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Kauai’s ‘eat better, live better’ philosophy is proving to have a vigorous impact on growth, with the company now represented in more than 140 outlets in operation across South Africa.
Globally, people are more interested in how food is produced, sold and consumed than ever before.
After opening the first high street outlet in Cape Town in 1996, and growing steadily for a number of years, Kauai entered into an alliance with Virgin Active South Africa, opening Kauai In Motion stores in its health clubs to provide members with healthy food on the go. Although the alliance certainly helped fast-track Kauai’s growth, Coetsee stresses that it’s a symbiotic relationship. He explains that Kauai has adapted its menu at the In Motion outlets to fit in with the health club environment.
The Kauai In Motion outlets are available as small or large operations, depending on the size and location of the gym and its membership numbers. Coetsee says Kauai is seeking franchisees to open new stores in smaller cities like Kimberley and Bloemfontein, where Virgin Active has existing gyms. One of the biggest unaddressed needs in schools is few, if any, options for healthy school meals.
The first school franchise was started in the Western Cape by converting a traditional school tuck-shop – where chips, chocolates, sweets, pies and fizzy drinks are the norm – into a Kauai store. Aside from teachers at the five schools with Kauai on their premises now reporting a significant increase in classroom concentration as a result of improved nutrition, the school outlets have also delivered a phenomenal 20% year-on-year growth for their franchisees.
In addition to this planned growth in South Africa, the company is expanding internationally and its first store outside of the country will open in Dubai this month with several more planned for the next three years. After Dubai, Kauai will open in Namibia in May and thereafter is looking to take its healthy offering to India, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. If your application form meets the criteria, you’ll have a face to face meeting with a Kauai representative in your area so that you can have any questions answered and find out more about the brand. From time to time Kauai hosts franchise evenings which allow applicants and franchisees to get news about the brand, and is also an opportunity to get additional information about the franchising process. You will be requested to complete a character profile test which is Internet-based and can be completed at Kauai’s offices or any other convenient location. Sport For All is not your average franchise, and Marina de Lange is not your average franchisee, which is why the partnership is proving exceptionally fruitful. Created out of frustration, the sheer growth and success of Car Service City is testament to the market need for reliable, trustworthy, professional and affordable auto repairs and services.
Have a look at which platform you prefer and which would suite you –we find that WordPress is useful and easy to use! Residents and visitors alike can look forward to celebrating the cornucopia of healthy living, food and fun of the Garden Isle. Come and taste the health benefits of Chinese medicinal teas, learn the health secrets of Filipino herbs and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, better understand traditional Hawaiian plants used for healing, discover herbs for longevity and vitality. Stay tuned for a full schedule of Yoga, Dance, Cultural Healing Arts, Health Expo, Food, Music and more! The community is invited to participate and support the event through program presentations, workshop collaborations, volunteer support, in-kind contributions, donations and sponsorship funding of the statewide festivals or each islands unique event programs. The Health fair features Health and Wellness services, natural products, organic goods, and book and plant sale. The Hawaii Healing Garden Festivals are a community collaboration, focused on nurturing a healthy environment and creating healthy community. An open invitation is extended to the local and international community of educators, botanists, gardeners, cultural practitioners, health practitioners, herbalists, healers, healthy food & product providers, musicians, dancers and performers, to participate in the entertaining and educational programs and health fairs.

Businesses, organizations, service providers, and nonprofit groups are invited to educate, promote their services, and sell their products at health fair booths.
Children's programs, cultural programs, art programs, plant sales, Lei contests, scholarships, design & decoration, coordinators, and more! Share, sell, and promote your services or products at the Hawaii Healing Garden Festivals & Healing Arts Fairs.
Your investment in Hawaii's only Statewide healthy & green festivals provide the opportunity for residents and visitors to learn about your business or service while enjoying a dynamic series of multi-cultural events exploring healthy living in Hawaii.
The 2010 Hawaii Healing Garden Festivals wrapped up a great series of statewide events this year on the islands of Kauai, Big Island & Oahu. Major Sponsors include: Hawaii Health Guide, Forward Foundation, Hawaii Tourism Authority, Kauai County, Honolulu County, Hawaii County, Kilohana Plantation, The Sanctuary at Mana Kea Gardens, Outrigger Corporation, Keauhou Beach Resort, Ka Wai Iwi Ola Foundation.
Healthy food and exercise is hugely beneficial when it comes to weight loss and other health and fitness goals.
