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These are so easy to make that I’ve given away my small batch to friends and making more with different fruits this weekend as Christmas presents. Hello, I recently tried some very wonderful passionfruit vinegar, but at 23$ for a 12 ounce bottle…no way. No need to add anything else, simply add to warm freshly cooked sushi rice to make the perfect sushi rice for nigiri or maki rolls.
Disclaimer: Although we make every effort to ensure product information is correct and up-to-date, we are not responsible for typos, inaccuracies or mis-information on this site. Not as tart as you might expect, Japanese drinking vinegar Genki-Su is made with coconut vinegar infused with fruit.
Drinking mild, fruit-infused vinegar is an ancient Japanese practice and is a healthy way to boost energy and aid weight loss. As a child, drinking vinegar was a key part of Takako Shinjo’s daily diet in Okinawa, Japan. When Shinjo moved to the United States, she found that the drinking vinegar for sale here was too sweet or artificial, so she started making her own. Her experimentation led to the creation of an all-natural Japanese drinking-vinegar line, Genki-Su, which she founded with partner Judy Tan in 2012. You can consume drinking vinegar by stirring several teaspoons into sparkling water, tea, fresh juice, a smoothie, or yogurt.
Genki-Su gets its shiso leaves from California farms and steeps them within two days, according to its website. The citrus drinking vinegar also tastes surprisingly sweet and not too acidic as one might expect from combining citrus fruits and vinegar.
Yuzu contains vitamin P, which balances with vitamin C to promote healthy blood circulation.
The pear drinking vinegar was the favorite of several Epoch Times staff who tasted the vinegars. Fruit-Flavored Vinegar Drinks are a popular drink in Japan that has yet to catch on in the United States and Europe.

Apparently these vinegars are specifically made for drinking, unlike the apple cider or balsamic vinegars you buy in the grocery store here for instance.
There are a number of shops in the Tokyo metro area, some carrying as many as 40 different flavors including litchi, mango, blueberry, raspberry, and pear. There is some evidence that drinking a small amount of vinegar can help you lose weight as well (see Fruit Vinegar Drinks: Recipe for Health). When I bought a few kg of passion fruits from Tanjung Sepat farms, I tried making a small batch and was pleasantly surprised that the flavours are similar to the one I bought at RM60 for 500ml. Pour the pulp with seeds into a glass container with vinegar and leave to macerate for 5 days. So I found your site and I am ready to try making my own, if I can find passionfruit, that is. I sometimes do get homegrown passionfruits in our wet market, but they are usually so sour!
I lightly mashed the passionfruit just to release the juice, then the pulp with juice and seeds are added with vinegar. Join me in nourishing our body with delicious good-for-you recipes because eating healthy does not have to be bleh.
The vinegars use all-natural ingredients and are built upon the recipes of Shinjo’s mother.
For dieters, it has the bonus of leaving the drinker feeling satisfied, unlike sugary drinks that make you want to drink more. Then along came energy drinks like Red Bull, which were followed by even more energy drinks with names like Monster, Everlast, and Rockstar Energy Cola.
According to an article in the Japan Times from July 2005, many who drink the fruit-flavored vinegars find them refreshing and good stress relievers. These regular types of vinegars are used in cooking, as marinades or mixed with olive oil to season a salad. Preliminary studies at Arizona State University East in Mesa, AZ indicate that ingesting two tablespoons of regular vinegar before meals, especially high carb ones, seems to lower blood sugar levels.

Probably not, but if you want to add a daily dose of vinegar to your routine, try these one of these refreshing herbal drinks that use small amounts of vinegar in the recipes. 3% Acidity.To make sushi rice, use 3 tablespoons of seasoning for 1 cup of cooked rice(approx. In Japan, Korea and Taiwan, it was used not only in cuisine but also for medical purposes for centuries until now.
Vinegar enhances the sourness ?? Just use any of your favourite fruits, mash the fruit then soak in vinegar. We recommend that you do not solely rely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product, especially if you suffer from food allergies. More recently Amazon nectars from the Amazon such as Acai from Brazil started showing up on the shelves.
Earlier research in Sweden reached the same conclusions, but was based on eating pickles, which are made using vinegar.
In feudal times, Japanese samurai warriors carried vinegar mixed with water into battle as a tonic to fight fatigue. There are also a variety of benefits claimed from stimulating appetite to beautiful skin. In addition, participants in the vinegar group lost an average of two pounds during the 4-week study, while those in the control group did not. Some lounges in the States serves fruits vinegars with soda, with flavours like rhubarb, pineapple, ginger and pomegranate, turning them into  hip non-alcoholic drink.
Try and resist squeezing the bag to speed up the process as it will make the vinegar cloudy. Bring the vinegar slowly to a gentle boil, stirring with a wooden spoon occasionally until the sugar completely dissolves.

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