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I’m not sure how old he is, but I know he considers my mother (aged 82) on the young side! So for Katherine and anyone else who has the same problems growing vegetables in the cold and wet, all is not lost.
Thanks for this information, its really made me think of what I should be doing in this cold and damp weather. Had actually never thought of container growing, such an obvious solution (and great way to use up old tractor tyres we have lying round) And I have Mr Farmer building raised beds as we speak with some yummy manure and top soil waiting to mix in. Courgettes, cucumbers, peppers, chilli peppers, peas, beans or radishes all grow easily in containers.

The lazy gardener can use slow-release fertilizers like Osmocote although this is not organic. The Care Of Roses Without Toxic Chemicals Jun 18, 16 01:33 PMCare Of Roses is possible without harming yourself or the world around you! Growing Roses In Containers - Rose Bush Care For Beautiful Summer Flowers Jun 11, 16 01:31 PMGrowing Roses In Containers adds great summer color to your patio. It turns out that Katherine lives on a hill farm in rural Wales and she’s doing her best to live a sustainable life.
Many people are often intimidated by the very thought of growing their own vegetables because they think it will require too much work…but it doesn’t!

Stan was born and brought up on a windy cliff-top farm on the edge of the North Yorkshire moors. Smart choices of varieties and a few tips for gaining high, dry ground will have you gardening successfully in no time.

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