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You may have seen an extremely large, spiny behemoth of a fruit in the produce section of a local Asian or specialty grocer and wondered what on earth it could be. From the family Moraceae and related to the breadfruit, growing jackfruit trees (Artocarpus heterophyllus) can attain heights of 80 feet with a straight trunk branching out from the base.
This otherworldly looking oddity has a very thick, rubbery rind with short blunt spikes and up to 500 seeds. All parts of the jackfruit tree produce opalescent, sticky latex and the tree has a very long taproot.
So now that you know what is a jackfruit, you may be wondering how to grow jackfruit trees? Altitudes over 4,000 feet above sea level are detrimental, as are areas of high or sustained winds. If you feel you meet the requirements above, then propagation is usually attained via seeds, which have a short shelf life of only a month. If after all my pessimistic jackfruit tree info you decide to give it a whirl, there are certain items regarding jackfruit care that you should know. Other jackfruit care dictates the removal of dead wood and thinning of the growing jackfruit tree.
I could have spent the rest of my life there: growing my own mangosteen tree, massive ginger plants, and chocolate, surrounded by tall mountains and lush forest until I grow tired of it all and begin to crave the smell of Autumn (as is inevitable because the grass is always greener).
Gayla is a writer, photographer, and former graphic designer with a background in the Fine Arts, cultural criticism, and ecology.
This is an amazing tree the way the fruit grows on the tree, I am waiting for my tree in florida to grow fruit. The Jackfruit was brought to the new world from southern India by the Portugese, and they brought us back yucca which is now almost a staple, not to mention peppers, tomatoes and potatoes.
FOOD VIDEO SECTIONRecipe Videos, Food Safety, Food Science, Food Festivals, Vintage Commercials, etc. In fact, it can be downright intimidating, said Richard Campbell, a tropical fruit curator at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Miami. Yet, jackfruit is really a gentle giant at heart, helping to sustain and feed villages in South Asia with its many uses and adding a sweet flavor to a number of cuisines enjoyed worldwide.

The motivation behind Fairchild’s fourth Jackfruit Jubilee in 20 years is to introduce a new generation of hybrid jackfruit, including a variety called the Sweet Fairchild that can better withstand the climate in South Florida, Campbell said. Here in Florida, you can find fresh or canned jackfruit at some ethnic markets or jackfruit trees at gardening shops that sell tropical fruit trees.
Many of the jackfruit buyers near Miami are sophisticated clientele from South Asia who are familiar with the monstrous fruit and come to Fairchild’s farm to show their kids where some of their food is grown, Campbell said. I looked for fresh jackfruit at a local Asian market but they were out, and I ended up buying a canned version. This Saturday’s Jackfruit Jubilee will take place at Fairchild Garden in Coral Gables.
The reply, upon inquiry, may be, “That’s a jackfruit.” Okayyyy, but what is a jackfruit?
Jackfruit tree info finds these trees cultivated in India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, Kenya, Uganda and Mauritius.
The average fruit is around 35 pounds but in Kerala, India a 144 pound jackfruit was displayed at a festival! Growing jackfruit trees have flowers borne on short branches extending from the trunk and older branches. Germination takes three to eight weeks but can be sped up by soaking the seeds in water for 24 hours. Growing jackfruit trees produce within three to four years and may live to 100 years old with productivity declining as they age. In Delices, the neighbouring backyards functioned like small farms, with fruit trees and spices and rabbits for manure. She is the author, photographer, and designer of best-selling books on gardening, cooking, and preserving. Worth it, even though your hands are sticky for hours afterwards… I miss the produce I had growing up in Hawaii!
He describes the new variety as smaller and able to withstand some cold, unlike other types of jackfruit. So, naturally, the fruit grows better farther south, including at Fairchild Garden and at the Fairchild Farm in Homestead, a 20-acre grove where Campbell and fellow tropical fruit curator Noris Ledesma grow and research 30-plus jackfruit cultivars they have gathered from India, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries.

While the taste itself was reminiscent of mango, which I like, I couldn’t get past an almost rotten odor mixed with the sweetness. All but the rind and core of the fruit is edible and the odor is in another category of scents than can be imagined. They enjoy a constant source of moisture though they cannot tolerate wet roots and will cease to bear fruit or even die if kept too wet. Once the growing jackfruit trees gain four leaves, they may be transplanted although the extra long and delicate taproot may make this difficult.
I was able to see several different types of tropical fruit growing on the tree for the first time ever, including this beautiful jackfruit. The tree struggled with the extreme cold we had last year, even with babying and protection. Jackfruit have a rough spiny skin and the uncut ripe fruit has a strong unpleasant smell, resembling rotting onions - but the cut fruit has a strong aroma similar to papaya or pineapple.The largest jack fruit in this photo weighs about 60 lbs. There are also pockets of jackfruit growers around the state who’ve had growing success, Campbell added. In fact, the fruit of growing jackfruit trees have been described as smelling either like a combination of grapefruit, banana and cheese or akin to spoiled onions blended with sweaty gym socks and cloyingly sweet. We even put egg shells on the end of the Aloe – I was so amazed to see that in Barbados. Hopefully, another year or so should see it established enough to start thinking about fruiting. They may also be dried or pickled.Jackfruit are mostly water, with about 8% sugar and 4% starch.

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