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We all know that fruits have a lot of health benefits but growing them at home provides even more advantages. Not only you are assured with a constant supply of fresh fruits, but tending to them right at your own backyard also adds physical activity to your daily routine. However, not a lot of people are keen to the idea of growing fruit trees right in their backyard. Some plants only produce fruits on certain seasons but they can generally survive regardless if the weather is hot or cold. Now, not everyone has the privilege of having huge backyards and can only tend to small gardens. Start planting your fruits today and reap great benefits – fresh air, fresh produce, physical exercise – soon! How to Grow Fruit Trees All Throughout the YearEating fruits help provide nutrients that our body needs but growing them at home is another story.
The guide below shows you 12 different fruit plants and trees that can be grown in your backyard garden all year round.
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We all know fruit is great for our health, but most of us leave the fruit growing to the farmers.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Plant it in a planter according to the size of plant and regularly update the planter as the plant gets bigger.
A Mango tree grown on its native place can grow huge, up to 32 meters tall, although it depends on the variety. It needs well drained soil, rich in organic matter that’ll dry out easily, of pH level around 5- 6.5. Mango trees grown on ground don’t require much watering but container grown plants are different. After flowering, mango fruits ripen within next 2-4 month, depends on the weather and variety you’re growing.

Besides this, there could be many other reasons– pests and diseases, weather, fertilizer and overcast. Hello Fatima, most of the times the mango tree germinates from seed won’t grow healthy or true, besides this it takes lot of years to set fruits. Very well described, will try mango in a container and look forward to receive your tips in future also. To pinch a plant, just pinch at the end of branch (tip) with your fingers or sharp scissor.
I got a Mango tree in a pot which as self rooted into the garden, Can you cut back the roots without damaging the tree groth or fruit bearing. In addition, growing them yourself will give you more control over which fertilizers and pesticides will be applied – or not applied – to these fruits.
Many believe that it is a time-consuming hobby compared to taking a short trip to the grocery store, plus it requires a lot of space for them to grow properly. In fact, you just need a small space for a garden and exert some effort to get these plants established. Having fruit trees right in our backyard adds physical activity to our daily routine and also gives us more control over the chemicals that get into the fruits. As long as they are established, these fruits should be very easy to maintain and will provide a supply of fruits all throughout the year. But growing your own fruit is not only good for your diet, it supports a healthy lifestyle by reducing the amount of fertilizers being used, reducing transportation requirements, and it even gives you some good old fashioned exercise. Also called as king of fruits, it’s a fruit of tropical plant called mango tree, which is not frost tolerant and dies easily if temperature drops below 30 F. If you live in colder region, use dark colored pot because mangoes loves heat and black color has tendency to absorb it. Use high quality potting mix and add compost or manure and perlite in it for a healthy growth of plant. In the beginning of blooming season decrease the amount of nitrogen and feed with high in potassium and phosphorus fertilizer.
Mango tree doesn’t require lot of pruning however it’s necessary to prune dead and diseased branches and control its shape.
It can be due to insufficient sunlight – calculate how much sun your potted mango plant is getting. Due to nutrient deficiency – Check the leaves to identify the sign of lack of nutrition and deficiency.

A mango may not bloom due to bad quality seed – It was sowed from seed or you bought it from nursery? Most commonly it is due to lack of nutrients, make sure you are applying right amount of fertilizer at correct time.
Once that is done, you can reap the benefits of having access to fresh fruits all year round.
A few options for people who have tiny gardens would be growing fruits in containers, going for dwarf trees, making use of vertical space and more. There is also a guide on which season to best start planting them, how long it would take before being able to harvest fruits and other important details such as refrigeration and freezer storage length for the produce. And it doesn’t hurt that we are vegetarians, so it really is just a natural part of our diet that we get for free! This infographic gives you all you need to know about growing fruits in your own space, whether you have a huge yard, or none at all. There are lots of varieties of mangoes so it’s best to ask in local nursery for the dwarf variety that does well in container. There’re some specific dwarf varieties of mango tree that you can grow in container— Irwin and Nam doc mai are best.
Place container in South faced spot of your garden as south faced spots receive more intense and proper sunlight than other directions. To check, dig top inch layer of soil and see if their are roots growing upwards or clutered. Pruning is also recommended as it makes the trees and plants more manageable and also encourages them to produce more. Remember to follow our instructions carefully to boost your chances of being chosen for publishing!
If you’re short of space or live in colder zone then growing a mango tree on ground is impossible. I do see alot of spider webs I do water it not often since it’s never given fruit but lately I have been since I replanted an angles trumpet.
Oh one other thing our mango tree is 30yrs old and we have never been able to enjoy its fruit.

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