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Starting vegetable seeds is much cheaper than buying plants in the spring, and saving all that money is very appealing to the beginner on a budget. If you want to grow vegetables from seed for the first time, start with ones that are easy.
There are several types of vegetable seeds that are easy to sow directly into the garden, and grow fast enough that they don’t need to be started indoors. Are you ready to take it to the next level and try starting vegetable seeds indoors this year? Leave a comment below and tell me about your favorite vegetables that are easy to grow from seed. The Science Mom on Facebook Facebook Status OAuthException: Error validating application.

If you’re interested in trying to grow vegetables from seed for the first time, start with vegetables that are easy to grow from seed, and then sow (plant) them directly into the garden or in pots outside. Yesterday’s article explained how to plant seeds in a plastic cup to watch them germinate. How are you ever going to keep the seedlings alive long enough to plant them into the garden – oh, and how do you know when to plant them in the garden? If you want to experiment with another easy way to start your seeds, read about winter sowing seeds. Whether you're ready to plant your first crops or have been growing food for years, you'll find new ideas to keep you going (and growing). For people with limited space -- a small balcony, patio, or porch -- containers are a good solution to growing vegetables; get inspiration from these collections of plants.

Will the roots keep growing in the same direction or will they adjust and grow downwards again?
There's no reason to keep your vegetables separate from the rest of the garden; we show you how with ideas to integrate edibles into the yard (called edible landscaping). Raised beds are good for many reasons, including less labor to tend to plants; here's how to use them to grow vegetables. It's also fun to theme a vegetable garden; give it a try with salsa, pizza, salad, or cocktail creations.

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