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Iron Butterfly ironwood another choice for the late-season gardenBy Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp, on September 14th, 2013Iron butterfly ironweed.
We see ironweed growing along country roads, where its beautiful bluish-purple flowers compliment perfectly the yellow blossoms of goldenrods this time of year.
A few years ago, Allan Armitage, the perennial plant-breeding guru who retired recently from the University of Georgia, introduced ‘Iron Butterfly’, a garden-worthy cousin of the late-season, roadside bloomer. This is the first year that ‘Iron Butterfly’ ironweed (Vernonia lettermannii) has bloomed here, probably because until last spring, it was shrouded by a much larger false sunflower, ‘Sunshine Daydream’ (Helianthus x multiflorus), which didn’t know how to contain itself. This cultivar of a native species has finely textured foliage along stems topped with tufts of purple-blue flowers. Verbena Lanai Candy Cane received the most votes from the public in the 2013 American Garden Award.
Many larger plants are already stressed from last year’s brutal drought and excessively hot temperatures. If someone mentioned Iron Butterfly as a rock classic, you’d probably answer, “Well, duh.” But think hard – name another song!
What the song lacked in lyrics, it made up for with one of the most memorable riffs in history. Legend also has it that Ingle never intended the song to be so long, but that the band was too stoned to figure out how to end it, and so they simply rambled on for 17 minutes and several solos before stumbling into an end. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License. A new week, and the start of a week-long series of remixes of cover artwork by classic rock legends, Eagles. It's always a lovely day when the time comes to provide a remix of some cover artwork by Bill Withers, and today is no exception. Yesterday we took a walk in the park, today we are studying the Parklife, as defined by Blur. We were alerted to the cover of the album Jesus Use Me by The Faith Tones, by Colin Fetting of Montgomery, AL.
Whilst we are dealing with those 70's songsters Love And Kisses, here is a remix for their eponymously titled first album (in case that means nothing to you, it means the album is named after the band and is also called Love And Kisses). The 1970s seem to be the heyday for album covers that were already high on the risque register. Another remix for Long Island hip-hop gangstas De La Soul, and the first of two in a series of remixes which, for no particular reason, focus on tennis. This one track alone changed much of the hard rock music of the following decade in its hard driving riff based theme, classical church sounding swirling organ, and hippy lyrics. The organ work of Doug Ingle is along with the riff one of the outstanding elements in this track. The song is considered significant in rock history because, together with the music of Jimi Hendrix and Steppenwolf, it marks the period when psychedelic music began to form heavy rock. As a ground breaking rock album this is certainly towards the top in the fact it was the first album to have a whole side dedicated to just one track, the first ever drum solo recorded commercially and the first album track to use a bass driven riff to push the music through in a monotonous style hypnotic effect.
The album contained five other tracks, some of which were of their time while others picked up on the heavier side of the groups’ style that they were to develop in their own unique style over the years and through their various line-ups.
If you listen to this and feel that you have heard it somewhere before why not try the Simpsons who on a Sunday in church have to sing it as a Hymn entitled “In The Garden of Eden” with a rather freaky organ introduction and riffed ostinato, all vaguely resembling a certain Iron Butterfly track! Love and Peace Man and don’t forget it is now the 21st century so put the kaftans away along with the beads and the bongs.
Meant to add that It’s an interesting comparison in terms of the genesis of the form on two continents.
Interestingly I think Amon Duul reflected their culture, they felt tougher to us compared to Syd Barrett’s English whimsy and the West Coast style. I always loved the West Coast Scene with its more flowery hippiedom feel than anything else, other than Pink Floyd that is.

