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In mathematics, the notion of permutation is used with several slightly different meanings, all related to the act of permuting (rearranging) objects or values. Here is a quick simple Algorithm which computes all Permutations of a String Object in Java. Filed Under: Apache Tomcat Examples, Core Java and J2EE Tutorials and Tips, Tweaks, Tips and Tricks on Niche Blogging Tagged: crunchify tutorial, java, java permutations, java stringEnjoyed this post?
Permute all the characters in the remainder of the string recursively and create a new array with them. Note that to access the individual characters in a string, Java[17] uses the cumbersome charAt() method while C++[19] uses an index, just like an array.

All of the escape characters in C and C++[7,14] strings such as \n=new line, \r = return, \\ = backslash, \t = tab, etc.
Informally, a permutation of a set of objects is an arrangement of those objects into a particular order. This corresponds to Java's char type except that in Java a single character is stored in Unicode using at least 16 bits.
It turns out that a pointer to an array of characters is the same as a pointer to a character. This is because in C++ it is possible to override operators like [] to give them a meaning for that class. Though not shown in the example code the Java method equals() has been replaced in C++ with the much nicer == operator. In C++ the + operator can be used, but the set of cases where it works with various types is more limited.

For example, there are six permutations of the set {1,2,3}, namely (1,2,3), (1,3,2), (2,1,3), (2,3,1), (3,1,2), and (3,2,1).
Thus in C++ variable sa and sp behave identically even though they are declared as two different things. Note also that looping through the characters in a string in Java[16] is identical to how it is done in C++[18]. This can be a problem in C++ because a pointer can point to any number of things and it it up to the programmer to manage what the destination is.

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