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I’ve featured the development of the fruit and vegetable garden separately, as the images seem to work better that way. I was luckily enough to be able to include a Gabriel Ash greenhouse and that made helped my vegetable growing take off that year.
In fact, I’d never grown edible plants previously, so it was a great experiment and joy for me to do so. In straightforward language, 'Gardening for Beginners: How Plants Grow' takes you through the science and the practicalities, linking the theory to the relevant gardening tasks.

Another garden with laying hens — this one at the residence of the director of Tower Grove Park. I think my kids were babies the last time I went on a garden tour…and they’re both teens now! A lovely garden- I really like that chicken coop- although in Australia we’d call it a chook shed- but that’s some chook shed!
This garden is shared by three houses, growing on the only sunny spot of any of those three yards.

I love visiting gardens, but i dont have enough in my area that open for visitors – and then again, any spare time I have I should be in my own garden.

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