Well I was going to mention Strawberry Alarm Clock and their appearance in Russ Meyer’s satire of the time, Beyond The Valley of the Dolls. I saw Country Joe at the Bath Blues festival (thanks to Google for confirming I wasn’t imagining it) and sang along with the Fish Cheer, hell no we didn’t have to go! There was a beautiful Nick Drake documentary on TV, probably a couple of years ago now, which was a superb evocation of how that time felt. You’ll be telling me you listened to The Red Crayola and 13th Floor Elevators next…and I thought I was an old hippie! I guess one measure of artistic influence is to be noticed and parodied by the writers of The Simpsons.
Here’s an extract from the 1995 episode where Bart convinces the vicar that work is a hymn written by one I.
The thing is the Iron Butterfly came before the Cream so did they actually influence Mr Clapton et al? About We Are OCAWe are OCA is an art, design, photography, music, textiles and writing blog maintained by staff and tutors of the Open College of the Arts. It is quite drought tolerant, yet can withstand an occasional surface flooding, but sopping wet, poorly drained soil would not be good. This was the favorite plant of Master Gardener volunteer Thomas Graham, who tends the American Garden Award planting outside the Garfield Park Arts Center.
But it would be wise to water evergreens, trees and shrubs throughout fall until the ground freezes. The rains this spring and early summer pushed fast new growth, which drains a plant’s reserves.
The psychedelic sixties are in full swing.  Musicians are experimenting with new sounds, different instruments, and whole new philosophies and approaches to music. This may or may not be true, but given the times and the personalities, it’s not hard to believe. Bassist Lee Dorman was probably the most musically talented of the group and his bass line is still instantly recognizable.
Back in those dark ages of technology, radio DJ’s actually had to sit at a console, manually queue up and then start each song. The original cover of How Much, How Much I Love You by Love And Kisses shows a naked babe riding a horse but in an erotic pose, not a lady Godiva pose where her extremities are covered by her long hair. Well they came from the unfashionable city of San Diego in California, then as now not renowned for its rock outfits. Bands such as Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple owed much of their drive and skill to this groups experimentations in riff driven rock instead of chordal movements as had been the norm in virtually all rock music up to this point.
He had learnt church organ as a child and as the link from the drum solo to the riff song section it stands as one of the most psychedelic pieces of soloing in rock history, comparable to the late Ray Manzarek’s work with the Doors, if not better. It is used as the basis for extended organ and guitar solos, then silenced to make way for a drum solo.
The group still tours today with a couple of the original members in the line-up and of course “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” is always at the fore of their shows with its hard throbbing bass and psychedelic organ.
Bands such as Strawberry Alarm Clock and of course The Grateful Dead and Country Joe and the Fish.
Piper to Meddle, more than any of them because as well as the whimsy and the Doctor Whoness, we could relate to the darkening English pastoral; a couple of steps on the way to Nick Drake territory. Over the years a considerable number of works of art have appeared in the background of episodes of the show (link here for those interested). It is used to such brilliant effect that I wasn’t able to listen to the track for quite a while (three years) after that due to its insidious dark and threatening atmosphere. Or could we say that the original hard rock riff originated with the Kinks “You Really Got Me” when Dave Davies slashed his amp covering and played the riff as hard as he possibly could to get the distortion and the heavy rhythmic drive? Some psychedelic music was rather fey and whimsical and hasn’t always aged well, but even without the aid of stimulants and flared trousers this still sounds like a powerful piece of music.

Second place went to Zahara Cherry Zinnia and third (my favorite) was SunPatiens Compact Electric Orange Impatiens.
Depending on the listener’s sensibilities, that 17 minutes may seem like an absolute eternity, and luckily for most listeners, a heavily-edited 3 minute version was released.
It’s true that music fans had never heard anything like them before – their deep, throbbing bass line was a far cry from the typical Eastern-tinged psychedelia of, say, the Grateful Dead.
Their name alone summed up what they sounded like and with a string of true psychedelic hits and one major blockbuster in their track “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” in 1968 they were assured infamy but not fortune.
The song is most definitely of its time with the fake made up words of the title sounding very much like they are intentionally singing in a pseudo Indian  language about reaching the garden of Eden. An alternative explanation given in the liner notes of the 1995 re-release of the In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida album, is that Ingle was drunk, high, or both, when he first told Bushy the title, and Bushy wrote it down.
It is followed by an ethereal polyphonic organ solo to the accompaniment of drums (beginning around 9:20 into the piece).
Hawkwind were a band I got into in the mid seventies and nowadays the wonderful Ozric Tentacles.
It connected me with what it felt like to be me back then, something I couldn’t have recalled by my own volition.
Extreme contradictions I suppose on every level in its use in that film, Light and dark, heavy and soft, etc. The IB track was written in mid 67 according to Ingle but only appeared on the second album once he had written the solo organ and got the main structures worked out apparently, which took some time, so he probably did hear Cream. Stunning as a mass planting, ideal to mix and match with hostas or combine it with new Heucheras such as Obsidian for the effective use of black to highlight and complement the foliage of this Tiarella. But for many, the full version (it takes up an entire side of the album) perfectly symbolizes the most wonderful excesses of the psychedelic era.
But their organ-heavy pounding never caught on like the massive guitar riffs of bands like Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath, and there are probably few musicians today that would say that Iron Butterfly was a big influence on their style. This one track alone has dominated much of the intervening years with its heavy weight bass riff and hippy trippy melody and lyrics. There are then instrumental breaks in cut time and a reprise of the original theme and vocals to round off the track. It probably took Ingle that long to get his head straight again after all the booze and drugs while working on it. The remix shows a religious looking babe, and the look in her eyes suggests that she would happily be used by Jesus, if he were around. It has influenced many of the heavy rock and metal bands over the years in its use of heavily distorted bass and lead guitar it is also the very first track to have a drum solo recorded into it.
The drum solo is the least successful section of this work and in comparison to many of the drummers of his time Bushy was never one of the best.
Interestingly, there’s a Festival of Psychedelia on in Liverpool this weekend with many new young bands embracing the genre. Verdigris finish cast iron & the butterfly is available as a single ornament or a set of three. He shows his Jazz and world music roots and is too unadventurous for the track, but as this was the first drum solo to ever be recorded in music history it certainly was something very new for the time it was recorded and probably had to be slightly tame for the sound equipment to capture everything. Bushy went as far as removing the bottom heads of his tom-toms to give them less of a resonant tone, and during the recording process, the drum tracks were subjected to flanging, producing a slow, swirling sound.
Take a look at Gardens2you's wide range of ornaments for the Garden Wall for more inspiring ideas.

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