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The recipe I am sharing today is the ONLY recipe that I have ever used and I have been very successful with my gardens! All the essential nutrients are in the soil recipe and you most likely will never need to feed your plants or fertilize them because all the nutrients are right in the soil.
So yes, I will say up front that there are a few extra steps in creating the perfect soil, but it is worth the effort! In addition to this book, I also learned so much from The Art of Gardening: Building Your Soil. I strongly believe that a quality soil recipe makes all the difference in a garden.  Lets figure out how much soil you will need for your garden beds.
Remember, compost, peat moss and vermiculite (the 3 components of this recipe) are measured in cubic feet or cubic yards, so you will be given both of those numbers with the calculations. In my example (shown below), I am calculating a 4’x4? (or 48?x48?) raised bed that is 6? deep. As you can see in the picture above, for my 4’x4? bed that is 6? deep, I will need 8 cubic feet of soil. So lets use my example above to show you how this works. I needed 8 cubic feet of soil as shown in the soil calculator above.
Now follow the 3 easy steps below and you now know how to make garden soil for raised beds!
Now that you have all the ingredients, follow these 3 easy steps and you will know how to make garden soil for raised beds! So as I mentioned above, I buy my compost in bulk and use it throughout the season. If you bought your compost in bulk and are unable to measure it by cubic feet or cubic yards, you can measure your formula this way.
Remember, compost is very heavy and weighs differently in volume, so this is why the formula is different.

I just used a large green bucket and filled it up 3 times with compost, poured it into my raised bed, and then added 1 large green bucket of peat moss and 1 large green bucket of vermiculite. Here is what my 4’x4? square foot gardening bed looks like when it is done and ready to go! 2 Comments« Did You See This Amazing Healthy Living Ultimate Bundle?Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally With 2 Ingredients! So it wasn’t good enough to just have great tasting food, these recipes had to taste better than the originals.
Prepare lawn soil with help from a leader in the lawn service industry in this free video clip.
Sure you could do this, but you don’t have the necessary ingredients in the soil to nourish your plants, retain moisture and to allow for proper drainage.
The number below that (cubic yards) is usually beneficial for filling larger beds and for buying soil for bulk delivery.
Compost can be very dense and by adding peat moss, you lighten up the density which helps the root systems of the plants to grow more evenly throughout the soil. Now this is very serious, yes and every now and then the story pops up again, like it is new and just happened. You might want to wear a mask because the vermiculite and peat moss can be dusty, and it is best to wear a mask.
The soil will settle about 1-2 inches below where you originally piled the soil in so be sure to add a little extra to compensate for settling.
If you are able, it is best to follow the recipe by cubic feet or cubic yards, but if you can not, then follow this method. I am moving into my first house in a couple weeks and plan on doing a big garden in the backyard.

While sod comes with its own topsoil, adding lawn-starter fertilizer and limestone at a rate of one pound of nitrogen and 50 pounds of limestone for each 1000 square feet will give your sod the foundation it needs. In addition to this, I rarely have any problems with pest or any diseases harming the plants. This was a very serious situation indeed, but as a result vermiculite is screened for asbestos and is monitored on every level and also has a asbestos free stamp on the bags. You do not have to fight off the hordes of birds and bunnies wanting to snack on your new seeds and seedlings.
It is important to consider any drainage issues that may arise, such as dips in the soil or having the lawn grade sloping directly at your house. Lay your sod, pulling all the seams tight, and re-roll with your weighted lawn roller when the sod is in place.
If you can not find vermiculite, you can use perlite, but I prefer vermiculite…it is a much better product to work with. You simply prepare your soil, purchase the sod from a local farm, and by the end of the day you will have lush green grass to enjoy. Small dips or gradual hills are fine; you are trying to remove holes and humps that will cause tripping and drainage problems in the grass later.
Compost is expensive by the bag, so if you are filling a large bed, or even a smaller bed, it is wise to buy it from a local source. A 4x8x6 piece of timber with two ropes attached to it will make a drag that can help facilitate this rough grade process.

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