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After decades of preparing our garden beds with a traditional approach, we finally got smart and changed our ways. Next, choose a sunny location and make sure you have a convenient water source (we use a drip system and also have flood irrigation).
We hose down the newspaper to keep it in place and also to make sure everything is nice and moist under all of that soil that we'll be adding. Continue to layer and mix lightly until the box is filled to a couple of inches from the top. My sister lives on 4+ beautiful acres in Colorado in a ranch house with an awesome dog, a barn, a stable, a well, and her amazing family.
Seal with Thompson water seal (optional but recommended), you also could use roofing tar, or paint it a fun color! Start by attaching one board to the 4×4 with at least least three screws, remember the pilot hole (we started with a middle pilot hole and sinking the screw, then add two more).
Once the boards are each attached to the 4 x 4’s staple your weed guard to the bottom (if you are using it), make sure you use a guard that lets the water drain out. I hope you consider growing something yummy this year… Have a great project-filled weekend and happy creating! Season after season, leaf litter and animal droppings layer a perfect mixture of carbon and nitrogen.

Manure is a high nitrogen source and will generate heat to help kill weed seeds and disease pathogens. This box seemed like the easiest thing to build and the biggest bang for her buck, both things we are totally into. It is easiest to build with two people… besides the obvious fun of being with my sister, one person can hold while the other attaches the boards. Make sure the boards are flush on each corner and attach each board to the 4×4  all the way around until you have a box.
Earthworms and millions of microorganisms come to the surface to feed and decompose the debris into nutrient rich soil. When you plant in this soil your seeds or transplants are immediately surrounded by rich nutrients. Rory, Dia and I are so disappointed we didn't get to chat at Nikki and Steve's wedding, but we think of you often as we enjoy your fabulous eggs! We visited during spring break and had a great time… while there we built two raised garden beds for her to use this spring.
If this is a solo adventure use wood clamps if you have them to hold the boards together. The youtube video I linked to above is super helpful. You have spoiled us for the better!)As far as the raised beds go, can you put them over any kind of ground?

Now, we replicate nature as closely as we can and add all the contents to a raised box, barrel or bucket. After researching Ruth Stout, Mel Bartholomew and others, we have combined what we have found works best for us. If you want a raised bed, but you don’t think a wood one will work where you live here is one we built with cement blocks. I might heart yours more, so maybe I will have to get hubby to try to whip one out this weekend. I think the year was 2004, I happened to pick up Lasagna Gardening by Pat Lanza, a book that changed my method of gardening from the "dig and dump" method to what I call the forest floor method.
We collect leaves, grass clippings, coffee grounds, shredded newspaper, add chicken manure, straw and vegetable scraps.

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