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In the world of rock gardening, containers play an important role in growing petite perennial plants.  Plants such as dwarf or miniature conifers can be grown as specimens in pots. Traditional hard-fired pots such as terra cotta and glazed pots can also be used.  But it is recommended that you actually plant in plastic pots and drop them into it into a slightly larger hard-fired using small bark chips to fill the sides and bottom between the two pots.
Kirk Fieseler of Laporte Avenue Nursery helped us create this wonderful video on trough gardening – check it out! The right soil mix is essential for a rock gardener to have long term success with their containers. Planted pots and hypertufa containers need regular fertilization to keep the plants healthy.
For cacti and succulents, it is important to regularly use an acidified fertilizer mix for both the above cacti and succulents potting mixes. Plant Select® Petites  debuts well-adapted, smaller plants that have not yet been readily available to gardeners. Hostas have wonderful markings and colours, and as early summer foliage plants they are second to none.
In all its growing months this hosta is well sheltered from the weather and its leaves are never tattered and torn.
Just because I am ousting some villains, I don’t want you to think all goldenrods are bad. More than once, I tried to dig it out from amongst the perennials growing here, only to have it come back in the spring from roots I had missed. If you have ever attempted to drive a spade into a thriving bed of goldenrod, you would understand the daunting task I faced. Follow my progress as I take back my garden bed from the domination of the Solidago species. I worked on it first thing in the morning, when the weather was cool and my energy level was high. Not all of the above are conditions which you control, which is why it is important not to get discouraged if your project isn’t successfully completed the first time you attempt it.
I found Walter Muma’s Ontario Wildflowers site to be very helpful for identifying native plants. Native Plants of the Northeast: A Guide for Gardening and Conservation by Donald Leopold (Timber Press, 2005).
Growing and Propagating Wildflowers of the United States and Canada by William Cullina (Houghton Mifflin, 2000). Armitage’s Native Plants for North American Gardens by Allan Armitage (Timber Press, 2006).
Kathy Purdy is a colchicum evangelist, converting unsuspecting gardeners into colchicophiles.
In its own way, frost may be one of the most beautiful things to happen in your garden all year .
Hi Kathy, there has been some talk about goldenrod in a Facebook group, Gardening with Nature in Mind. I think it would slow an aggressive goldenrod down, but eventually those rhizomes would get under the edging. 3 interesting things I have discovered about Goldenrod: 1) my dogs love to eat its leaves like a salad.
I’m just now doing some research on Goldenrod, and have found that the dogs seek it out for their taste, but it also has a lot of benefits. There had been some wild flowers on a hill at our church, and I stupidly moved a clump of goldenrod into one of my beds.
Now, I do love my Fireworks and Wichita Mountain Goldenrods, and they do not appear to be aggressive. Planning Tip #3:  If you decide to grow tomatoes in pots, select a variety that is well-suited to this application.
1) Tomatoes need plenty of water to grow and produce well, and containers dry out quickly, especially in hot, windy weather.  Before choosing this option, be certain that you can commit to regular watering (likely daily, and even more frequently in some conditions), and make sure the pots have good drainage.
Monthly NewsletterGet monthly newsletters, updates and shipping specials from HeathGlen Farm & Kitchen. This beautiful and rare species evolved in the high elevations of the Drakensberg mountains of southern Africa. I have been growing Aloe polyphylla now for 25 years and since 1992 have offered this wonderful species to the public. When hybrid seed is germinated a variable population of new plants offers the opportunity to select the best and forget the rest.

