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Providing organic certification for famers, growers, processors and retailers while working to promote organic food and farming in Ireland. Interested?Subscribe to our mailing list where you will receive offers and news from Yarrington. Harvested seaweed is rinsed on the shore and dried at low temperatures to preserve its rich nutritional content. Our organic certification requires that all seaweed produced is free from contamination and regular analysis ensures that all seaweed products are safe and healthy to eat.

Guests were invited to the Grand Hotel, Malahide near Dublin for presentations, product sampling and demonstrations throughout the afternoon. Organic Irish Cosmetics, soaps & remedies - Organic Irish Edible seaweed - Seaveg Algaran Teoranta, Cashling, Kilcar, Donegal. This means that purchasing OnLine you will always receive fresh Organic Seaveg, Organic Irish Seaweed Food and Organic Irish Seaweed Cosmetics, full of active ingredients from the Ocean. The set was designed to echo the pre-event marketing materials  and rigged lighting and projection ensured that everyone had a clear view of the presentations and speakers.

Yarrington were responsible for all aspects of the event from venue finding, delegate booking, registration, set, stage and audio visual equipment which was trucked in from the UK. The room was enhanced by the product and kit demonstration areas, all of which were kept in line with current house design styles.

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