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Among the many restaurants calling themselves so, only a few are really following the rules of cooking and serving, and one them is Thanying Restaurant. The restaurant is set in an unpretentious, nice looking old fashioned house tucked in a small soi of Silom area. From a large and convenient parking, you'll enter the small waiting area also used as bar, then waiter we lead you to one of the two dining rooms, all small and fitted with antique furniture. We went several times to Thanying restaurant and here are some dishes we enjoyed and would recommend.
If you have no idea where to start and what to order, select one of their three set menus, it will allow you to sample a good selection of small dishes and it costs from 660 baht, 790 baht or 990 baht per person.
Here is how Thanying Restaurant describe themselves in the menu: "Thanying is a conversation address to the third female royal generation.
The Sky Bar at Lebua Hotel on top of the State Tower is without a doubt the most famous rooftop bar in Bangkok.
There is so very much more to Thai noodles beyond the typical Pad Thai, Thai Drunken Noodles or even Pad See Ew. To prepare this classical Thai dish, coconut milk is cooked together with minced pork or shrimp, tofu, yellow soybean sauce, tamarind and other condiments to make a rich flavorful noodle sauce.
A few weeks ago, Mr Foodie and I took a road trip north of the Mason-Dixon Line to attend a family reunion in Pennsylvania.
We almost didn’t find the place-Mr Foodie was convinced that it must have closed after we passed it twice. We’ve eaten at some great Thai restaurants in Philadelphia and Manhattan while living up there, and always eat Thai when we travel.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. We all know today that it is generally used as a marketing tag but is not often justified. You probably would drive by many times without noticing it, and except for a small sign board, it looks like somebody's private property,and once inside, the feeling of dining in someone's house is even greater. As royal thai cuisine uses only the freshest and best ingredients, simple dishes are often the best. A less well-known, noodle dish that deserves more attention in the West is creamy coconutty Mee Kati (????????), Thai Vermicelli Rice Noodles in Coconut Milk. Thin vermicelli rice noodles (Wai Wai) are then coated in the sauce and the final dish is garnished with thinly sliced omelet and is most delicious (and healthy!) eaten with fresh vegetables, such as banana flower, pennywort, bean sprouts and Chinese chives as accompaniments. Stir in the palm sugar, tamarind juice and dried red chili pepper (or reserve and add to taste) making sure to break up any clumps of meat and cook until meat is no longer pink. Garnish the noodles with the shredded egg, cilantro leaves, Chinese chives or spring onions and julienned red chili pepper and serve with lime wedges and fresh vegetables: bean sprouts, sliced cucumber. In the South of Thailand, you will find Mee Kati sold by street vendors, colored a pale pink by the addition of ketchup.
As described in our previous story, the presentation and preparation of each dish, however simple, is one of the key of royal cuisine.
According to the famous Thai celebrity Chef McDang, the only true royal dish is the Khao Chae, a very delicate and surprisingly simple dish you would not give a second look at it it was at the table of an 'normal' restaurant. Specializing in the kind of recipes which was once used there, the Thanying kitchen is now supervised by Princess Sulabh's son, M.R.

The version here is more of a Central Thai (Bangkok) style, but if you would like to experiment with the pink coloring, try adding just a couple of tablespoons of ketchup to the sauce before mixing with the noodles, so as not to alter the taste. I can speak to many items on the menu including curry puffs, spring rolls, peanut chicken, pad Thai and above all else the pad sew ew. When I told her, she JUST REPLACED THE CARROT and she didn't even bother to replace the spring rolls. Beautifully prepared, cut or carved, it comes without any bones or seed and is alway cut in small bit easy to eat. Allow 20 minutes to soak the noodles and during this time you can complete most of the other preparation tasks. Secondly i didn't know what to order so i asked the waitress if i should order the spicy basil noodle or the green curry and the waitress looked dumbfounded. She just told me the green curry came with rice and the noodles came with shrimp which i already knew. Other waitresses in other restaurants would be very helpful and would try to help me order a dish right? Damn, i really wanted to like this place because the decor and everything was so nice and i love thai food but, i guess it wasn't the place for me.

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