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Halhalal – Kantor Dagang dan Ekonomi Taipei (TETO) dan Pengurus Besar Nahdlatul Ulama mengapresiasi aplikasi berbasis Android yang berisi produk dan pelayanan halal di Taiwan, hasil karya mahasiswa Indonesia. Menurut dia, aplikasi tersebut tidak hanya membantu mempermudah para pekerja dan pelajar Indonesia di Taiwan, melainkan juga para wisatawan.
Bahkan, beberapa hotel berbintang di Taiwan, termasuk hotel Shangri-La yang berlokasi di Luodong, Kabupaten Yilan, mendapatkan sertifikat halal dari Asosiasi Muslim Cina, atas makanan dan minuman serta pelayanannya untuk menjaring tamu wisatawan dari Malaysia, Indonesia, dan beberapa negara di Timur Tengah. Dua orang mahasiswa Indonesia menciptakan program aplikasi berbasis Android untuk produk dan pelayanan halal di Taiwan. Ia berharap aplikasi yang diberi nama “Taiwan Halal” mampu mengatasi masalah yang dialami umat Islam, baik pekerja, pelajar, maupun wisatawan yang menginginkan produk dan pelayanan halal di negeri berjuluk “Formosa” itu.
Aris menyadari banyak pekerja dan pelajar serta wisatawan Muslim di taiwan yang sering kali mengalami kesulitan untuk mendapatkan produk dan jasa sesuai syariat Islam.
Taiwanese Muslims, which mostly came from Chinese Muslims in Mainland China, are Sunni Muslims and mostly belong to the Hanafi school. Islam is believed to have first reached Taiwan in the 17th century when few Muslim families from the southern Chinese coastal province of Fujian accompanied Koxinga on his invasion of Taiwan to oust the Dutch from the southern city of Tainan in 1661 and established Kingdom of Tungning in Taiwan.
According to Professor Lien Ya Tang (e€?e›…a ‚) in his book History of Taiwan (e‡?c??e€sa??) (1918), there were few Muslims on the island most of whom were from other provinces in mainland China. The final traces of the first Muslims migration to Taiwan were wiped out during the Japanese colonial rule of Taiwan in 1895-1945. The Chinese Muslim Association put a number figure for all of the people who come from the first wave of Islam migration to be around 20,000 people. Mandarin is the official language of Taiwan, though most locals also speak Taiwanese – a Hokkien dialect.
As Taiwan’s biggest metropolis, Taipei is also where you’re most likely to find English-friendly signs, facilities and locals.

It gets a little trickier if you’re just roaming around free and easy outside the tourist hotspots, and without the assistance of a tour group. You’ll also want to keep a list of common phrases with you and their Mandarin character counterparts to read out or point at in emergencies.
The Taiwanese are generally friendly and helpful to tourists – and always amused by a foreigner trying to speak their language!
Subscribe for the hottest travel promotions and latest travel articles delivered right to your Inbox! Dalam dua tahun terakhir, beberapa pemilik akomodasi wisata di Taiwan gencar menawarkan produk makanan dan minuman serta pelayanan halal. Muslim yang datang ke Taiwan tentunya akan merasa khawatir dengan makanan dan lingkungan di Taiwan,” ujar Aris yang berasal dari Sleman, Yogyakarta ini. Kami berharap dapat memandu mereka,” ujarnya didampingi Faisal Fahmi yang berasal dari Cilacap, Jawa Tengah ini.
Nevertheless, they practically face no problem at all with any of the visiting Muslims from other schools.
They trace their Muslim ancestors from the family books, originated from Quanzhou, Fujian as well.
While this may sound completely meaningless to you if English is your main language, English is a lot more common in Taiwan than you may think – it’s a compulsory subject in elementary school, features prominently in Taiwan’s national school examinations and has also been encouraged by a burgeoning private language school industry. That said, official road and public train signage is all in English as well as Mandarin, so getting around if you’ve rented a car or are planning to explore the great Taiwanese countryside via rail won’t be a problem. Again, vendors in major markets and tourist attractions usually know a smattering of English, but if not, pointing and smiling is your best friend.
Even as they were pretending to be Han chinese in Fujian, they still practiced Islam when they originally came to Taiwan 200 years ago, building a mosque, but eventually became Buddhist or Daoist.

It was recorded that there was a mosque and bath well built in this town in 1725 run by the Kuo family.
The Chinese Muslim Association counts these people as Muslims.[8][13] Based on certain historic documents, it was reported that there used to be a mosque in Beitou (a?—e ­) area in Lukang. In the third part of our Guide to Muslim Travel in Taiwan, we look at the basics of getting around in Taiwan armed only with your knowledge of the English language. This, along with a recent drive by the government to attract non-Chinese tourists, is making Taiwan a lot more accessible to English-speakers. Most hotels in Taipei and hotel chains (Hyatt, Regent, Holiday Inn, Landis are among many worldwide chains with branches in Taiwan) across the country are also well-prepared to serve and assist tourists in English, as are Taiwan’s bigger tourist attractions. If you get lost, popping into the nearest hotel is the surest way of finding someone who knows the area and speaks English. Most stores and markets also prefer to use western numbers over the more complicated Mandarin versions, so price labels will be easy to read. However, many of the ancestors stopped practicing Islam once they arrived in Taiwan due to public pressure. Choose restaurants that have pictures of their offerings just in case their staff don’t speak English – unless you like surprises!
Their ancestors left some hints to the current generations of their Muslim heritage, which is shown in their siheyuan-shapre of their house, resembling a square-shaped house with courtyard in the middle, different from the ordinary Taiwanese houses which is sanheyuan, a U-shaped house with courtyard in the middle. You can also see our article on Halal Food in Taiwan for more tips on finding and ordering halal food.

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