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Cairo, Egypt a€“ There is perhaps no person in the world more shamed right now than Hosni Mubarak.
The Baba Ghannoug is apparently awful but the Falafel, which is only served on Thursdays, is apparently not bad.
There is no doubt that such a fate has to weigh heavily on Mubarak as he sits embarrassed and degraded in a hospital bed which housed so many people by his command. It has happened over and over again in the past and has only accelerated in the modern era.

The age of dictators is rapidly coming to an end, not only in Africa and the Middle East but all over the world. Mubarak, for all his loneliness, is in good company alongside names such as Mussolini, Milosevic, Pinochet, Ceausescu, and Marcos in the long history of leaders who went a little too far. Inevitably Mubarak will die in custody, denied the peace that one would wish for a former leader and few would argue that such a fate isna€™t deserved. Mubarak, however, is one of those people and, according to hospital insiders, is refusing to eat, principally because the food is not nearly to his standards.

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