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India is a country where faith and spirituality permeates in the mind and the heart of its natives.
The cultural diversity of India is well reflected in the food served across different parts of India.
If you can only eat your food in a swanky setting, then you should head to Amaya, an eyecandy of a restaurant that manages to pull off being both extremely elegant and comfortable.
Although Chutney Mary is a fairly old and well established restaurant (it was opened in 1990), their recipes are still fresh and hip. Keralan cuisine is a bit unusual but it’s very easy to all completely in love with it.
This restaurant dates back to 1926, so it is nothing short of a landmark, but its current incarnation is quite recent.
Cooking according to tastes: There exists no written recipes in India and the individual is encouraged to orchestrate a dish by using fresh, seasonal and local vegetables.
Royal Kitchens of India: Under the patronage of the rajahs of India the art of food was elevated to a high level of advancement and professionalism. Exotic Indian Cuisine, Specially chosen snacks, Starters, Beverages, Main course and desserts. The diversity of this country is truly impalpable as it is reflected different religions, culture, heritage and cuisines. Over the centuries, various religions have not only evolved but also found refuge in this country. The beautiful and intricate designs of these crafts showcase the creative bandwidth of the makers. Every year a large number of tourists from different parts of the globe travel to India for cultural interactions. The soft lighting and rich reddish tones of the decorations make the food taste even better.
If you like romantic places or if you want to go on a date in London, Chutney Mary is a great place.

And in London, there’s no other place that serves better Keralan cuisine than Quilon. The decor is nothing fancy, just simple and tasteful white walls, wooden floors and leather seats, and the food is great.
Take a bowl, add semolina, cumin powder, coriander powder, ginger garlic paste, carom seeds, salt and mix nicely.
Many Indians are vegetarians having been influenced by Buddha (Indian King and founder of Buddhism).
The royal chefs understood the finer points of food, the art of presentation and created exquisite preparations. Every meal is prepared to order by our expert chefs and served with a smile by our enthusiastic service team. With India Cultural Tours, a tourist can find different traces of culture in art forms such as dance and music, languages spoken, food served and different religious faiths. The followers of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Islam and Christianity can be found in every part of the country. Their food includes a fine blend of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines prepared with the delicate use of spices.
Tikka masala follows closely behind, as do other ethnic, and mainly Indian specialties.  So Indian restaurants are thriving in the UK, and especially in the busy capital city of London, where people love their multicultural food. Sit back on the Italian leather chairs, gaze at the Bengali sculptures and fill your stomach with flash grilled scallops, tandoori duck and other delicacies.
This restaurant specializes in regional cooking, and in addition to a sizable menu of main dishes and entrees, it has a huge list of amazing deserts.
Despite looking very swanky, the menu is not all about aristocratic foods, much of the selection is inspired by delightful regional street food.
Besides spices we use lots of herbs and other natural seasonings to make our foods sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent. Since ancient times, people of different faith have built temples, mosques, churches and pilgrimage sites in reverence of the almighty they believe in.

Painting, pottery, wooden sculpture, idol making, stone carvings, terracotta paintings, jewelry, ornament and embroidered saris is among the major arts and crafts of India. So if you visit London, act like a Londoner and try one of the best Indian restaurants in London. The meat dishes are subtle and alluring, and there’s a nice selection of amazing vegetation dishes like grilled squash and soya bean with banana and sweet potato. The lavish decor and the varied menu makes Veeraswamy one of the best Indian restaurants in London. To it add all purpose flour and mix it, later add yogurt and mix nicely to make dough allow it rest for 5-10 mins.
Our cuisine has been influenced by the Aryans settlers, the Arab and Chinese traders and conquerors such as the Persians, Mongolians, Turks, the British and the Portuguese. Every year large number of people conduct India pilgrimage tours to learn and benefit from the philosophies and teachings of their religion. On the other hand, rich and fish is the staple diet of Bengali people and the use of mustard oil is quite common in the food preparation. In stark opposition to Bengali people, Gujaratis are largely vegetarian and their snacks are light and crispy.
India’s ancient science system, has given India a comprehensive system of health, diet and nutrition. A lot of South Indian cuisines are prepared with the use of coconut and rice such as Idli, Sambhar, Dosa and Uttapam.

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