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Rajdhani Restaurant is a no fuss, no frills Indian restaurant with seriously delicious and authentic food. India is a country where faith and spirituality permeates in the mind and the heart of its natives. The cultural diversity of India is well reflected in the food served across different parts of India. Exotic Indian Cuisine, Specially chosen snacks, Starters, Beverages, Main course and desserts. The diversity of this country is truly impalpable as it is reflected different religions, culture, heritage and cuisines.
Over the centuries, various religions have not only evolved but also found refuge in this country. The beautiful and intricate designs of these crafts showcase the creative bandwidth of the makers.

Every year a large number of tourists from different parts of the globe travel to India for cultural interactions. Every meal is prepared to order by our expert chefs and served with a smile by our enthusiastic service team. With India Cultural Tours, a tourist can find different traces of culture in art forms such as dance and music, languages spoken, food served and different religious faiths. The followers of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Islam and Christianity can be found in every part of the country. Their food includes a fine blend of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines prepared with the delicate use of spices. Since ancient times, people of different faith have built temples, mosques, churches and pilgrimage sites in reverence of the almighty they believe in.
Painting, pottery, wooden sculpture, idol making, stone carvings, terracotta paintings, jewelry, ornament and embroidered saris is among the major arts and crafts of India.

Every year large number of people conduct India pilgrimage tours to learn and benefit from the philosophies and teachings of their religion. On the other hand, rich and fish is the staple diet of Bengali people and the use of mustard oil is quite common in the food preparation. In stark opposition to Bengali people, Gujaratis are largely vegetarian and their snacks are light and crispy.
A lot of South Indian cuisines are prepared with the use of coconut and rice such as Idli, Sambhar, Dosa and Uttapam.

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