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In the middle cascades, the stream divides, expressing the conflicts experienced by the second generation Nisei, who volunteered out of American concentration camps during World War II to prove their loyalty to the United States of America. This intimate, yet significant, green space was designed in the Zen tradition of the famous gardens of Kyoto. Here at the Garden, visitors and Downtown residents are invited to enjoy a peaceful lunch time respite or discover an unexpected paradise to take a quick stroll and enjoy the sounds of nature.
The Garden is available for special events and weddings as well as commercial photography, small conferences, concerts and theatrical performances. Additional facilities are available at the JACCC for special events, weddings and meetings and will  accommodate up to 700 people for sit-down dinner.

Takeo Uesugi, professor emeritus of landscape architecture at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, who came to the U.S. The stream begins as a waterfall, its turbulent rush representing the struggles of the immigrant Issei generation against harsh economic realities and prejudices in an often hostile land. The stream gradually becomes a gentle murmur, ending in a serene pond, symbolic of the hope for a peaceful world for the Sansei and the ensuing generations.
Unsurprisingly, I was the only visitor at the time of my visit and was able to slowly and peacefully peel back the layers of the garden, where the details only reveal themselves through careful observation. The garden features a 170’ cascading stream, a wide variety of plants, flowers and trees, handcrafted cedar bridges, a selection of stone lanterns and a hand washing fountain.

Pride in their heritage and ingrained perseverance helped to sustain them as they labored to build a solid foundation for the generations to follow. In addition to the burbling stream that snaked through the garden, another one of my favorite features were the many winding pathways that branched off from the main walkway, a feature that is characteristic of Japanese gardens.

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