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All that’s left to do is place your pineapple top into a small glass filled with enough water to submerge the shaved bottom. Nothing beats a fresh, perfectly ripe blueberry… except maybe the perfect organic blueberry you grew yourself.
Aust recommends giving the plant’s roots plenty of growing room when planting in a container. Aust recommends a second fertilizer application in late spring to give the plants an extra burst of energy for fruit production. Sign up & receive our free meal planner!Be the first to receive great, new content — plus get instant access to our weekly meal planner. Before you plant, do a little research on the herb to find out what kind of area it thrives in.
Now some people like to keep their herbs in nice, neat little beds, free of weeds, but I don’t.
If you’re not up for transplanting pre-grown plants and you have a green thumb, you can always start your own herbs from seed. There are many ways to start plants from seed, but before you begin, it would be best to research the herb your trying to grow so you have a better idea of how to get it off to a good start. If you decide that this is the way to go, all you need are seed trays, organic seed starting soil, your herb seeds, and a small spray bottle to keep the soil moist. When the plants have grown big enough to be transplanted (this varies among plants), carefully remove them from the seed trays and put them in bigger pots or plant them directly into the ground. I’m not that great at gardening or looking after plants, but I do like the idea of starting small with simple herbs. I do not have a lot of gardening experience, except my herbs that love Oregon, the deciduous ones, are so happy- rosemary, thyme and mint. Everything dies in this house, I was given Rosemary,sage and thyme in pot, it did not survive. Sign up below to receive more information about using herbs and essential oils for health and wellness and find out how you can get an EXCLUSIVE bonus from Meagan of Growing Up Herbal! You'll want to choose a pretty container to grow your Easter grass, because it's going to double as your Easter basket. Becky Striepe is a green blogger and independent crafter with a passion for vintage fabrics.
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Let the crystals grow for a few days – you can even let them go for over a week and you will see changes everyday! An amazing discovery in an abandoned house in Austin, Texas: A lost book of amazing survival knowledge, believed to have been long vanished to history, has been found in a dusty drawer in the house which belonged to a guy named Claude Davis.
Compact blueberries, like those from the BrazelBerries Collection, are perfect for growing in patio pots, raised beds and directly in the garden.
Pruning gives the bush more space between its branches, allowing air to flow freely through the plant and helping to prevent disease. Take out up to a quarter or even a third of the bush, then trim it up to a neat and tidy look.
Be sure to cover blueberry bushes with burlap or blankets when the forecast calls for frost once buds and flowers are emerging.
Not only does it allow you to have access to fresh herbs whenever you need them, but you can control the growing environment, harvesting, and storage of your herbs in order to have the highest quality herbs possible.

I did this for several herbs such as calendula, lemon balm, comfrey, echinacea, lavender, rosemary, sage, yarrow, and bee balm (bergamot). They may fall over, die, or look puny and pitiful, but they will come back the following season in full glory! Simply purchase organic herb seeds (these are my favorite) or have a friend that grows herbs save you some seeds. For example, some plants don’t like to be transplanted from seed pots therefore they need to be directly sown right where you want them to grow. If you live in an area where starting seeds is difficult due to the temperature, these grow lights or heating pads work well. Place 2 herb seeds in each planting space, sprinkle on a little extra soil to barely cover, and spritz your soil until moist. As your plants begin to get taller, make sure you turn your seed tray 180 degrees each day so the plants grow up tall and straight. Be sure to water the ground every day for a week or so after transplanting seedlings into the ground.
If so, share what you’re growing along with your tips and tricks in the comment section below. I will say that my new outdoor herbs are doing great, but that’s no thanks to me since I don’t have to remember to water them!
There’s something about being able to look outside and see all my herbs growing in my yard. You can do it, and then you can share some of your delicious recipes with us that use your newly grown herbs! I left my small rosemary bush outside this winter so if it dies I’ll know to bring next years in. That low-quality shredded plastic isn't recyclable, so it just sits in the landfill leaching toxins into the soil and groundwater. My favorite option that Your Homemade Mom shows is brightly colored metal pails with handles. You can use your home-grown Easter grass as an Easter decor piece or nestle your child's Easter treats right in the grass. He loved to watch our Rock Candy grow and equally loved our Magic Crystal Garden experiment!
Did you know that you can grow your own pineapple with nothing required other than the top?
The reason I’ve started to grow my own herbs is because I want to be a bit more self-sufficient. All you need to do once you pull your plant out of the ground is to wrap the roots in newspaper and keep the roots moist. Once you know where to plant them, simply dig a hole big enough so the roots can spread out nicely, throw in some compost, sit your plant on top, and cover with dirt. Like I mentioned in the last post, herbs that grow in the wild have higher levels of plant chemicals than plants that are cultivated. If you’re planting them without some sort of barrier, it may be a good idea to use plant markers so you can locate them.
Cover with plastic wrap or plastic tray cover that comes with seed tray and place in a sunny area. Here you'll learn how to take charge of your children's health naturally, get inspiration and encouragement when it comes to natural living, and learn about God's great gift of herbs! F Energy and Environment News RoA daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world.

By taking small steps you can start to incorporate eco-friendly options into your life that will both reduce your impact on the earth and improve the quality of your life.
If you’ve ever found wild strawberries or blackberries you will realize that these plants will generally produce fruit without our intervention.
In about 6-8 weeks you will have tons of roots sprouting from the bottom, and it will be ready to plant in a pot, or if you live somewhere tropical- plant directly into the ground. I do allow pinning to Pinterest as long as a crediting link back is in place and copy from this site is not pasted into the description boxes. Be sure to keep the soil moist, not damp or too wet or the roots of your new plant will rot.
I'm a registered nurse, herbalist, and natural mama, and I wanna share my journey with you! We feature sustainable products, ideas and news to help you to help you on your journey to a greener lifestyle. I simply want to have access to herbs if I can’t get them online or in a local store as easily. Don’t worry if you have only a small yard or patio – soft fruit is well suited to container growing! Giggle giggle Oh by the way, Calendula are hardy annual, they grow up here by their seeds from last year.. Some of these exceptional skills are hundreds of years of old and they were learned the hard way by the early pioneers. There are thornless varieties available that produce large fruits on the one year old stems – annual pruning in the fall is necessary to remove the stems that have finished fruiting. Raspberries: Raspberries, Tayberries, Boysenberries (less cold-tolerant) and Loganberries are all very similar in growth and requirements.
Prune summer varieties in the fall and autumn-fruiting ones in late winter – new stems need to be tied up to a trellis or wires every year.
They also need damp ground – why not try growing them in a old bath tub (with the plug out!) or similar large container buried in the garden!
Regular mulching is helpful to keep competitive weeds at bay – grass cuttings are good as long as they are not applied in contact with the stems. Pruning is done in late fall to late winter to remove old or weak wood and to maintain a goblet-like shape. Blackcurrants are very versatile in cooking, they are high in pectin so make an easy jam or jelly (also good to add to other fruit to help with setting) and provide a great source of Vitamin C and anthocyanins! Redcurrants and Whitecurrants are very similar to grow and add some colour and variety to your diet! Goji berries: There is one available variety of this Superfood berry and it is surprisingly easy to grow at home if you have a sunny area! Most berries have a short cropping season so in order to enjoy them all year round, you will need to look at ways to preserve them. A deep freeze is probably the simplest solution and it is a surprisingly good method for retaining vitamins and health-giving phytonutrients, especially in good quality, organically grown berries. For best results, the crop should be frozen as soon as possible after harvesting and in airtight food grade containers – the fruit will be good for up to 6 months.

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