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The day the gutters came down from our neighbor's house, I knew my front yard was in trouble.
A few autumns ago I covered half of my slightly sloped yard with newspaper and mulch and planted it with water-wise perennials, herbs and ornamental grasses. About Tamara Galbraith About Tamara Galbraith I am an avid organic gardener and former Master Gardener for Collin County, Texas. However you decide to create your dry stream bed, it’s important to make it look as though it naturally belongs in your garden by using curves, varying its width and adding assorted stone sizes.
If you are building your dry stream to control runoff, start by making sure your grade is correct by following your yard’s natural drainage pattern.  The rainwater must flow away from your house foundation. About SpringtimeSpringtime Garden Centre has been providing quality plants to gardeners in Windsor and London since 1979.
Location & HoursWe are open 7 days a week from late April through early August, including holidays! Disclaimer: Please note that some images used on our website are property of their respected owners.
Everything we do at Springtime Garden Centre is geared toward one goal, customer satisfaction. We have placed source to each and every image so that you can know where image came from originaly.
In their haste to bring the home up to sellable condition, the owners ripped off the rusty old gutters and didn't replace them.All was well until the inevitable torrential spring rains of Texas arrived.

Feel free also to browse other images within our succulent rock garden ideas category, as those are best images about rock garden ideas that could be found online.This is image source! Water flowed freely off of the neighbor's roof, into our adjoining side yard and down my front yard. In my non-gardening spare time, I enjoy cooking, reading, birdwatching or hugging on either my sweet English hubby or our Golden Retriever, Monty. Something needed to be done, short of me asking the young family who had moved in next door to please put in some gutters. Ultimately, installing a dry creek bed through the front of my yard seemed to be the perfect answer. Coming in many shapes and sizes, a dry creek is simply a gully or trough filled with rocks and is built for the purpose of directing the flow of water.I figured that my creek bed, with a few natural-looking twists and turns added to it, would measure about 23 feet long. I already had several fairly large (12 inches and bigger) stones aligning our backyard which were not serving much purpose other than unsuccessfully keeping critters from crawling under the fence. So, eight of these big stones were lugged into the front yard for eventual use in my new dry creek.Beyond that, I figured small colorful pea pebbles mixed with larger 2 to 3 inch Mexican gray beach pebbles would line the sides and bottom of the creek and would look nice too. Most pebble materials are sold in bags measured in cubic feet, or in bulk by the ton or cubic yard. I decided to round up to 12 just to have some extra.My next dilemma was whether to order the pebbles from the local materials company and have it delivered or buy them in bags from Home Depot.
Although ordering from the materials company is generally cheaper, I didn't really have a good place for their truck to dump the rock, which is what they generally do. Neither did making endless trips with the wheelbarrow to haul it around to the front of the house.

So I was looking at a grand total of just under $200 for pebble material.If you go the route of ordering directly from a stoneyard, the materials will probably be cheaper overall, but you'll most likely have to pay a delivery charge. And you'll need to have a place to store the rock until you're ready to use it, unless your planned creek bed location is easy for a dumptruck to access.
Also, if your creek bed will be relatively small, make sure the stoneyard will sell smaller amounts of materials. Then recruit a few friends and get out your shovels.A dry creek bed doesn't have to be especially deep to be effective - a few inches will do in most situations. Mound the soil you dig up along the sides, and make it a little deeper wherever you have a turn in its path.
This will also allow you to add a few larger rocks that will help redirect the flow of water through the turn.Once the trough has been dug, it's a good idea to line it with heavy landscape cloth. This will prevent weeds from growing through the rocks and will also cut down on mud mixing in and flowing down your creek bed.
The medium size of rock you're using should then be spread in the bottom and along the sides of the trough.

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