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Our team engages early in the design process with store planners and the design team to scrutinize every step in the scheduling process to facilitate a seamless delivery of the project.
The Chatham community was fortunate and unique in the fact that the small grocer and larger corporate stores were able to coexist.
Very soon a new grocery store will open up with plans to erase the stigma of the corner grocery store. The store plans to carry a variety of fruits and vegetables, fresh meats and nutritional snacks. The store will have assistance from professors and research professionals from the University of Chicago. Also, the question of demand is a valid one as you mentioned the several stores but also the fall of the 71st State Street fruit and vegetable markets. Lastly, Walmart hasn't been a big factor as of yet, while they have place some pricing pressure on Jewel, the panacea that many expected hasn't materialized.
Enthusiasts and ZipCar drivers alike can find brutally honest reviews, industry news, insight on trends and real-life-anecdotes likely to produce accelerated graying of hair amongst more than a few industry insiders.
In working with developers to build shopping centers or with national retailers on aggressive rollout programs, we have consistently completed the project on or before the scheduled turnover date. Stores such as Chatham Foods and Food Basket were able to hold their own against larger stores such as Jewel and Dominick's.
Louis' Groceries is a new grocery store opening at 7604 S Cottage Grove that will serve residents of Park Manor, Chatham and Grand Crossing.

Unlike most convenience stores the fruits and vegetables will be prominently displayed as you enter versus being inundated with potato chips and other junk food items. If I remember correctly, that area (at least around 79th and Cottage) at one time (maybe 40 years ago) was the home of various Elijah Muhammad enterprises. As far as corporate junk convenience stores, you appear correct that not even Sav-A-Lot could make it at 79th and Perry. There must be a demand issue, if produce is such a big deal on the South Side, while the ethnics on the north side have an abundance of produce markets, making it usually unnecessary to shop at Jewel.
And, of course, the new Walmart is nearby, although I haven't seen that one in any comparison ads lately.
The Nation of Islam empire that included Your Supermarket, Shabazz Bakery and Salaam Restaurant all ended up being sold off during the split after Elijah Muhammad's death. I have argued that they is no food desert in Chatham but individuals who made poor buying decisions and even the presence of Whole Foods is not going to necessarily change that. Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news from Chicago! The neighborhood grocer was respected in the community and took pride in the products he offered as he consumed these products as well. The store came about because several entrepreneurs and community activist frustration with the "food desert" dilemma that is going on in the city and suburbs.
The store is also working with local urban farms to source seasonal and specialty fruits and vegetables.

The store officially opens today and general manager Terri Zhu and her staff are looking forward to meeting the community. Unfortunately, the corporate grocery store took over and made it economically infeasible for most small grocers to operate. The dollar store, gas station convenience marts and other grocers sprung up with some selling outdated merchandise and low quality items.
The group of individuals decided to form a non for profit and open a grocery store that would be a model that could be duplicated in other parts of the city. When the corporate stores decided to exit the communities then the corporate convenience store arrived that focused more on junk food and other items then food. The kitchen is equipped with a standard household range and oven and not a commercial one to demonstrate that the recipe and ideas being prepared can be done at home. The corporate convenience store went the same route as the corporate grocery store and exited the community. Many residents dislike these type of stores but these stores attract younger buyers and others who are unemployed or on fixed incomes. The store is initially starting out their demonstrations with Chef Ramona Baptiste who operates Chef in the Hood and the University of Illinois Extension offering  nutrition classes.

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