Try the Alkalizer smoothie made with coconut water, lemon, kale, spinach, banana and freshly squeezed apple juice. Mayor Kenoi Signs Emergency Proclamation in Anticipation of Tropical Storm Darby July 22, 2016Mayor Kenoi’s Statement on the Passing of U.S. This covered about 6,000 such establishments on Oahu, 1,800 on Hawaii Island, 1,700 in Maui County, and 690 on Kauai. Of all the establishments that were inspected since the program began, the Hawaii Department of Health has issued only three red placards with monetary fines – all on Oahu – that required the suspension of their permit and were ordered to temporarily close their operations.
The Department of Health issued 2,105 yellow placards or conditional passes that require the establishments to address violations. Oshiro said there may be some mobile food service establishments or others that have not yet been inspected.
There is more good news: The online portal that will allow the public to access the inspection results is targeted to be operational in the first quarter of 2016.
Massive Windward Oahu sinkhole made worse by recent stormGeneral Mills further expands flour recall after more E.
The increasing demand for healthier food choices has fuelled the growth of South Africa’s popular healthy fast food brand Kauai, which has seen major expansion over the last three years.
With the health club group continuing to expand, opportunities for the expansion of the Kauai brand just keep growing. Kauai In Motion has been developed for Virgin Active members, with a menu designed to meet members’ nutritional needs and complement their workout. A lone owner-operator working from a smaller gym will sell a limited food offering that is pre-made and shipped to the outlet. At these exclusive clubs, Kauai launched the more luxurious Kohu, a gourmet cafe that serves premium health foods and caters for the high end of the market.
Coetsee says, most importantly, you have to be passionate about health and what Kauai stands for. Kauai seeks franchisees who are part of the school community, and who understand that trading hours are crammed into break times, and only from Monday to Friday during school terms. Following the same look and feel as the SA stores, the Dubai store is located in Park Island, Dubai Marina, and incorporates eco-friendly sustainable materials in keeping with the brand’s island heritage. Make sure that the person who will run the store fills in a form as well as any other person who may be providing finance. This year at the Hawaii Healing Garden Festivals you will find innovative solutions, traditional medicines, green living resources, learn from cultural treasures sharing wisdom, and discover delicious culinary arts featuring local and organically grown food.

With help from generous funding, donations, support and guidance, the seeds of this event continue to grow to support all of those who journey through the Hawaii Healing Garden.
Volunteers are invited to help in creating an amazing, and fun Festival for each islands community of residents and visitors.
The Kauai Festival sizzled in its signature summer location at incredible Kilohana Plantation Luau Pavilion. The festivals are family friendly events, with activities and programs for adults and kids alike. Think fruits and vegetables, wholegrains and good quality proteins like smoked trout and free range eggs for example.
The coconut water is great for rehydration and provides carbs, potassium, calcium and magnesium; the kale and spinach are both nutrient-dense and kale is hailed by some as the top food to prevent diseases such as cancer because of its alkalising effect on the body, the lemon provides vitamin C, the banana is loaded with potassium and magnesium and the freshly squeezed apple juice gives you the goodness of a raw juice – all in all a great combination. Naval ShipKeawe Vredenburg on Australia and Republic of Korea Participate in Sinking of U.S. The Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) Sanitation Branch, which launched inspections of food establishments with a color-coded placard system in July 2014, recently completed inspections of virtually all of Hawaii’s more than 10,000 food establishments statewide to ensure they are in compliance with the rules of the state’s food safety code. The food code requires inspections of restaurants, hotels, caterers, food warehouses, markets, convenience stores, lunch wagons, push carts, and institutional kitchens for healthcare facilities, preschools, elementary schools, adult and child day care centers, and prisons. This confirms that the placarding program has been a huge success in terms of influencing rapid and voluntary correction of food safety violations,” Oshiro said. If the public does not see a placard at an eatery, they are encouraged to inform the Hawaii Department of Health so that an inspection can be scheduled at that site.
The system, which also allows food establishments to apply and pay for permits, is also scheduled to be ready in the new year.
The menu is 98% the same as the South African offering with a few tweaks having been made to suit the local palate, Coetsee explains. Start a beautiful water garden pond or learn about the superior health and environmental benefits of growing and eating organic foods. A special fund raiser dinner allow celebrity chefs, farmers, visitors and mango lovers to mingle. The new Healing Garden - Mango Festival was held in Kona, at the oceanfront Keauhou Beach Resort, with packed vendors and attendees enjoying health, music and mangos!
KAUAI’s new menu uses the freshest, natural ingredients, giving your body exactly what it needs. These functions are now being tested before they are officially launched in 2016, Oshiro said. This means working with people, from customers to employees, as well as motivating and getting the best out of your team. In cases where the school might have fewer children, the parents’ disposable income may make up the shortfall.
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