draw for prizes donated by both Lake Country and Kelowna businesses. Prize sponsors this year include the Kelowna Rockets, the Delta Grand Okanagan Resort, West Kelowna Napa Auto Parts, and L'Isola Bella Bistro.
My friend Lenetta Parry recently became executive director of the Kelowna (British Columbia) Community Food Bank. Lenetta sees it as a way to not only reduce hunger in the Okanagan but also to share skills and training, collaborate on initiatives and support local groups.
And it all started with geese, or at least the story about Canada geese Lenetta grew up hearing. When Whitworth Holdings offered space in one of its commercial buildings, across the street from the food bank, Lenetta and some of her fellow community movers and shakers put their heads together. Then there is the community garden at the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club, the plans to work with Inn From the Cold as they work to find housing for homeless clients, the addition of more fresh produce in the food hampers, and the edible landscaping in West Kelowna.
Most recently the food bank, Soles4Soles and the Metro Community launched a unique social enterprise, Culinary Ink, with entrepreneur Donnie Ungaro. Lenetta would be the first to insist she is only one of the visionaries in the non-profit community in Central Okanagan.

More Hope on FacebookView on FacebookThis Gives Me Hope 20 hours ago What a unique idea for a hotel! Her father told her the geese could fly up to 71 percent farther as a flock than any one bird could fly on its own. Jim Belshaw, owner of Roy’s Shoes, had been collecting gently worn shoes since 2010 and shipping them around the world, as part of Soles4Souls. Homeowners with backyard fruit trees can contact them for help when they have more fruit they can pick and use. Download your free copy of Hope Wins, 33 stories that will inspire you to keep your hope habit strong. Read the 59 stories of individuals, communities, organizations and even countries that recognize the riches life’s last chapter offers. By flying in formation and sharing leadership, they were able to achieve what none of them could alone. As well as the regular food hampers, the food bank has special programs to make sure babies, toddlers, school kids, seniors and pregnant mothers get the nutrition they need. Volunteers pick the fruit, which is then shared among owners, pickers and community organizations. Gourmet fare packed in biodegradable materials, with a portion of the price supporting the three organizations, would be reason enough to support the initiative, but Culinary Ink goes a step farther.

The seniors you meet here will inspire you to write that book, run that marathon or pursue that dream you thought you were too old to contemplate. They also keep tabs on the various services available to people going through hard times and steer people in helpful directions. Lenetta knew how many of her clients did not have the right footwear to allow them to even apply for jobs. They will be training some of Kelowna’s marginalized residents, offering skills that can lead to self-confidence and even self-employment. They will also give you a sense of anticipation, rather than dread, as you consider your own aging. Thanks to their collaboration, people can stop by the Kelowna Sunrise Shoe Bank for a pair of shoes that just might be the helping hand they need to get back on their feet. View on Facebook·ShareThis Gives Me Hope 4 days ago Lovely story from someone who trained for the highly-paid professional sector and then opted for peace and passion.
View on Facebook·ShareThis Gives Me Hope 4 days ago Scroll down to see what the brain looks like when its owner is listening to stories.

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