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In Organic We Trust will screen at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Village this Wednesday, August 14.
Hosted by Chipotle Mexican Grill, admission is $10 and 100% of the proceeds from the screening will benefit Urban Roots, a nonprofit youth development program that utilizes sustainable agriculture to improve the lives of young people and increase food access in Austin.
I hope this answers some of those questions out there regarding organic food and choosing to live it. Help me make a world that supports our dreams and the lives we all deserve and make our world a better place.
The organic food movement is certainly a great cause and it has definitely become big business.
The organic food crusade began as a grassroots movement for small-scale, locally sourced, sustainable agriculture. Three years in the making, IN ORGANIC WE TRUST is ready to throw on a top hat and head for the red carpet. Join Us!Sign up to learn what you can do to get involved, and to receive screening info, news, and discounts.
In Organic We Trust is an 82-minute eye-opening food documentary that follows director, Kip Pastor, on a journey to find out the truth about the organic food industry.
For the last ten years, organic food sales have ballooned and today, 78% of American families eat some type of organic food.

What began as a movement founded on the philosophy of using more sustainable farming practices has become big business. In spite of the branding of organic, this film shows that the original grassroots philosophy is making a comeback in many innovative forms. Individual citizens and communities are taking matters into their own hands, and change is coming from the ground up. We invite you to use our film In Organic We Trust on Food Day 2012 to ignite a conversation about what’s going on across the US. The documentary examines the intricacies of a burgeoning organic food industry and the impact of big business on a homegrown philosophy. Local farmer's markets, school gardens, and urban farms are revolutionizing the way we eat. Now the only question is whether we will allow this well-intentioned movement, started by farmers who strived to be stewards of the land, to completely degenerate into a meaningless food trend.
Most consumers still associate organic products with those values, and many are willing to pay a premium price for the assurance that their food is chemical-free and produced in an environmentally friendly manner. The good news is that more than 75% of Americans want to know more about the food they eat. When “organic” became a brand, everything changed, and the label moved away from the philosophy.

The “certified organic” label has become a marketing tool.  Silk soymilk and Horizon dairy are produced by Dean Foods, Odwalla and Honest Tea by Coca-Cola, and Kashi and Morningstar by Kelloggs. In his travels across the country, Kip unearths inspiring solutions to our health and environmental problems. We need a holistic approach to our food problem that reinvigorates a relationship between communities and where their food comes from. We’re asking everyone who watches this movie to start a farm – even one as small as a basil plant in a windowsill. Our Screening Action Guide that will help you organize a “green” screening and give you tips on how to foster change in your community and in your own life.
The panel will be moderated by Kate Vickery, Urban Agriculture Planner with the city of Austina€™s Sustainable Urban Agriculture & Community Garden Program. Pushing out small local farmers, big agricultural corporations moved in, replicating what they did in manufacturing – they scaled-up, consolidated, and out-sourced.
He finds more small family farmers dedicated to stewardship of the land, a thriving “locavore” subculture centered on sourcing and eating local foods, chefs feeding children healthier school lunches, students learning about nutrition in school gardens, and urban farms sprouting up to bring fresh food to low-income families.

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