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Do not let a limit of outdoor space get you down, take your gardening skills to new heights by growing vertically. Indoor vegetable gardening can take place in boxes, baskets, plastic bags, clay pots, and half barrels, essentially any container to create the ideal environment for root development. Another bonus of indoor vegetable gardening is the ability to grow fresh herbs all year round. Traditionalist ground gardeners may chuckle and shake their head at the extreme measures indoor vegetable gardening may lead to designing creative ways to grow indoors. By indoor gardening, set up your own mini vegetable factory with the comforts of being indoors.

Taking full advantage of vertical space by growing vegetables upwards in place of downwards.Cover a balcony or patio wall with a bean vine. However, who will be laughing when they are outside in the heat, humidity, crawling with bugs, waist high in weeds, and inside you are sitting high and dry, cool as a cucumber.
This method of gardening concentrates the growing of vegetables in an environment that is free of any open space vegetable gardening hazards such as harsh weather conditions, pests, and plant diseases.
If needed, use grow lights to provide the needed amount of sunlight for your garden to flourish. In recent studies, turmeric has been shown as beneficial in fighting Alzheimer’s, adding to it health benefits along with the additional taste to curry.

Several companies such as AeroGarden, offer convenient kits of different sizes and seed mixtures for growing on kitchen counter tops. These units come with built-in grow lights and easy to follow planting and care instructions.

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