Other petite plants including small conifers can be combined to duplicate, on a miniature scale, a natural grouping of plants. But being perennial, the plants must be grown in containers that are weather proof (not cracking from freezing and thawing soil) over the winter months.
This protects the hard-fired pot from cracking by separating the soil mix from the sides of the ceramic pot. Designed to be wider and longer than they are deep, they are roomy and provide space for multiple plants, ornamental rocks and small pieces of weathered wood to be used together. As you would expect when you ask three chefs for a recipe for chili, you’d get three slightly variations in their ingredient list. Both scoria and expanded shale have a lot of pore space within them to absorb and hold water while also providing improved drainage. Even though many of these plants love alkaline limestone soils, the root environment in a pot or hypertufa trough is different.
Enjoy these treasures in garden situations where small gem-like but tough plants are best suited: troughs, permanent containers, rock gardens, patio gardens, fairy gardens, green roofs, and smaller gardens.
Each thumbnail can be clicked to view a medium image with text, and can then be clicked again for an even larger view.
I realized if I could clear another three feet, and keep it clear, that would still be progress. Lots of sunny, dry weather, which discouraged new weeds from sprouting and made the goldenrod easy to remove. Babies and toddlers inevitably create the kind of interruptions that can sideline a project.
Not only are several photographs included, but the specific details that distinguish one species from another are listed with as little jargon as possible. It is prime bee and other pollinator nutrition, it makes a great and healthy vinegar, the leaves are edible for salads, and as far as I’m concerned, it can’t spread fast enough!
I tried to make clear that I enjoy it in the fields and hedgerows around my house, but it is too vigorous in my garden beds and overwhelms the other plants. However, the most common ones native to my area are too vigorous for a traditional garden bed.
It has a center point where multiple stems grow out and flower heads that look just like goldenrod appear. I’m a pet care service provider and almost every dog I walk that comes across this herb chows down on its leaves.
I grew it in my Ottawa garden and it behaved itself (unlike several other plants I came to dread).
Happily, demand for locally grown produce has led to an explosion of farmers’ markets that make it easy to buy locally grown fruits and vegetables that we can’t grow ourselves.  Still, there’s nothing quite like eating a tomato straight from the vine. The Red Currant is actually in a different botanical family than the tomato, but for all intents, tastes, and purposes, it is a tomato. Tomatoes love to be well and evenly watered, but they don’t like to stand with their feet in a pond! Although sprawling, Matt’s Wild Cherry looks beautiful when graced by both sprays of yellow blossoms and clusters of vivid red fruit, and vegetables like Bright Lights Swiss chard and eggplant can add color and texture to a flower garden. For example, she notes that Black Mauri is great in salads, Japanese Black Trifele holds its flavor well for canning, and Opalka is great for sauces and canning. The species is not floriferous; rarely will any flower, and various efforts to induce floral buds have been unsuccessful. Hybrid vigor of the F1 generation is very important to the continuance of the population of A.p. Several people have sent me photos of their plants, concerned about some symptom, and received an answer. Some plants have proven to be “intractable” (ungrowable) planted into the ground and yet thrive when grown in containers.
The fine hair roots grow around and into these porous materials where they can extract water when the soil is dry.
This formula comes from Steve Brack, owner of Mesa Gardens and a world renowned expert on cacti. I tried to be understanding, truly, I did, but it just did not want to play nice with the other plants.
I may have let the first seedling or two grow because I didn’t recognize it as a weed.
I finally realized nothing less than a complete renovation of the bed would be sufficient to eradicate the goldenrod.

For example, when I had worked on this bed years ago, the goldenrod had grown back before I could finish weeding the bed thoroughly. I only wish I had discovered his site before my goldenrods had gone over; I might have been able to make a more positive identification of some of them. If you have a well-behaved one, you will enjoy it, so get a good wildflower field guide and try to identify it precisely before pulling it out.
With a little research and a bit of imagination, any urban dweller can enjoy some grow-your-own garden bounty.   Here are some things to consider if you want to rise to the challenge of growing your own tomatoes. But some tomatoes are determinate varieties, which means they’re programmed (by nature or hybridizers) to grow only to a certain size. And don’t forget that a pot with a large tomato plant will be heavy, so be kind to your back and keep your pot in a small wagon or on a wheeled platform. A little creativity here may help you discover that you have more places to grow tomatoes than you think.
Of course, there’s no “right” answer to this question, but being clear about your preferences will make for happier results. Many succulent plants have basal rosette morphology but none have achieved such a striking spiral of leaves. Traditionally, the English and Europeans (who started the art of rock gardening) used farm troughs carved from stone to containerize their rock garden plants. This is a very effective way to display a diverse collection of potted rock garden plants. Instructions to make your own hypertufa can be found here. Kelly Grummons, owner of Timberline Gardens, long time rock gardener and container grower recommends the following soil mixes. But I have seen goldenrod galls on some of it, and according to Walter Muma, only tall goldenrod (Solidago canadensis var. I managed to keep that goldenrod-free, which gave me the courage to tackle the rest of the front bed this year.
So I was really hesitant to tackle this project in stages, but I didn’t have a choice.
I’m anticipating buying less aggressive varieties that may not be native, but hopefully will be better behaved.
Good determinate varieties include Principe Borghese, a prolific plum variety, and Green Grape, a cherry tomato whose fruit is tangy and beautiful.  Bush Champion is a determinate hybrid  tomato that has been bred to grow well in pots. The production of tissue clones will not produce the hybrids necessary for continuation of this species. I sell hybrid plants grown only from seedlings selected for vigorous performance, and cull the rest of the group. Many accomplished rock gardeners grow their plants in both rock gardens and containers to make their plantings more diverse and interesting. Or, do you have a favorite, well-behaved native plant that more people should know and grow? Perhaps you can suggest they send someone to identify what strains you have before you pull out any rare or endangered ones lol.
I’m also wondering if enclosing them with landscape edging would keep them contained.
I discovered this rare species during the three years I taught in Lesotho and collected seeds from the few plants that flowered.
I am pessimistic that the plant will continue in its natural habitat because the cross pollinator Malachite Sunbird was also rare back in 1977 when I surveyed the populations of A.p. Since every source I have read says that many goldenrod species are easily confused or even hybridize, it is possible both were growing in this bed.Arrows point to rough-stemmed goldenrod. Cloned plants are exact genetic copies and are all susceptible to the same set of cultural maladies which plague horticulturists worldwide; pests and pathogens that can kill your prized plant overnight.
I ship only the 30-40 leaf plants because larger plants are very difficult to protect from damage to leaf tips. This combination of Portland cement, sand and peat moss proved to be very durable and could be molded into a variety of different shapes . I suspect tissue cloned plants have slower growth and development in their early stages compared to hybrids.

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